Chapter 89 – Bai Yan teaches Shen Yan a lesson

He Ju never felt that Su Ran was so unreasonable. There was no concealment of his annoyance between his eyebrows: “What does it have to do with me how you are?”

He Ju had completely lost his patience. Once again, he grabbed Su Ran’s wrist and threw her out of the door, then slammed the door shut.

Su Ran burst into tears, helplessly pounding on He Ju’s door: “He Ju, open the door, listen to me, what are you doing hiding like this?”

Listening to her wailing, He Ju wished he were deaf.

Unable to bear it, he went into the bedroom, put on his headphones, played some music, and then chatted with Si Hua, looking at her photos. This gradually reduced the irritation in He Ju’s heart.

Su Ran’s voice was hoarse from crying, and the people passing by looked at her as if she were crazy. Soon, Su Zhen arrived with Shen Yan.

Su Ran hadn’t reacted yet when Su Zhen pulled her and slapped her hard: “Su Ran, how long are you going to act crazy? Look at yourself, do you still have the demeanor of a lady from a prestigious family?”

Su Ran was stunned by the slap, standing still.

From childhood to adulthood, her father had always doted on her. Even in extreme anger, her father had never treated her like this.

He Ju treated her like this, and so did her own father.

Shen Yan screamed and quickly stood in front of Su Ran, then accused Su Zhen: “Su Zhen, are you crazy? Why did you hit our daughter? Clearly, it’s He Ju who doesn’t know what’s good for him. Why are you blaming Ran Ran?”

Su Zhen looked at Shen Yan and felt like his heart was about to fail: “Shen Yan, can’t you see? It’s not He Ju chasing after your daughter now, it’s your daughter shamelessly throwing herself at him. Don’t you understand?”

Shen Yan’s face turned pale and then red: “So what? Even if He Ju is not good enough for our Ran Ran, Ran Ran will come to her senses. She’s just temporarily confused. When we go back, I’ll find a husband for her.”

Su Zhen: “Fine, then take her back now. Don’t let her embarrass me here anymore.”

Shen Yan rolled her eyes: “Fine, let’s go back. What’s the big deal?”

After speaking, Shen Yan turned to pull Su Ran, but Su Ran stood still, not saying a word, which startled Shen Yan, who couldn’t help but worry and ask, “Ran Ran, what’s wrong? Don’t scare Mom.”

Su Zhen’s gaze also fell on Su Ran.

Su Ran calmly raised her head: “Are you satisfied?”


Su Zhen and Shen Yan were both stunned. Were they satisfied? Satisfied with what?

Just a second ago, Su Ran was calm, and the next second, she was hysterical: “Mom, it’s because of you that I was abandoned! Mom, it’s you who said He Ju is not good enough for me, instilling countless thoughts in me, causing me to miss the only person I liked!”

Su Ran: “I’m telling you, if I can’t have He Ju, then I will never get married. Do whatever you want, I won’t go back!”

After speaking, Su Ran ran off, but at the corner, she ran into Bai Yan and his two brothers.

The three of them had obviously been standing there for a long time, and Su Ran didn’t let them off, just glared at them fiercely before walking away.

Motor was puzzled: “Isn’t she crazy? What’s with that look in her eyes? Why does it seem like we stole her man?”

Fatty: “No, what is she wearing? My coat?”

Fatty’s voice abruptly stopped because Su Ran also stopped and turned around, then handed the coat to Fatty: “Do you think I care about your coat?”

Then, in the three men’s incredulous eyes, she sneered, “I have today, but I can’t do without you three causing trouble. You guys are really disgusting. I don’t know what benefit you get from ruining someone’s marriage. Aren’t you afraid of going to hell?”

Bai Yan, with his quick temper, immediately raised his hand to slap Su Ran: “Damn it, Su Ran, are you talking nonsense? Let me see if I can’t slap you to death today!!!”

Motor and Fatty immediately grabbed Bai Yan’s hand, and Motor said, “Calm down, it’s not good to hit a woman.”

Bai Yan was furious: “Look at her foul mouth, I’m so uncomfortable, you all don’t stop me!!! I’m going to teach this crazy woman a lesson today, see if she still bites people everywhere!”

Su Ran was scared and her face paled. She turned and ran, but she ran too fast, and after a few steps, she stumbled in her high heels. Without looking back at Bai Yan and the others, she limped away and disappeared from their sight.

The three of them looked on in shock.

Fatty: “I thought she was so cool, turns out she’s like this?”

Bai Yan rolled his eyes: “Like mother, like daughter, both of them are so extreme!”

After speaking, Bai Yan walked ahead, and when he saw Shen Yan’s livid face and Su Zhen’s embarrassed face, he couldn’t help but mutter: “What are you looking at? I’m talking about you, old lady!”

Fatty hugged his suit jacket with a pained expression: “That’s right, that’s right. How did you raise such a shameless daughter?”

Shen Yan: “Say that again, and I’ll tear your mouth apart!”

Fatty raised his head proudly: “Madam Su, no matter how many times you say it, it’s still the same!”

Bai Yan and Motor burst into laughter instantly.

Shen Yan was so angry that she wanted to explode, but Su Zhen dragged her back: “Sorry to disturb you, we’ll leave now!”

“`Shen Yan: “Su Zhen, why are you pulling me? Can’t you see they’re insulting me and Ran Ran?”

Su Zhen, with a headache from the commotion, lowered his voice and warned Shen Yan, “Enough!! Do you know who Bai Yan is? Do you still want to stay in City A?”

That remark indeed changed Shen Yan’s expression, causing her to rein in her emotions.

Su Zhen quickly put on an apologetic smile, ready to pull Shen Yan away.

But Bai Yan was not ready to let them off so easily: “Mr. Su…”

Just that phrase made Su Zhen stiffen, his smile almost failing to hold: “Bai… Young Master Bai, what advice do you have?”

Bai Yan had calmed down this time. He walked over, patted Su Zhen on the shoulder, and then said softly, “Leave City A. Don’t force He Ju to take action; he has already given you enough face.”

Shen Yan’s head buzzed, and she immediately started hopping mad: “What are you? You little bastard, how dare you talk to me like that?!”

Bai Yan’s gaze instantly turned icy, and he backhanded Shen Yan with a slap, producing a crisp sound “smack—”.

Following that were Shen Yan’s screams and the sound of her falling to the ground.

As more onlookers gathered, He Ju walked out from the room, his eyes sharp, his voice carrying the authority of a superior: “What are you looking at? All of you, get the hell out of here!”

With that, everyone scattered.

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