Chapter 90 – The main event is here, the last day of the auction

Shen Yan was stunned, sitting on the ground, covering her face, staring at He Ju and Bai Yan with an incredulous look full of hatred.

Su Zhen hurriedly stood in front of Shen Yan, sweating on his forehead: “Young Master Bai, I’m really sorry, my wife offended you, it’s my fault for not disciplining her properly…”

Bai Yan sneered, his expression unusually indifferent: “You really are incompetent, unable to discipline your daughter, and unable to manage your wife. You are truly useless.”

With that, Bai Yan turned and went back to his room.

Fatty and Motor shook their heads and followed Bai Yan into the room.

Leaving He Ju facing off against Su Zhen and Shen Yan.

Su Zhen, a middle-aged man, was at a loss facing this situation, his eyes turning red with anxiety as he looked at He Ju, pleading: “Little Ju…please, for the sake of my relationship with your father, spare us?”

Shen Yan stood behind Su Zhen, looking much more subdued this time.

He Ju’s expression remained unchanged, no longer as soft-hearted as before.

He Ju looked at Su Zhen and said, “Uncle Su, leave City A and start a new life elsewhere.”

Su Zhen wanted to say something, but He Ju checked the calendar on his phone and said, “Starting today, I’ll give you seven days. After seven days, whether you leave or not will be up to you.”

With that, He Ju turned and headed back to his room.

Su Zhen anxiously stepped forward, “I heard that you hit the jackpot twice in the stone gambling, once for 30 million, is that true?”

Shen Yan was shocked to hear this news, looking at He Ju in disbelief.

This was no secret in the stone gambling world, and He Ju looked at him coldly, “Is there a problem?”

Su Zhen burst into tears, “It’s really you! It’s my fault, I should have advised Ran Ran properly from the beginning. He Ju, Ran Ran has a good heart. Even if you don’t like her anymore, don’t force her to leave the place where she has lived since childhood, okay?”

He Ju remained unmoved, “It’s because of Uncle Su’s face that I have let you off multiple times. But Uncle, your daughter’s behavior has disgusted me to the point where I can’t tolerate it anymore.”

He Ju took a deep breath, “I’m sorry, she has destroyed the last trace of kindness I had towards you.”

He Ju went into the room, closed the door, and shut out all the noise.

Su Zhen could only sigh helplessly.

The Su family had been suppressed to the extreme, with shareholders demanding power and the stock price failing to rise. To cover up the scandal, they had invested millions more.

He came to the auction not to sell anything, but purely to gamble on stones.

If he hit the jackpot like He Ju did, the Su family could turn things around.

30 million, enough to turn the Su family’s fortunes.


Shen Yan leaned in, “When did He Ju hit 30 million? And who is Bai Yan? Why are they so arrogant?”

Su Zhen was too tired to bother with Shen Yan, and walked away.

Shen Yan caught up and grabbed Su Zhen’s hand, “Where are you going? If you don’t explain everything to me today, don’t think about leaving! Why didn’t you tell me about this news earlier…”

Su Zhen was fed up and pushed Shen Yan away, “Don’t bother me anymore, take your daughter and get out!”

Shen Yan was once again pushed against the wall, looking at Su Zhen in disbelief. This was the first time Su Zhen had treated her like this in their many years of marriage.

Shen Yan was losing her mind, “Ah! Su Zhen, do you forget how the Su family got to where it is today? How dare you lay a hand on me? Aren’t you afraid of me divorcing you?!”

Su Zhen coldly looked at Shen Yan’s frantic appearance and nodded, “Good, I was already thinking the same. Let’s meet at the Civil Affairs Bureau after the auction.”

With that, Su Zhen walked away without looking back.

Shen Yan’s face turned pale, and she hurried to catch up, “Su Zhen, have you been planning this all along? Have you been wanting to divorce me for a long time? Or has your first love come back? Do you want to leave me and find another woman?”

As she spoke, Shen Yan’s eyes turned red, and she screamed, “I’m telling you, you can forget about it! Unless I die, you won’t be able to divorce me! I won’t let you and that woman have your way!”

Su Zhen was completely numb, his disgust for Shen Yan had reached its peak.

Bringing her to the auction was the biggest mistake Su Zhen had made in all these years.

Su Zhen didn’t understand how Shen Yan could be connected to his first love.

For so many years, he hadn’t seen that girl from his memories.

If it weren’t for Shen Yan’s constant suspicions and confusing actions, he wouldn’t have thought about the past.

Shen Yan’s voice of despair disappeared completely at the end of the corridor, and she received no response.

This farce inevitably reached Qiu Shaoze’s ears.

Qiu Shaoze was drinking wine, and after hearing the report from his subordinate, he couldn’t help but smile, a sinister smile, “No wonder He Ju has his ways. He not only got the rich woman Si Hua, but also made Su Ran, who is so proud, turn back and cling to him.”Qiu Shaoze took a sip of red wine, his lips even fiercer than the color of the wine: “What to do? He Ju, I really wish I could kill you!”

No one dared to answer Qiu Shaoze, and his gaze grew increasingly dark and ominous.

Qiu Shaoze would never know the reason He Ju was willing to stay here for seven days without leaving. It wasn’t because of any gamble on stones, nor was it because of the auction, and even less so because of his entanglement with Su Ran.

He was here to bankrupt Qiu Shaoze.

Soon, the time came to the last day, the seventh day.

The seventeenth floor was packed early on, with people filling the lobby, corridors, and the private rooms on the second and third floors, even the top floor was opened.

Everyone was waiting for this day, and to secure a favorable position, many had been waiting since early on.

At ten in the morning.

He Ju, holding a green card, led his brothers smoothly up to the second floor and took their seats in the VIP area, where they had the best view. Aside from Lin Feng, the organizer of the auction, He Ju was the brightest focal point of the entire venue.

Veterans of the auction scene all knew that Lin Feng’s auctions would have a green card, but usually, there was only one, signifying the extraordinary status of the person holding it.

For a time, the hall buzzed with speculation about He Ju’s identity.

Meanwhile, Su Ran, Shen Yan, Fang Yuxue, and others who couldn’t even make it to the second-floor private rooms were all looking shocked.

Especially Fang Yuxue: “This is insane, how could He Ju be there?”

However, no one answered her, and soon Elder Jiang also appeared.

Elder Jiang was an internationally renowned designer with countless students under his wing, and Fang Yuxue had also received his guidance.

Before Fang Yuxue could even exchange a word with her teacher, she saw Elder Jiang head straight to the second floor and then walked up to He Ju. Despite wearing a mask, everyone could see his kindly smile.

The moment Elder Jiang shook hands with He Ju, Fang Yuxue felt as if the sky was falling.

How is this possible?!

How could He Ju possibly know Elder Jiang?!

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