Chapter 80 – He is increasingly fond of Si Hua

He Ju’s mood was complicated. He had no romantic feelings for Liu Jia, but after so many years of being classmates, he could empathize with her feelings.

Between them… it was destined but not meant to be.

He Ju had no authority to interfere with Liu Jia’s decision.

Therefore, He Ju could only politely ask her, “Do you need me to take you to the airport?”

As expected, Liu Jia refused, “I’ll walk the future path alone.”

Their family had planned to immigrate since their freshman year, but Liu Jia was unwilling. She still had someone she liked in China.

Even though the person she liked never looked back at her, she still wanted to see him more, until she could no longer deceive herself.

Now, it was that time.

He Ju, goodbye, the one I love.

He Ju could only nod and say in a hoarse voice, “Jia Jia, until we meet again by fate.”

Liu Jia nodded with tears in her eyes, turned and left, her white figure gradually disappearing from He Ju’s sight.

He Ju stood in place for a long time, and the wind made him sneeze involuntarily, bringing him back to his senses.

Opening the gift box, inside were neatly arranged stocks and a paper version of the contract.

He Ju was suddenly shocked, and upon closer inspection, there was a conveniently written note: “Liu family, this is the wedding gift I’m giving you, He Ju, don’t refuse. I’m waiting to see you shine brightly – Jia Jia.”

The gift box was light, yet heavy.

Whether it was because of the strong wind and sand that blurred He Ju’s eyes, he felt a moment of sourness in his eyes.

Although Liu Jia didn’t say anything, He Ju understood.

This should be the dowry Liu Jia prepared for herself.

If she married him, this was the dowry.

If she didn’t marry, this was a congratulatory gift.

What was delivered to his hands now was a congratulatory gift.

In Liu Jia’s heart, she had already married He Ju.

The gift was too heavy, He Ju dared not and could not accept it, but he also couldn’t return it.

He Ju could only temporarily hold onto the stocks.

In the future, he would manage the Liu family with Si Hua, waiting for the opportunity to meet Liu Jia again and return to her a brand new Liu family group.

He Ju sighed and left the company in his car.

When He Ju arrived at the place to meet Si Hua, it was already ten o’clock at night.

He Ju explained to Si Hua clearly about Liu Jia coming to find him, and finally handed the contracts to Si Hua, “I think you can handle all of this.”

Si Hua also felt uncomfortable, but there was nothing she could do.

He Ju was the only one, and she also liked He Ju very much. Without He Ju, she would die too.

Si Hua: “I will handle it. I will transfer every year’s profit from the Liu family to Jia Jia’s account without missing a penny.”

He Ju nodded, the two of them smiled at each other, but it seemed like they both felt something in their hearts as they turned to look out the window.

They saw a plane flying towards the sky, quickly disappearing from their sight.

He Ju and Si Hua couldn’t help but wonder: Could it be the plane Jia Jia is on?

May it take off and land safely.

After dinner, He Ju and Si Hua canceled their upcoming plans and returned home.

After this experience, Si Hua cherished every moment with He Ju even more.

Even when He Ju was revising the drawings, Si Hua would lie on He Ju’s lap like a lazy cat, not bothering He Ju, just simply enjoying this rare time together.

After finishing the drawing, He Ju looked down and saw that Si Hua had fallen asleep on his lap.

He Ju’s heart stirred, he leaned down and kissed Si Hua’s cheek, but unexpectedly, Si Hua suddenly opened her eyes, her bright eyes full of anticipation, sweetly calling him, “Husband~”

He Ju immediately smiled, reached out and patted her round buttocks, “Good, go lie down and wait for your husband.”

Si Hua shyly agreed, and she quickly slipped into He Ju’s blanket, not even willing to show her head.

He Ju was amused by Si Hua’s actions, and as he packed up, he asked her, “What’s wrong? Isn’t the person you want me? Why are you still shy?”

Obviously, Si Hua wouldn’t answer him, just humming and grumbling under the blanket.

He Ju’s smile deepened, and he packed up even faster.

He Ju didn’t make Si Hua wait long. After packing up, he turned off the lights and got into bed, grabbing Si Hua’s ankle and dragging her to the end of the bed.

Si Hua didn’t expect He Ju to do this, and she screamed in surprise, but He Ju accurately covered her mouth and his hand eagerly slipped under her nightgown.

The moon was high in the sky, and He Ju was in high spirits.

But the door was knocked, it was his good buddies.

No matter how much Motor and the others rang the doorbell, He Ju had no intention of going out to open the door.

It was Si Hua who cried and pushed his shoulder, “Go… open the door.”

With the warm and fragrant beauty in his arms, He Ju couldn’t leave, so he just turned Si Hua over, “Good, don’t mind them.”Knocking on the door late at night, He Ju used to let it slide when he was single, but now he’s a man with a happy life. Thinking of getting up to open the door at night? Forget about it…

Si Hua was on the verge of tears, indeed, her brother was still young! Youth means strength! Such robust health!

She was almost unable to cope.

He Ju’s doorbell and phone rang for a while before returning to darkness, while Si Hua’s voice grew louder and louder…

It wasn’t until the sky turned the pale color of fish bellies that He Ju finally got up to wash up, and Si Hua was once again too exhausted to open her eyes.

After He Ju finished washing up, he came back to see Si Hua sleeping soundly and couldn’t help shaking his head: “It’s a good thing you own the company, otherwise you would have been fired by the boss long ago~”

Si Hua didn’t react at all, so He Ju could only pick up her phone and send a message to Zhang Xiaoxiao: Let’s postpone today’s activities to the evening.

As soon as He Ju put down the phone, Zhang Xiaoxiao immediately called.

He Ju answered, and Zhang Xiaoxiao spoke anxiously: “Boss, but there’s a meeting at two o’clock this afternoon that you need to attend…”

He Ju glanced at Si Hua and finally resigned himself to say: “Can we switch it to a video conference, or push it back two hours? You arrange it, and also, help me take a leave, bye.”

Zhang Xiaoxiao hadn’t had the chance to reply when she was met with a busy tone and then silence.

Zhang Xiaoxiao: “…” That intense?

In the end, Zhang Xiaoxiao could only resign herself to think for a moment and sent a message to Mr. He: Mr. He, the meeting time has been changed to 4:30 in the afternoon, please ensure President Si attends.

He Ju simply replied: Hmm.

After that, He Ju, who was supposed to go to work, ended up staying at home with Si Hua.

At this time, Qiu Shaoze was in the hospital, throwing a fit: “What are you all good for? Can’t even treat such a minor injury? Useless!!”

How could he go home with the marks on his face? How could he attend the auction?

The doctors and nurses looked at him as if he were a madman, watching his crazed behavior.

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