Chapter 79 – Liu Jia and He Ju Say Goodbye

Qiu Shaoze finally saw clearly and heard who the man in front of him was. He wanted to speak, but was punched hard in the eye, and all that came out of his mouth was a miserable scream: “Ah——!!!!”

Qiu Shaoze, full of hatred, looked up at He Ju, who was now lying on the ground and couldn’t get up. He threatened He Ju word by word: “He Ju, you better kill me today, or someday… Ah!”

Before Qiu Shaoze could finish, He Ju kicked him in the face, making his teeth tremble.

Frowning, He Ju looked down at him and said calmly, “I’m waiting for you.”

Without waiting for him to finish, He Ju turned and left without even looking at Qiu Shaoze lying on the ground.

Afterward, He Ju called a news reporter.

There were too many ways for him to kill Qiu Shaoze, and there was no need to tarnish himself.

Qiu Shaoze could only humiliate himself by getting up. The carefully selected suit he was wearing at the moment made him feel like a clown.

Qiu Shaoze was full of resentment and gritted his teeth as he muttered two words: “He Ju!”

Did he think he could dominate everything by climbing up the tree of Si Hua?

He was underestimating him too much.

Qiu Shaoze struggled to stand up and limped to find his car.

Qiu Shaoze was unwilling. When he made money at this auction and regained control of the Qiu family, he would make sure He Ju had no place to be buried!

At this time, He Ju also received a call from Bai Yan: “Hey buddy, you don’t need a reporter for this~”

He Ju was now back in the office, rolling up his sleeves and washing his hands in the pantry. “What’s up?”

Bai Yan: “Have you forgotten about the auction? That kid is counting on this auction to turn things around. As far as I know, he’s not well-received in the Qiu family right now. I heard that the old man Qiu has already brought the illegitimate child back home…”

He Ju raised an eyebrow, somewhat surprised. “Is he trying to change the heir?”

Bai Yan laughed. “It’s easy to talk to a smart person like you.”

“Exactly, that’s why Qiu Shaoze was so anxious to stop my sister. My sister is soft-hearted, at most she’ll just kick him out, but Qiu Shaoze is a tough nut to crack. He’s learned his lesson this time, but he won’t just let it go.”

He Ju’s eyes suddenly turned cold for a moment, but quickly returned to normal. “I see.”

He Ju suddenly remembered something and asked Bai Yan, “Is the auction important to Qiu Shaoze?”

Bai Yan: “Of course, the Qiu family made their fortune through this. Qiu Shaoze is a recognized genius in the stone gambling world. He’s counting on this auction to turn things around…”


He Ju was suddenly interested. He should go and meet this so-called genius.

Bai Yan continued to gossip: “Because Qiu Shaoze is a genius who can bring a lot of profit and wealth to the Qiu family, the old man Qiu values him. Otherwise…”

He Ju: “Are the information you’ve gathered accurate?”

Bai Yan: “One hundred percent accurate.”

He Ju: “Okay, then let’s not do anything to him for now. We’ll wait until after the auction.”

After all, the auction was only two days away.

Presumably, Qiu Shaoze would go all out this time?

Perfect, He Ju needed money.

Since Qiu Shaoze dared to cross He Ju’s bottom line, He Ju would make him taste the feeling of going from a genius to a loser.

Also, He Ju hadn’t forgotten the look on Qiu Shaoze’s face when he despised him as a pauper at the school gate.

Otherwise, He Ju didn’t feel quite right about making Qiu Shaoze experience the feeling of having nothing.

Let Qiu Shaoze enjoy himself for a few days.

After washing his hands, He Ju filled his thermos with water and left the pantry. He had to finish writing the plan for the Little Clear River camping trip.

An hour later, He Ju received a call from Si Hua: “Dinner is already booked. You can come over and eat. Hurry up, I’ll send you the location.”

He Ju’s heart suddenly warmed, and he replied gently, “Okay, I’ll be right there.”

After that, He Ju saved the newly made file in the E drive and put on his coat before leaving.

Just as he left the company, He Ju saw a familiar figure.

It was Liu Jia. She was wearing a white princess-style short skirt that reached her knees, revealing a pair of straight and slender legs. Her long hair reached her waist, tied with a white bow, making her look like a princess who had fallen to earth.

He Ju stopped in his tracks and called out in confusion, “Jia Jia?”

Liu Jia turned around, her face, which used to have a hint of baby fat, had slimmed down.

She came to see He Ju, clearly wearing makeup. Today, Liu Jia’s makeup was very elegant, with pink and tender lips.

Liu Jia smiled at He Ju: “Don’t get me wrong, I’m here to say goodbye.”


He Ju’s heart skipped a beat. “Where are you going?”

Liu Jia took out a resignation letter from her bag and handed it to He Ju: “Could you please give this to the boss for me, He Ju?”

Looking at the resignation letter in his hand, He Ju’s heart was filled with mixed emotions for a moment. “Liu Jia, you don’t have to…”

Liu Jia shook her head: “I’m resigning because my family is immigrating abroad. My father has already arranged for the handover of the domestic company, and I might be studying abroad in the future.”

Because this might be their last meeting, she wanted to see him.

He Ju: “Why is this so sudden? You never mentioned it before…”

Liu Jia: “Actually, immigration has always been my parents’ wish. It’s just that I’ve been studying in China, so it’s been delayed. My grandmother has been living alone abroad for years, and she’s getting old. My parents are always worried, so they’re ready to leave.”

He Ju could only smile and say, “Well… I wish you a safe journey. Aren’t you going to have a farewell dinner with us?”

Liu Jia shook her head, smiling gently, but her eyes seemed to be on the verge of tears. “The flight is at ten o’clock tonight. It’s too late. He Ju, I hope you and Si Hua can be happy. This is an early wedding gift from me to you.”

After speaking, Liu Jia took out a gift box and handed it to He Ju.He Ju shook his head: “I can’t accept this, Jia Jia, you…”

Liu Jia walked straight up to him, placed the gift box into He Ju’s palm, and didn’t give him a chance to refuse.

He Ju was immediately in a difficult position: “You…”

Liu Jia: “Take it, He Ju, my classmate, consider it a little token of my affection.”

He Ju could only remain silent, subconsciously wanting to open the gift box.

The evening breeze lifted Liu Jia’s skirt and her flowing hair, as she smiled with her eyes curving: “Take a look when you get back.”

So He Ju stopped, and didn’t continue to look.

These were shares of the Liu family’s corporation. She had once thought that if she could marry He Ju, these would be her dowry.

If not…

Then this was her wedding gift to him.

He Ju was a great, outstanding person. Back in school, everyone felt he was not good enough for Su Ran.

But only Liu Jia knew, the person who was not good enough was never He Ju.

Liu Jia waved at He Ju, her eyes brimming with tears, yet stubbornly refusing to let them fall: “Goodbye, He Ju, my classmate, I hope we meet again if fate allows.”

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