Chapter 82 – Unlock new character, Si Hua’s cousin uncle?

Upon hearing her mother’s words, Si Hua was stunned.

She had only been thinking about taking each step carefully, gradually capturing He Ju’s heart, and making him unable to resist her. Si Hua had never thought about taking the initiative.

But from today on, Si Hua had to consider it.

Si Hua decisively chose to listen to her mother: “Mom, remember to send my household registration back to China as soon as possible.”

Upon hearing this, Si Mei thought to herself, “Has my daughter finally come to her senses?”

Si Mei immediately nodded and promised, “Okay, Mommy will send it to you urgently. Remember, to capture a man’s heart, you must first capture his stomach. Also, arrange for both sets of parents to meet as soon as possible. After getting the marriage certificate, the next step is the wedding. You should subtly ask him if he’s willing. If he is, your father and I can fly back to China immediately.”

Si Hua was instantly happy, but considering that He Ju was still nearby, she didn’t say much and just asked, “But what if he’s not willing?”

Si Mei replied, “Then we’ll have a shotgun wedding. Your mom will go to his company every day to make him responsible for my daughter’s future.”

Si Hua was silent for a moment, feeling somewhat helpless. “Mom, aren’t you supposed to be a high-class lady?”

Si Mei looked at her newly done manicure and couldn’t help but sigh softly. “What can I do? Who made my daughter so infatuated with a man? Your mom will reluctantly play the role of a crazy woman. The key is, this He Ju, your mom has already checked. He is deeply affectionate and loyal. Your brother said he’s quite capable, right? And his family background is clean, all well-educated people from a scholarly family. How could the children raised in such a family be bad?”

Si Mei continued, “Since he’s capable, the foundation of the Si family for hundreds of years can be the springboard for his success. Our family is not short of money. Your father and I just want our daughter to be happy.”

In fact, Si Mei had thoroughly investigated He Ju’s family a long time ago. After so many years, she had to know what kind of person her daughter liked, right?

The fact proved that He Ju was an outstanding and just person.

If He Ju and Si Hua were together, she wouldn’t worry. He Ju would definitely dote on his wife.

It’s just that the person He Ju used to like wasn’t Si Hua, so she didn’t do anything.

But now it’s different. The moon is always closest to the water’s edge.

Si Mei pondered for a moment and continued, “Since you are already together, isn’t it a waste to live in two houses?”

Si Mei’s words made Si Hua think of an indescribable scene.

Her brother was too energetic. If she didn’t live with He Ju, she would often be exhausted. If she lived with He Ju, then…

But Si Hua still wanted to live with He Ju. She also wanted to experience the feeling of waking up every morning and seeing He Ju.

Si Hua smiled and agreed, then asked Si Mei, “Who told you the news?”

When it came to business, Si Mei also became serious. “It was an anonymous email. I checked the ID, and it’s from China. You’ll have to find the specific address yourself. I’ll send you the email later.”

Si Hua said, “It seems that this person has some sinister intentions.”

Si Mei suddenly remembered something. “Your cousin uncle is about to return to China. I remember he has some connection with the young master of the Qiu family. Your cousin uncle will also attend the auction this time. I heard that you and the Qiu family are at odds, and your cousin uncle and your father are also at odds. Your cousin uncle is narrow-minded. You must be careful.”

Cousin uncle?

Bai Shangmo?

After agreeing, Si Hua’s mood became somewhat heavy.

What connection could there be between her cousin uncle and Qiu Shaoze?

Bai Shangmo had been abroad for many years, doing things in the underworld, ruthless and vengeful.

Although Bai Shangmo and Si Hua’s father were cousins, they had long since fallen out. Now the two families were almost at the point of no return.

Due to the sensitivity of his identity, Bai Shangmo lost his wife in his early years and his son in his middle years. Now he was almost a lonely man.

Si Hua couldn’t figure out what connection Bai Shangmo could have with Qiu Shaoze.

But for Si Hua, this was definitely not good news.

The auction was tomorrow. She was the chairman of Starlight and also a representative of the city. She had to attend the meeting in the city tomorrow and couldn’t get out of it.

After hanging up the phone, He Ju had already parked the car at the entrance of the market. “Are you done? Let’s go buy some groceries and cook at home.”

He Ju really liked the feeling of eating at home with his beloved.

That kind of down-to-earth atmosphere was very ordinary but most healing for the heart.

Si Hua nodded, then briefly mentioned Bai Shangmo’s return to China and reminded him to be careful of this person at the auction tomorrow.He Ju frowned slightly; he was already prepared to deal with Qiu Shaoze. All his plans were set to be implemented after the auction ended. To stop now? It was too late.

Moreover, He Ju didn’t want to stop.

He was no saint. Qiu Shaoze had challenged his limits time and again, and he had endured it countless times.

To endure any longer would be to make himself a laughingstock.

No matter how powerful the enemy was, he was determined to ensure that Qiu Shaoze would never have the chance to turn the tables.

However, facing Si Hua’s worries, He Ju just smiled and ruffled her hair: “Don’t worry, I’ll handle everything. Even if I have to make a move, I won’t confront them head-on.”

These words were merely to comfort Si Hua. Since it had come to a point of direct confrontation, it was a fight to the death between him and Qiu Shaoze.

Si Hua, thinking of Bai Yan and the brothers backing He Ju, didn’t say anything more.

Even if Bai Shangmo wanted to do something to He Ju, he would have to consider her father.

If Bai Shangmo wasn’t foolish, he wouldn’t truly clash with He Ju; otherwise, even if she didn’t want to cause trouble, her father was not someone to be trifled with.

There was nothing to fear.

The two got out of the car and cheerfully went to buy groceries.

Back home, He Ju went to change his clothes, while Si Hua tied up her long hair and put on an apron to enter the kitchen.

Her cooking wasn’t as delicious as He Ju’s, but she could prepare the ingredients for him. However, tonight was different; they were having pickled cabbage fish hotpot.

It was now deep autumn, and the evenings were unbearably cold. The heating had to be turned on for Si Hua to be comfortable.

After Si Hua finished washing the vegetables, He Ju came out in a set of home clothes, and Si Hua had already placed the prepared ingredients on the table. The sour and spicy aroma instantly whetted the appetite.

He Ju approached: “I just made a phone call, and you’re already done?”

Si Hua responded with feigned pride: “It was quick, just washing some vegetables. The fish slices were already prepared in advance.”

He Ju chuckled, walked over, and effortlessly pulled Si Hua into his embrace, kissing her dominantly. His hand slid from her waist up to cover that soft spot, kneading it fiercely until Si Hua, with a flushed face and racing heart, pushed him away: “Let’s eat first…”

Only then did He Ju sit down with an indifferent expression: “Alright, let’s eat first. You must be hungry, my dear.”

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