Chapter 88 – The evil thoughts of Su Ran

Su Ran stopped talking, just covering her face with her hands, silently crying.

Seeing this, Fang Yuxue also fell silent, feeling too restless and lighting a cigarette.

Five minutes later, Fang Yuxue stamped out the cigarette butt and turned to look at the dejected Su Ran on the bed. “If you want to salvage this relationship, the breakthrough isn’t with Si Hua. No matter what, they’ve only been together for a few months. He Ju has liked you for over ten years. How could such deep feelings be easily severed?”

Su Ran suddenly looked up, gazing at Fang Yuxue as if she had seen hope. “You have the same idea as me, don’t you?”

Fang Yuxue nodded. “But he has been hurt too deeply. It’s not something that can be resolved overnight. There’s a saying, ‘A woman’s pursuit of a man is like a layer of gauze.’ Try sincerely pursuing him, and there might still be a chance.”

With that, Fang Yuxue put her mask back on, grabbed her bag, and prepared to leave. Before leaving, she left Su Ran with a parting remark: “Su Ran, no one in this world is unable to live without someone else. I’ll give you one last piece of advice: don’t mess with Si Hua. The price is one you can’t afford.”

With that, Fang Yuxue turned and left.

If that woman wasn’t Si Hua, then it wouldn’t matter. But He Ju has gotten involved with Si Hua, and even though the Fang family holds a high position in City A, they can’t afford to offend her.

In Fang Yuxue’s eyes, it’s better to wait for the day when Si Hua tires of He Ju, rather than putting the Fang family in a difficult position for the sake of a narrow-minded sister.

Fang Yuxue doesn’t believe that someone like Si Hua, who is at the top of the money and power hierarchy, would have genuine feelings for He Ju, who is nothing special.

It’s just a game.

So, only Su Ran was left in the room, feeling heartbroken.

Su Ran even thought, during this week of the auction, she can only enter and not leave, as per the rules.

If she takes advantage of these seven days to solidify her relationship with He Ju, will he never be able to get rid of her for the rest of his life?

Once this thought takes root, it’s like a grapevine planted in the rural courtyard, gradually climbing up the beams and blossoming.

He Ju is completely unaware that the girl he once thought was pure and kind could have such a terrifying idea.

In the following days, He Ju went to gamble on stones twice a day, but not for himself, he was helping his brothers to inspect the stones.

During these days, Bai Yan and the others made quite a bit of money, and they were all in high spirits.

Fatty and Motor both said that this trip was really worth it.

He Ju took the opportunity to propose a small condition: “After this auction is over, I want to start a business in real estate. Do you guys want to help me?”

Bai Yan was the first to agree. “Sure! I can’t compete with you in terms of skills, but I have money and connections. Just remember to give me a position as a boss.”

Fatty scratched the back of his head, feeling a bit shy. “Is that okay? I can only do some machine repairs, just manual labor…”

Motor said, “I don’t have the skills or the money that He Ju has. At most, I can flatter people and handle some business. Is that okay?”

He Ju immediately smiled. “Of course, I need you guys. Don’t work for others, join me, and have a good meal.”

So, in this luxurious VIP box, the four young people who were just starting out in life reached a consensus on the path to their future business.

By the fifth day, there were already many people coming in. Every time they went out, it was crowded. Strangely, Qiu Shaoze had been in the hotel for a long time, but He Ju and the others had been wandering around the hotel every day and hadn’t run into him.

Moreover, most of the stones on the market had already been picked through, so the four of them didn’t plan to gamble and were waiting for the climax on the last day.

That night, after He Ju finished showering, he didn’t go out. After ending the video call with Si Hua, he stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, admiring the beautiful view of the city.

The door was opened, and He Ju didn’t turn around. “You’re back, go take a shower and go to bed. Tomorrow is the sixth day, and there’s still work to be done.”

The door was closed again, and He Ju didn’t hear a response, so he turned around.

At a glance, He Ju immediately frowned. “How did you get in?”

Tonight, Su Ran was wearing a suspender dress, with delicate makeup, lipstick, and blush. She looked shyly at He Ju.

He Ju furrowed his brow. “How did you get in here?”

This was a suite for four grown men, and Su Ran just casually walked in like this?

Before Su Ran could say anything, He Ju spoke again. “Get out.”

Su Ran was startled by He Ju’s angry tone and her eyes turned red. “You… He Ju, don’t be so harsh, okay?”

As she spoke, Su Ran walked towards He Ju, but before she could touch him, he grabbed her wrist, took a suit jacket from Fatty, and put it on her, then pushed her away and turned his back. “Get out!”

Su Ran bit her lip. She knew this was demeaning, but she had no other choice.

If she missed this night, she wouldn’t have another chance.

Su Ran suddenly stepped forward, hugged He Ju from behind, and her soft body pressed against his back. “He Ju, I like you. Let’s do it. I can give you what Si Hua can, and I can do it better. I will be better than her.”


Su Ran, have you no shame?

Are you not embarrassed to say that?

How come he didn’t realize before that Su Ran was so shameless?

Moreover, the happiness that Si Hua brought him is not something that Su Ran can give him.

He Ju’s head was in a whirl, and he tried to forcefully pry Su Ran’s hand away, but he found that the woman’s grip was surprisingly strong. It took a lot of effort to pry her hand away.He Ju clenched Su Ran’s hand, turned around, and looked down at her with a gaze as if he were looking at trash: “Su Ran, for a girl, the most important thing is to have self-respect.”

He Ju had no time to entangle with Su Ran. Without waiting for her to speak, he dragged her out: “Since you won’t leave, I’ll have to take you out myself.”

Su Ran was on the verge of collapse. She had thrown herself at him, so why did He Ju still not want her?

Her voice choked with emotion: “Am I that terrible? You won’t even be with me once? Is Si Hua that enchanting to you?”

He Ju felt that Su Ran was sick, truly sick.

After all the good and bad words were said, Su Ran remained unmoved.

He Ju took a deep breath, let go of Su Ran, and opened the door of the hotel: “Su Ran, how many times do I have to tell you? I don’t like you anymore, not just dislike, but now I’m at the point of extreme aversion…”

After a moment of silence, He Ju spoke again: “After this auction, your Su family should leave City A. Don’t appear before me again.”

Su Ran’s heart skipped a beat: “What do you mean?”

He Ju looked at her calmly: “Exactly what it sounds like. Si Hua and I are going to get married soon. Your presence will make my wife feel insecure, so to avoid situations like today, it’s better for you to leave City A.”

Su Ran went mad: “For Si Hua, you’re going to drive my whole family away? He Ju! Do you even have a heart?!”

Su Ran lost all reason: “You’re going to marry her? What about me? He Ju, how can you marry her? What am I supposed to do?!!”

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