Chapter 83 – What fear of doubt

The two of them watched the drama and chatted, not knowing when it started drizzling outside. On such a cool day, eating hotpot and watching the beloved one smile, He Ju had never been so satisfied.

He wanted to make money quickly, although he already had a net worth of tens of millions. But…

It’s not enough, far from enough.

After the auction, he planned to resign and start his own company.

Now, every piece of work he writes is bought, so He Ju dismissed the idea of opening a bridal company and decided to start a real estate investment project company.

The money and manpower needed would be enormous.

But He Ju has always had a good eye for investment in this area. As long as he is given enough start-up capital, there is no worry that he can’t make it happen.

This auction is He Ju’s channel to make money, so he also attaches great importance to this auction.

After dinner, He Ju went to wash the dishes, while Si Hua went into the bathroom.

Si Hua suddenly felt that Mommy was right. She was already with He Ju, so she shouldn’t have two separate houses anymore.

She wanted to stuff her suits, clothes, and skirts into He Ju’s wardrobe, and make his room full of traces of Si Hua’s life.

Only then would she feel at ease.

Having made up her mind, Si Hua was happy and decided to discuss this matter with He Ju after the auction.

After taking a shower, Si Hua found…

She didn’t bring her pajamas in???

Helpless, Si Hua had to open the bathroom door, her face red, and call out to him, “He Ju, He Ju… I forgot to bring my pajamas, can you help me get them?”

He Ju had finished washing the dishes and was changing the sheets in the bedroom. Just as he finished, he heard Si Hua’s voice.

He Ju subconsciously turned to look at the suspender dress in the wardrobe, and his eyes darkened inexplicably for a moment.

He Ju felt that he was a lucky person. Si Hua’s figure was too good, front protrusion and rear lift, with flesh where there should be, good to touch, soft and fragrant when hugged, good temper, no matter how he teased, she cooperated, good flexibility in her waist, able to do any difficult movements perfectly, making him feel like he was in heaven.

He Ju was really afraid that if this continued, he would have to buy kidney tonics and soak wolfberries in his thermos in less than two years.

But in the end, He Ju didn’t take the suspender dress, he walked straight over, then opened the bedroom door, and in Si Hua’s stunned gaze, he bent down and picked up the naked Si Hua.

He Ju: “Good, don’t wear any pajamas, otherwise you’ll have to take them off later, it’s troublesome.”

Si Hua was completely shocked, maybe because she was shy, a thin layer of pink appeared on her fair skin, and He Ju’s eyes went straight.

Si Hua went to cover He Ju’s eyes, her voice coquettish, “Oh, you’re getting more and more naughty, who taught you this…”

He Ju easily grabbed Si Hua’s hands and held them up over his head, “No one taught me, Sister Si Hua is naturally beautiful, and I am self-taught.”

Due to the bright light, He Ju could see every inch of Si Hua’s skin clearly.

Si Hua blushed more and more as she was being looked at, “He Ju, turn off the lights…”

He Ju smiled and looked at Si Hua’s embarrassed look, the desire in his eyes growing deeper.

He followed Si Hua’s words and let go of her hands to turn off the lights, turning off the main light but turning on the small lamp on the bedside table.

With the dim light shining in the room, He Ju took the initiative to propose, “Sister Si Hua, move in, or I’ll move in, and in the future… we won’t live separately, okay?”

Si Hua looked at him with surprise, “You want to live with me?”

He Ju nodded with a smile, looking serious on the surface, but his hands were already starting to wander, “Yes, I want to live together, I want to hold the fragrant and soft Sister Si Hua every night.”

As he spoke, He Ju became more and more bold, getting closer to Si Hua, and holding her willowy waist…

Si Hua was shy and kept dodging, not realizing that the more she did, the more excited He Ju became.

In the end, Si Hua couldn’t resist He Ju’s persuasion and agreed to his request.


She also wanted to live with He Ju very much, but since He Ju proposed it first, she was really happy, which proved that He Ju cared a lot about her.

As the night grew deeper, He Ju’s forehead became more and more sweaty, and Si Hua left one scratch after another on He Ju’s back, but He Ju didn’t mind at all.

It was another night of good times.

Si Hua slept until dawn.

Today, He Ju needed to go to the auction, so he changed into a suit early. When Si Hua woke up, He Ju was nowhere to be seen, only a steaming breakfast and soy milk in the microwave.

Si Hua felt very happy, she took a shower, finished breakfast, and prepared to go to the city for a meeting.

When Si Hua washed her face, she found that they had been too crazy last night, so there were bruises all over her neck. Si Hua couldn’t help but curse He Ju under her breath, “Don’t you know I have a meeting today? I don’t know how to face the reporters!”


Si Hua sighed.

In the end, Si Hua finished breakfast and changed into a high-necked corset dress, let her waist-length hair down, covering it, and finally put on a delicate makeup, then grabbed her bag, put on high heels, and went downstairs.

At this time, He Ju was driving to the auction site.

He Ju listened calmly to the person opposite him, “It’s too difficult to investigate the relationship between Qiu Shaoze and Si Hua’s cousin uncle. After all, for more than twenty years, that cousin uncle has never returned to China. His sudden appearance this time has made many domestic companies feel unbelievable…”

“And even if we want to investigate, we don’t have a direction…”


He Ju frowned, his hand on the steering wheel slightly bulging with veins. He didn’t know if he was thinking wrong, but…

“First, go check if Qiu Shaoze’s DNA matches that of Qiu’s old man?”

With one sentence, He Ju left the person opposite him dumbfounded, “Are you suspecting that Qiu’s old man has been cuckolded?”

He Ju neither admitted nor denied it.

But based on the age of Si Hua’s cousin uncle and Qiu Shaoze, this was not an impossible thing.

Although that cousin uncle hadn’t returned to China for many years, he had been a bit of a playboy in China more than twenty years ago.If that’s the case, then the cousin uncle’s intention to return to China is quite clear.

After all, under normal circumstances, only those who are very important to oneself are worth crossing mountains and seas to meet.

This really made He Ju wonder.

Although Old Man Qiu was advanced in age, he was no pushover. While he might not be able to handle someone with the surname Bai, if he were truly to be cuckolded in such a grand fashion, getting a grip on Qiu Shaoze should be quite easy.

The person on the other end of the line hung up quickly. With this major lead, He Ju believed that the matter would soon be resolved.

He even hoped…

That the result would come out during the auction.

After all…

This time, Qiu Shaoze was the full-fledged representative of the Qiu family.

A cold smile curled up at the corner of He Ju’s mouth.

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