Chapter 10 – Salute to Ten Years

The torment of enduring a class finally passed, and Su Ran was eager to find He Ju to clear things up. But when Su Ran caught up to him, He Ju had already left the building without even giving her a glance.


Su Ran clearly heard the whispers of her classmates.


"It looks like He Ju really doesn't like Su Ran anymore…"


"Yeah, he used to be the most diligent in pursuing her, but now, as soon as class is over, he's nowhere to be seen, leaving Goddess Ran Ran behind."


"But, although He Ju is known as a simp in school, if you put that aside, he is indeed very handsome."


"Do you think, if he stops pursuing Goddess Su Ran, do we ordinary girls have a chance?"


Listening to these words, Su Ran's heart was filled with mixed feelings.


Fang Yuxue walked over, put her arm around Su Ran's shoulder, and said with a smile, "What's wrong? Can't get used to it without the simp?"


Fang Yuxue was Su Ran's best friend besides Liu Jia, but she was a rebellious person and didn't often come to school. Seeing her now was quite unexpected for Su Ran.


Su Ran looked back at Fang Yuxue and asked, "Xue, do you think I've been too harsh on him?"


Fang Yuxue smiled and said, "It's just a trick of men to play hard to get."


Then Fang Yuxue asked, "Ran Ran, you're not falling for that poor boy, are you?"


Fang Yuxue linked arms with Su Ran as they walked downstairs, and Su Ran didn't say anything for a moment.


Fang Yuxue's expression became rare and serious: "Ran Ran, you have to understand, He Ju is just your childhood neighbor. The childhood sweethearts thing is just his own definition. Marriage is about being well-matched, and he comes from a family with nothing. You don't really think you have a future with him, do you?"


Su Ran instinctively denied, "How could I? He Ju is just a little better looking, I know in my heart that he can't give me anything."


Fang Yuxue breathed a sigh of relief, "That's right, Ran Ran, someone like He Ju is only suitable for playing around with. Don't get involved with him."


Su Ran nodded, "I know."


Her mother had told her many times that with He Ju, they could only be friends, like siblings.


The gap between their families was too big, and being with He Ju would only bring her suffering.


Besides, after Su Ran graduated, she would directly take over the company with her father, and she would be worth millions in the future. But what about He Ju?


He had nothing. Where had she gone wrong?


Moreover, what Fang Yuxue said was right. This was just a man's trick to play hard to get. Did he really expect her to go begging for him to come back? Impossible.


A princess is always proud; it's just that He Ju can't see the reality.


Su Ran had plenty of suitors around her, and she didn't believe that without He Ju, she couldn't find someone she liked.


Su Ran decided to let it go and went on a crazy shopping spree with Fang Yuxue.




It was from that day on that He Ju's life returned to normal. In order to prepare for the final exams, he didn't go home often, but whenever he did, he would definitely have some interaction with Si Hua.


Sometimes it was because Si Hua had too many takeout orders and asked him to come over and eat with her.


Sometimes it was because there was a leak in Si Hua's water pipes, and she asked him to help fix it.


As a result, they developed a habit of exchanging WeChat messages every day.


A month later, He Ju finally finished his exams. That night was their last artistic performance in their third year, and He Ju had signed up to sing and play the guitar to surprise Su Ran.


When the whole room fell silent, the host spoke, "Next up, we have contestant He Ju, singing 'Madly in Love with You' by Shen Yicheng!"


The whole room erupted, and the host smiled and left the stage.


There was an immediate buzz in the audience.


"I really thought that simp He Ju didn't like our Goddess Ran Ran anymore, but it turns out he's making a big move without a sound?"


"Ah, simp, simp, simp until he has nothing left."


"I wonder how our Goddess Ran Ran is feeling?"


"What kind of feeling can she have? Naturally, she's annoyed. He Ju sticks to Goddess Ran Ran like a piece of plaster, to put it simply, it's pursuit, but to put it seriously, it's harassment, isn't it?"


"Where did a poor boy like him get the courage…"


"A shameless person is invincible. He's been criticized on the forums, and he's still making such a big show. I say, a person like He Ju should be taught a lesson…"


Fang Yuxue looked at He Ju on stage, her eyes full of disdain and a smile, "Ran Ran, I told you, this man just likes to play hard to get. If he really didn't care about you, why would he sing this song?"Under the myriad spotlights, Su Ran sat in the audience in a white dress. Although she was surrounded by girls, only Su Ran stood out with her ethereal beauty, like the pristine moonlight in the sky, unattainable and dazzling.


Everyone knew that He Ju had harbored feelings for Su Ran for many years. After being rejected by her, he sang a love song at the cultural evening, and everyone watched as if it were a spectacle.


Su Ran did not comment on the surrounding gossip, but sat up even straighter, a faint smile playing on her lips.


He Ju, oh He Ju, it seems that your recent coldness towards me was all an act.


Liu Jia's head drooped in sadness.


With a wave of the host's hand, the entire venue fell silent.


A beam of pure white light shone on the stage, enveloping He Ju, drawing everyone's gaze to him.


Everyone thought He Ju was about to make another heartfelt confession, but to their surprise, he began with an expressionless face: "When I originally chose this song, I indeed intended it for someone very important to me, but…"


He Ju paused: "Today, I've decided to change the song. It's not for anyone, but for my lost decade of youth."


"A song for ten years, dedicated to everyone, thank you."


As soon as He Ju finished speaking, Su Ran's expression subtly changed, and even Fang Yuxue felt a bit astonished.


The song slowly started to play across the campus.


"If those two words hadn't trembled


I wouldn't have realized how much I suffer


How to say it out loud


It's nothing more than a breakup




Ten years ago, I didn't know you, you didn't belong to me


We were still the same


Accompanying a stranger by their side




Lovers eventually turn into friends"

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