Chapter 9 – Just be an ordinary classmate

He Ju looked down at Su Ran, she was still very beautiful, with a head of slightly curly long hair, like a doll from a fairy tale.


Although she didn't dress up carefully, he could almost tell at a glance that Su Ran hadn't slept last night, just like countless times before.


He Ju thought he would feel sorry for her.


But when Su Ran really stood in front of him, He Ju couldn't find any trace of pity for Su Ran in his heart, except for the ten years of his own past.


It seemed that he… had really let go of Su Ran.


Seeing He Ju hesitating to speak, Su Ran was a little flustered: "Brother He Ju, can I apologize to you? I really didn't mean it at that time, I really didn't want to embarrass you. I just really don't want to be in a relationship, you know I'm taking the postgraduate entrance examination next year, my studies are really important…"


He Ju sighed lightly, took two steps back, avoiding Su Ran's touch: "I know."




Su Ran looked up at him.


He Ju smiled, and there was no longer the same cautious and hesitant feeling in his eyes as before: "So, Su Ran, we are not on the same path."


He Ju: "I've also figured it out. I won't hold you back. Let's just be ordinary classmates from now on."


Su Ran's eyes widened in shock, and she asked instinctively, "What do you mean? Do you have someone else now, He Ju?"


He Ju was suddenly speechless, his expression was hard to describe.


He originally wanted to say, "You have a lot of spare tires waiting for you outside, right?"


But then he thought, what does that have to do with him? He couldn't be bothered.


He Ju: "Think whatever you want." After speaking, He Ju slung his backpack over his shoulder and left quickly.


This was the first time that Su Ran was left behind by He Ju when they were together.


Su Ran was at a loss, standing at the school gate with people coming and going, feeling extremely embarrassed in just one day.


When had a boy treated her like this before?


Had He Ju been driven crazy by her rejection?


Su Ran was very angry, but there was nothing she could do. She could only return to the dormitory, unable to figure things out all day, and finally fell asleep in a daze.




When she woke up, it was already afternoon.


Su Ran hurriedly washed up and went to find Liu Jia, only to find out from Liu Jia's roommate that Liu Jia had already gone to class.


Su Ran: "???" Not only was He Ju acting crazy today, but why did Liu Jia also act strangely?


Su Ran could only hurry to class by herself, and as she passed the green belt, she saw two familiar figures not far away.


He Ju and Liu Jia.


Liu Jia was wearing a white dress and had carefully put on makeup. Without her glasses, she stood in front of He Ju, who was so burly, looking very delicate.


Liu Jia seemed a little nervous, her eyes kept darting around, and she spoke with a bit of a stutter: "He Ju, do you really… not like Su Ran anymore?"


He Ju calmly nodded: "That's right."


Liu Jia wanted to ask something, but she was too nervous and even broke out in a sweat on her forehead, and couldn't say anything.


He Ju noticed her embarrassment and smiled gently: "Jia Jia, don't be nervous. You've been speaking up for me by her side for so many years. I'm about to go to class, but if you have time tomorrow, I'll treat you to a meal as a thank you for all these years of running around for me."


With that, He Ju also chivalrously handed Liu Jia a bottle of water and considerately unscrewed the cap for her.


He Ju: "Jia Jia, be more confident. You look very beautiful today."


After speaking, He Ju waved to her in the surprised look of Liu Jia, slung his backpack over his shoulder, and quickly left with Bai Yan.


Bai Yan bumped He Ju's arm: "Why do I feel like Liu Jia looks so pretty today? Like a fairy… How come I never noticed before?"


He Ju had only had eyes for Su Ran before, but today, he had time to appreciate someone else.


Liu Jia had always been pretty, but she was introverted, didn't talk much, and didn't usually like to dress up, so occasionally wearing a fairy dress and putting on makeup made her look like a fairy, right?


He Ju: "Maybe this is what they mean by 'a young woman is very different from the little girl she once was,' getting more and more beautiful."


Bai Yan laughed: "Indeed! But! I still think my girlfriend is the most beautiful!"


He Ju was surprised: "Where did you get a girlfriend?"


Bai Yan smiled meaningfully: "I met her through online dating, she's a cute girl."


Fatty popped out of nowhere and chuckled: "Bai Yan, don't end up with nothing left but your underwear being swindled by a cute girl."


Bai Yan was full of confidence: "Just wait for me to bring my wife to show you guys!"


The group of them continued to laugh and joke as they returned to the classroom.




Meanwhile, Su Ran was now standing in front of Liu Jia.


Su Ran even had a feeling of being betrayed by Liu Jia.


She had seen the look in Liu Jia's eyes when she looked at He Ju just now. A girl understands another girl the best, so the love and nervousness that Liu Jia's eyes were filled with just now confirmed her suspicions.




When Su Ran asked Liu Jia, "Have you liked He Ju for a long time?" Liu Jia didn't respond, and Su Ran already understood.


Su Ran frowned: "Since when?"


Liu Jia didn't respond directly to Su Ran, she just asked her: "Su Ran, didn't you always treat He Ju as a brother? So if I like He Ju, it's not something to be ashamed of, right?"


"Besides, he's handsome, has a good character, is patient with girls, very gentlemanly, hardworking, and loyal. It's normal to like him, right?""Su Ran, you're the only one who can't see He Ju's excellence. If it weren't common knowledge that he likes you, He Ju would have been off the market a long time ago."


Su Ran was rendered speechless by the retort, and after a long silence, she finally spoke, "At least you should have let me know."


Liu Jia gave a bitter smile, "Because He Ju has always liked you, I didn't dare to say anything. If he confessed to you and you accepted him, then I would have silently blessed you both. But Su Ran…"


"He Ju has liked you for so many years, and you've dismissed him with a mere 'brother'. As an outsider, even I feel he doesn't deserve this."


Su Ran still stubbornly retorted, "…This is between him and me."


Liu Jia looked at Su Ran, her eyes rimmed with red, "If you really don't like him, then my liking him is my business, right? Su Ran, if you truly don't have feelings for him, then stop tormenting him."


After Liu Jia left, Su Ran stood there alone, momentarily lost and confused.


Indeed, He Ju was outstanding.


Apart from his humble family background, He Ju was sunny and handsome, standing at 1.85 meters tall. He had a well-exercised physique with abs, could cook, earn money, and was ambitious, never lazy.


He must be the dream lover of many girls, right?


Su Ran's heart skipped a beat.


She still couldn't believe it. Could it be true that…


He Ju didn't want her anymore?


Su Ran forced a smile and muttered to herself, "How could that be?"


Indeed, how could it be possible?


How could a decade of affection be severed so easily? How could feelings just disappear?


No one understood He Ju better than Su Ran. For her, he was even willing to risk his life.


He Ju must be sulking…


And as for Liu Jia, of course, she couldn't control her feelings, but He Ju definitely wouldn't like Liu Jia. Otherwise, he would have caused trouble a long time ago.


But he hadn't. He Ju's gaze had never lingered on Liu Jia.


Su Ran also went to class. Usually, at this time, He Ju would have already saved her a seat, but not today. She could only sit at the back.


There were boys around her trying to curry favor, but Su Ran's gaze kept drifting towards He Ju.


Her heart truly seemed to be… utterly in chaos because of He Ju.

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