Chapter 8 – Excuse me, just passing through

Su Ran didn't say anything, was she not angry?


She had never pursued someone like this before. Even if He Ju wanted to be angry with her, she had given him face, right?


What else did He Ju want from her?


Did he want her to beg him?


She, Su Ran, was the acknowledged goddess of the whole school, she didn't want to.


Su Ran: "Jia Jia, you are my sister, whose side are you on?"


Seeing that Su Ran was not listening, Liu Jia didn't want to waste any more words: "Forget it, it's too late, let's go back to school."


After saying that, Liu Jia went to the side of the road to hail a taxi. Su Ran didn't even have a chance to ask Liu Jia what she was running for just now.




At this time, He Ju was taking Si Hua on the Ferris wheel.


Si Hua said she had never been on it before and really wanted to try it. He Ju was originally going to refuse, because he had heard the legend of the Ferris wheel: lovers who ride the Ferris wheel together will end in failure, but when the Ferris wheel reaches the highest point, if they kiss, they will be happy forever.


It is said that each Ferris wheel car is filled with happiness, and when we look up at the Ferris wheel, we are looking up at happiness.


He Ju had always had the idea of bringing Su Ran to ride the Ferris wheel.


Unexpectedly, he didn't come with Su Ran, but instead came with Bai Yan's sister.


How unpredictable life is.


The night view of City A is undoubtedly bustling, with the lights coming on, the city is as bright as day, colorful and dazzling, the lights are dazzling.


This reminded He Ju of a saying: "The night Champs-Élysées is intoxicating, the early night of Paris is just a dream."


Yes, the past is like smoke in the blink of an eye, his ten years of heartache, might as well be considered a dream.


After all, people like Su Ran, who are in the upper class of society, how could they understand men like them who are at the bottom of society?


A ring worth fifty thousand, he saved for half a year and even worked during winter vacation to barely make up the amount. But this fifty thousand, in the eyes of a little princess like Su Ran, is not worth mentioning at all.


As the Ferris wheel slowly ascended, He Ju seemed to have let go.


At the age of twenty-one, he should love himself well.


When the Ferris wheel reached the highest point, Si Hua's gentle voice sounded in his ear: "He Ju, not only is a girl's youth precious, a boy's youth is also very precious. You should love yourself first, and then learn to love others."


He Ju looked up and stared blankly at the very beautiful girl in front of him.


Si Hua's words were like a little sun shining into his barren life.


No one had ever told him that a boy's youth is also precious.


Perhaps he remembered the rainy season in high school, when everyone was still asleep, and he got up early, rode his bike, and rode through three streets in the rain to buy Su Ran her favorite breakfast. Or perhaps he remembered the afternoon after the college entrance examination, when he gave up the finance major he liked and chose computer science for Su Ran. Or maybe… it was because of the past ten years, his sincere treatment, but was abandoned by Su Ran…


Or maybe it was because Si Hua understood him, that He Ju's eyes suddenly reddened.


Si Hua smiled and bent down, patting He Ju's head like a puppy: "Little guy, you have to work hard, run forward boldly, the passionate youth should not be defined, He Ju, you will definitely succeed!"


He Ju looked blankly at Si Hua, only to see Si Hua straighten up and shout to the city: "He Ju, you will definitely succeed!!!"


The city generously illuminated the entire night, like a young man unafraid of the passage of time.




He will succeed, he is He Ju, in the prime of his life, shining brightly, he should consider his own future, he should be full of glory!


He Ju stood up, looked at the night view of the city, felt the evening breeze, and felt relaxed all over: "He Ju!! You will definitely have a bright future!"


Si Hua laughed, her smile was so beautiful, her features were picturesque, and her beauty was indescribable.


Si Hua: "He Ju, come on!"


With a single glance at Si Hua, He Ju made a very bold decision. He broke the rules, reached out and grabbed Si Hua's wrist, and then pulled her into his arms, a very sweet fragrance entered He Ju's nostrils, making his expression relax slightly.


He Ju whispered in her ear: "Sister Si Hua, thank you."


After a moment of surprise, Si Hua also reached out and hugged He Ju's waist: "You're welcome, we are neighbors now, take care of me in the future."


He Ju let go of Si Hua, smiled, and nodded heavily: "Okay."


He was going to go on an internship at the end of this semester. He had already received an offer from the Starshine Group and was planning to contact them tomorrow, and then go to the internship after meeting with his brother in a few days.


For Su Ran, he originally wanted to go on an internship next semester and spend more time with her, but now it's different.


He also has to go his own way.




The two of them played until late at night before returning home. After He Ju finished showering, he saw a message from Su Ran.


Su Ran: Do you have time to come back to school tomorrow? Let's talk?


He Ju raised an eyebrow and subconsciously looked at the time.




It's so late, Su Ran actually sent him a message? It's really rare.


He Ju just glanced at it and didn't reply.


It used to be Su Ran not replying to his messages, and now it's finally He Ju's turn.He Ju had planned to return to school tomorrow, to take the exams he needed to take and finish the projects he had to write. After that, he could almost go through the procedures to leave the school.


After bidding each other goodnight, He Ju went to sleep with a clear conscience.




Su Ran, on the other hand, lay awake until almost dawn, waiting for a message from He Ju. Uncharacteristically, she looked somewhat haggard throughout the day.


It seemed that it was indeed time for her to pay a visit to He Ju's home.


Su Ran had a sensitive stomach and no classes in the morning, so she liked to sleep in at the dormitory. She used to have the lovingly prepared breakfasts sent by He Ju, but…


During the days since He Ju had left, she hadn't had breakfast at all.


It wasn't that no other boys offered to bring her breakfast, but Su Ran was picky. She only liked the mung bean noodles and steamed dumplings from that one shop outside the school. She had never eaten the school's breakfast and didn't like greasy food.


As a result, she hadn't been eating well lately, and with He Ju ignoring her, she hadn't been sleeping well either.


Su Ran lay in bed staring at the ceiling for a while before getting up. It was her first time experiencing insomnia, and she felt terrible, with slight puffiness around her eyes.


After a simple wash and covering up with foundation, Su Ran decided to go to the shop He Ju often visited, buy two breakfasts, and take them to his house.


Just… bow her head slightly.


Su Ran had finally come to a realization. After so many years, she had completely adapted to He Ju's presence. If he truly wasn't by her side anymore, she really couldn't cope.


Su Ran arrived early and bought her favorite mung bean noodles and steamed dumplings without having to queue. Just as she was about to buy something for He Ju…


She suddenly realized that she didn't know what He Ju liked to eat.


The shop owner asked, "What else would you like, beauty?"


Su Ran snapped back to reality and was about to speak when she heard a familiar voice: "Boss, two fried dough sticks and a cup of soy milk."


Su Ran turned around sharply and saw He Ju wearing a white shirt with the top button undone, revealing his prominent collarbone, and black, straight suit pants, exuding a youthful vibe that drew many looks.


Su Ran smiled, her mood brightening considerably. As expected, he was tough on the outside but soft on the inside. Here he was, back at school.


Su Ran approached him: "He Ju, I…"


However, the next second, Su Ran closed her mouth because He Ju stepped aside: "Excuse me, just passing through."


Su Ran's face instantly froze in place.


He Ju took his soy milk and fried dough sticks and left, completely ignoring Su Ran, who stood there in embarrassment.


It wasn't until He Ju was about to enter the school gate that Su Ran came to her senses and ran towards him.


He Ju was biting into his fried dough stick and drinking his soy milk when his wrist was suddenly grabbed: "He Ju?! What do you mean? I waited for your message all night, and this is how you treat me?"

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