Chapter 81 – The plan was stolen? Si Hua takes action

Doctor: “Mr. Qiu, although the injury on your waist didn’t affect the bone, it did damage the ligament. You definitely need to rest for a while to recover. And the bruising on your face will also take time to heal, no matter how good the medicine is…”

Upon hearing this, Qiu Shaoze’s face turned even worse: “Stop talking, just get out of here!”

The doctor and nurses couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when they heard this, and quickly dispersed.

Qiu Shaoze’s difficult attitude left everyone speechless.

Qiu Shaoze grumbled as he lay on the hospital bed, his mind filled with the faces of He Ju and Si Hua.

When it came to Si Hua, Qiu Shaoze couldn’t bring himself to hate her. She was too stunning, and even though he had met many people, he felt that no one could compare to her.

And Si Hua had the capital to be proud and willful, with her beauty and wealth.

But what about He Ju?

He had nothing, so why was he so arrogant?

The more Qiu Shaoze thought about it, the angrier he became, and his waist hurt more. He even trembled as he dialed the phone to find a way to deal with He Ju.

When he turned the tables at the auction, the first person he would deal with would be He Ju.

He would make He Ju understand that the upper class society was not something that someone like He Ju, who was at the bottom of society, could touch.

Meanwhile, He Ju was making preparations.

The auction, which he hadn’t been looking forward to, became something to anticipate with a target in mind.

Su Ran had been kept at home by Su Zhen for two days, not allowed to go out.

Su Zhen had already started preparing for Su Ran to go abroad.

The reason was that what He Ju had said had come true. After the Su family exposed their scandal, the stock price had been unable to rise, no matter how hard Su Zhen tried.

Su Zhen had been in the business world for many years and knew very well… there must be a big hand behind this.

And he had no doubt that it was He Ju.

Only Shen Yan couldn’t see it clearly, still thinking of He Ju as the poor boy from school.

Su Zhen had called He Ju, but He Ju didn’t answer. Instead, he sent a message: “I don’t want to see her, so please take care of her, Uncle.”

The Su family had been under pressure, and Su Zhen was worried sick. But his wife was always suspicious, and his daughter couldn’t see the situation clearly…

The next step would depend on whether the Su family could survive the auction in a few days.

As long as they could buy the most valuable jade at the lowest price, the Su family could turn the tables.

Then, they could send Su Ran abroad, and he could apologize to He Ju. He understood He Ju’s temperament; he was a good kid and wouldn’t force him like this.

But what Su Zhen didn’t expect was that everything he had arranged would be ruined by his own daughter in the end.

After that day, life gradually calmed down.

It brought a sense of calm before the storm to everyone.

The day before the auction was a discussion meeting for the investment department’s projects, with the company’s senior management and colleagues from the investment department, discussing investment projects.

He Ju and Si Hua were both present.

Si Hua sat at the front, waiting for everyone to report their projects, which would then be voted on by her and the board of directors to decide whether the projects would be approved.

Everyone’s projects were collected by the department head and then reviewed and approved by the senior management of the investment department before being presented at the meeting.

“Next, the Little Qing River Camping + Extreme Off-Road Project, presented by…”

He Ju and Si Hua made eye contact, and then He Ju silently moved his chair back, preparing to talk about the core of this project.

But the next name announced was: “Mu Rufeng!”

He Ju subconsciously sat back down, and then looked up in disbelief at the presenter on the app.

The screen showed the presenter’s name: Mu Rufeng.

He Ju looked at his master, Mu Rufeng, with a smile that was not a smile.

Did he set him up like this?

Mu Rufeng had vetoed his project in the first place…

He Ju shook his head and quietly watched Mu Rufeng present his ideas without saying a word.

Si Hua had already raised an eyebrow when the presenter’s name was announced, and a hint of coldness flashed in her eyes.

This project was something He Ju had worked overtime to create, and she had personally prepared the report. How dare he present it as it was…

Si Hua didn’t know what to say to Mu Rufeng.

Was he looking for trouble in front of her?

After Mu Rufeng finished his presentation and received a round of applause, the board of directors unanimously voted to approve the project.

Only Si Hua remained silent.

The scene fell into an eerie silence, with the board members looking at each other and finally focusing their gaze on Si Hua.

Mu Rufeng’s forehead was already covered in cold sweat, standing there nervously, not knowing what to say.

Although Si Hua was young, the senior management of the company had all experienced her capabilities. Mu Rufeng might not be part of the senior management, but he was an old employee of the company and had also experienced…

Si Hua leaned back in her chair, lightly tapping the table with her slender fingers, and asked him with a faint smile, “Did you really create this proposal?”

Everyone’s puzzled eyes fell on Mu Rufeng.

Mu Rufeng had a moment of blankness, but then he thought that He Ju was just an intern, and he was He Ju’s master. They had gone to inspect the site together. How could Si Hua know anything…

So Mu Rufeng nervously said, “Of course…”

Si Hua’s smile deepened, and He Ju just kept his head down, playing with his phone without even looking at Mu Rufeng.

Si Hua stood up and turned the presentation to the report page. “The numbers and data here have been compared for several years and can only be accessed by the company’s senior management. Mu Rufeng, since you claim to have done this, can I assume that you are stealing the company’s secrets?”

With that, Mu Rufeng’s face suddenly turned pale, and his gaze subconsciously turned to He Ju, his forehead covered in cold sweat.

Company secrets?

How could this involve company secrets?!

Where did He Ju get this data from?

While Mu Rufeng was still questioning the truth of Si Hua’s words, the board members began to speak up.”Yes, these data were entered into the database in person, and there are official seals on them. If you want to access them, you need the company’s top management to do so. How…”

Si Hua looked at Mu Rufeng with a smile that was not a smile.

Mu Rufeng was in great agony. Admitting that the plan was written by him was equivalent to stealing company secrets. Si Hua could send him to prison.

If he didn’t admit it, he would have to say that he used He Ju’s plan, and he would lose face.

Under the scrutiny of everyone, Mu Rufeng finally pointed at He Ju and said, “This plan was done by me and my apprentice He Ju. I was only responsible for the first part, and He Ju was responsible for the second part. I don’t know anything about the report.”

Shameless. Absolutely shameless.

He Ju finally looked up. He looked at Mu Rufeng expressionlessly and said in a voice that was no longer as gentle as before, “Master, you’re really good at shifting the blame.”

Si Hua also smiled, “He Ju is just an intern. Do you think everyone believes you, or believes him?”

The looks of everyone at Mu Rufeng instantly turned into scrutiny.

Mu Rufeng panicked, “It really was He Ju who did it. The company has surveillance videos, and He Ju has been working late…”

Si Hua’s patience was wearing thin, “Mu Rufeng, you’re fired.”


Mu Rufeng widened his eyes in disbelief, “Si… Si Hua, wh… why?”

The head of the investment department also stood up. Mu Rufeng was an old employee of the company, and although his performance was not outstanding, it was not bad either.

Firing an experienced old employee for the sake of an intern was not a good deal.

Director Zhou Kun spoke, “Si Hua, this punishment is too harsh. Moreover, since this plan was done by two people, how can only one person be punished? Mu Rufeng is also an old employee of the company and has always been sincere in his work. He made a small mistake this time, but…”

Si Hua interrupted Zhou Kun with a smile, “A small mistake? Is stealing someone else’s plan a small mistake? Director Zhou, it seems like you want to resign too, don’t you?”

Zhou Kun’s face turned pale, and he didn’t say anything.

Seeing this, Mu Rufeng couldn’t help but question Si Hua, “Si Hua, what you’re doing is not fair…”

He Ju suddenly laughed, his voice clear, “What’s unfair about it? This report was personally done by Si Hua. What you stole was not my plan, but Si Hua’s. Mu Teacher, you really have a lot of courage…”


When He Ju said this, everyone was shocked.

Zhang Xiaoxiao remained calm, but the way she looked at Mu Rufeng was as if she was looking at something dirty.

She personally retrieved the data for this plan from the database.

Mu Rufeng looked at He Ju in disbelief, “How is that possible?!”

What was Si Hua’s identity? How could she help He Ju with the plan?

But the fact was…

Zhang Xiaoxiao nodded, “The data for this plan was personally retrieved by me from the database. Whether it’s surveillance or documents, there are records that can be checked at any time.”

Mu Rufeng suddenly slumped in his seat like a deflated balloon.

The directors couldn’t help but shake their heads, and their colleagues didn’t know what to say for a moment.

Si Hua was about to speak when Mu Rufeng suddenly stood up as if he had been struck by lightning and pointed at He Ju, questioning him, “It was clearly your plan, why was it done by Si Hua? Explain it to me!”

Mu Rufeng was full of resentment. He had been in this position for almost twenty years. Why could an intern like He Ju push him off the stage?!

The scene fell silent.

No one dared to speak, and they all looked gossipy.

He Ju looked at him with calm eyes and simply said, “My girlfriend helped me with the report. Isn’t that a normal thing?”

One sentence caused a huge uproar.

And Si Hua’s face also blushed.

The directors looked at Si Hua, who was blushing shyly, then at He Ju, who was calm, and finally at the pale-faced Mu Rufeng. They couldn’t help but sigh silently: What a big drama!

A theft case involving a plan actually led to a shocking romance?

The company was in an uproar!

“Oh my god, oh my god??? The new intern and Si Hua are a couple?”

“What? What? Are you guys making things up?”

“This is unbelievable, is it true?”

“Unbelievable, right?”

“Where can there be anything unbelievable? Look at how protective Si Hua is of that little chicken…”

“Still a little chicken, but she looks stronger than you…”



Everyone appeared calm on the surface, but when they looked down, their fingers were about to break the keyboard.

He Ju glanced at the group chat. Did these people forget that he was also in the group?

Although he had never spoken.

So, He Ju sent a set of emojis.

The company group chat fell silent.

What was once lively had now…

They quickly opened a new private chat!

He Ju couldn’t be bothered with this. It was tiring to hide, so he might as well be open about it.

So, He Ju packed up and said to Si Hua, who was sitting at the top, “Let’s go, let’s have dinner.”

Si Hua’s eyes lit up, and she immediately stood up, “Coming.”

The company group chat exploded once again.

The directors also stared in disbelief as He Ju and Si Hua left together.

Mu Rufeng was completely finished, unable to say a word.

Zhou Kun couldn’t help but curse Mu Rufeng, “Why did you have to mess with the wrong person?”

Mu Rufeng was full of bitterness…

How could he have known that He Ju was really Si Hua’s boyfriend?!

He thought He Ju was just talking nonsense…

If only he had known…

Zhang Xiaoxiao looked at everyone discussing animatedly and could only stay behind to clean up, “Si Hua doesn’t want her relationship to be exposed outside the company. Please keep it confidential. If Si Hua’s private affairs affect the company’s reputation, we will pursue legal responsibility. If you have any questions, feel free to come to me for answers. The next project review will be voted on by the board of directors and me on behalf of Si Hua. Let’s continue with the next project…”

Zhang Xiaoxiao redirected the focus of the meeting back to the agenda, looking serious on the surface, but her heart had already cried out countless times.

Since Si Hua returned to China, her workload had doubled significantly, although her salary had also doubled…But…

Zhang Xiaoxiao really wanted to slack off.

In the end, she had no choice but to resign herself to work.

After leaving the company, He Ju and Si Hua went to the underground parking lot and drove away from the company.

Si Hua hadn’t had the chance to ask He Ju why he had so readily acknowledged their relationship… when she received a call from her mother overseas.

The call connected.

Si Hua’s mother excitedly asked her, “Nannan, are you in love?”

Si Hua glanced at He Ju, who was driving, and smiled sweetly, “Yes, Mommy.”

Si Mei grew even more curious, “Is it the person you’ve always liked?”

Si Hua was somewhat surprised that her mother knew about He Ju’s existence, but she admitted, “Yes, Mommy.”

Si Mei became even more curious, but she didn’t dare to ask. Si Hua had finally caught the son-in-law, what if she scared him away?

So, Si Mei simply said, “That’s great, great! Nannan, you be good and stay with him, don’t worry about your dad and me. When the time is right, hurry up and get the marriage certificate, don’t let him slip away. That’s how I snagged your dad back in the day…”

Si Hua immediately laughed, and before she could say anything, Si Mei spoke again, “Oh right, Mommy will send you the household registration book. Marry first, love later, marry first, love later! The wedding is just a formality, you hurry up and find a way to coax him into getting the certificate, and we’ll talk about the rest later!”

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