Chapter 7 – How many decades does a person have in their lifetime?

Before long, Si Hua came out.


He Ju subconsciously took two steps back, then his gaze fell on Si Hua.


She was wearing a pair of silver high heels, and the bright red long skirt set off her snow-white skin, making her look extremely alluring. She slightly lifted her clear eyes and leisurely unbuttoned the top button, revealing her beautiful collarbone. Her exquisite face and stunning features were indescribable, and her striking eyebrows and eyes were incredibly beautiful, exuding the aura of a mature woman.


He Ju had never felt this way about anyone else.


Only Si Hua…


He Ju quickly averted his gaze, his ears turning red.


Because he looked away too quickly, he missed the sly glint in Si Hua's eyes.


Si Hua calmly concealed her emotions, adjusted her hair, and was determined to smooth out He Ju's scars with her charm.


Si Hua: "Let's go."


He Ju agreed, and the two of them entered the elevator together.




On the ground floor, Si Hua switched to a BMW this time, and of course, He Ju was the one driving.


He Ju had already seen the movie theater before picking up Si Hua, so he brought her directly here.


After parking the car, the two of them got out, and He Ju asked Si Hua, "Sister Si Hua, what movie do you want to watch?"


Si Hua casually chose a horror movie.


He Ju was surprised that a girl could be so brave.


He Ju liked watching horror movies.


He had watched movies with Su Ran a few times before, but it was always at his request, and Su Ran only liked to watch youthful painful literature and nothing else.


He Ju now realized…


He was the protagonist of youthful painful literature.




He Ju bought the tickets, as well as popcorn and cola. Just as they arrived, the two of them went inside.


Little did they know, someone took a picture of He Ju and Si Hua from behind and sent it directly to Su Ran.


When Su Ran received the photo from her classmate, she thought it was a mistake. But He Ju's height of 1.85 meters and his outfit of a hoodie and casual pants made it impossible for her to look away.


The perfect image of a college boy and his sexy girlfriend.


Su Ran couldn't see what the woman in the red skirt looked like, but…


A woman with such a well-proportioned figure, how could she not be attractive?


In an instant, Su Ran felt a sense of crisis for no reason.


He Ju was a very considerate person. Over the years, apart from dating Su Ran, he had never taken another girl to the movies.


But now, he was making an exception for this woman?


Su Ran furrowed her delicate eyebrows as she paced back and forth in the dormitory, then picked up the phone and called Liu Jia: "Jia Jia, let's go watch a movie."


Liu Jia, who had just finished showering, frowned. What was this young lady up to now?


Liu Jia had wanted to refuse, but Su Ran said that He Ju seemed to have taken a girl to the movies, and she wanted to see what was going on.


Liu Jia's expression changed slightly, but she agreed, dried her waist-length hair, put on a white dress, lightly applied makeup, and went to find Su Ran.


Today, Liu Jia wore contact lenses and didn't wear her heavy-looking glasses, making her appear even more petite and delicate. Her round, bright, big eyes were set in a doll-like face, and her glossy black hair reached her waist. Unlike before, she now exuded a somewhat ethereal and refined temperament.


When Liu Jia appeared at the door of Su Ran's dormitory, even the carefully dressed Su Ran, wearing a JK skirt, was slightly surprised.


Su Ran exclaimed, "Jia Jia, I didn't realize that you're also a little beauty when you don't tie your hair into a high ponytail and don't wear glasses!"


Liu Jia blushed and looked at Su Ran's delicately fair face, feeling a bit inferior.


Although she wasn't bad-looking, compared to the dazzling Su Ran, she was clearly inferior.


Su Ran didn't notice Liu Jia's expression and just closed the door, linking arms with Liu Jia as they walked out.


Thinking of the picture her classmate sent her, although she was sure that He Ju would never leave her, Su Ran still felt a little anxious.


Su Ran asked Liu Jia, "Jia Jia, should I go and apologize to He Ju in person?"


Liu Jia was lost in thought and didn't hear Su Ran's words for a while.


Su Ran called Liu Jia many times before she snapped out of it and said, "Huh? What did you say?"


Su Ran looked at Liu Jia with concern. "Jia Jia, why are you so absent-minded? Are you okay?"


Liu Jia smiled, "I'm fine, maybe just a little tired."


Su Ran said, "Then let's go quickly and come back soon, so you can go to bed early."


Liu Jia said, "Okay."


Su Ran and Liu Jia took a taxi after leaving the school gate and quickly arrived at the movie theater where He Ju and Si Hua were watching a movie.


But as soon as they arrived, the movie ended, and they couldn't find He Ju anywhere inside.


Liu Jia was anxious and looked down, only to see the familiar figure of He Ju going down the escalator, with a girl by his side. She couldn't see the girl's face clearly, but she was the girl in the picture with Su Ran.


Liu Jia wanted to take the elevator down, but it was crowded and noisy due to overloading.


For the first time, Liu Jia lost control. She didn't even have time to call Su Ran and just lifted her skirt and ran towards the escalator, "Excuse me, please let me through…"


Liu Jia ran all the way down, even forgetting that taking the fire escape might be faster.Su Ran turned around to see Liu Jia running hurriedly, which surprised her. Liu Jia was famously gentle and virtuous. In all the years Su Ran had known her, she had never seen Liu Jia lose her composure like this.


Su Ran glanced at the cinema again and then hurried off to find Liu Jia.


But when Liu Jia ran out of the movie theater, all she saw was a BMW driving past her, and amidst the surging crowd, she could no longer see that familiar figure.


With trembling hands, Liu Jia took out her phone and dialed He Ju's number.


The moment the call connected, Liu Jia's heart nearly leapt out of her throat: "He Ju, where are you?"


He Ju was silent for a few seconds before telling Liu Jia: "Jia Jia, I know you must have come to plead Su Ran's case, but please tell her that I am a person too, and I want to live a normal life. Let's just live our own lives."


After saying that, He Ju immediately hung up the phone.


Liu Jia: "I'm not here to… beep beep beep…" Before she could finish, the line went dead.


Liu Jia's face instantly turned pale.


At this moment, Su Ran also caught up, panting: "Jia Jia, what's wrong? What did you see? Why did you run so fast?"


Liu Jia looked at Su Ran with her big, shiny eyes, her face expressionless, yet somehow it sent a chill down Su Ran's spine.


Su Ran chuckled awkwardly: "What… what's wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?"


Liu Jia: "Su Ran, do you like He Ju? Or rather, what do you think of him?"


Su Ran found it strange; Liu Jia had never asked her such questions before.


Su Ran: "Does it matter whether I like him or not?"


Liu Jia: "Of course it matters. Su Ran, He Ju has liked you for ten years. How many decades does a person get in a lifetime? If you don't like him, then what was your purpose for coming here today?"


Su Ran was left speechless by Liu Jia's question. Indeed, what was she doing here?


Su Ran closed her eyes: "I see He Ju as a brother, and naturally, I had to come and check on my future sister-in-law, right?"


Liu Jia's expression was indescribable for a moment.


In the end, Liu Jia said with a slight annoyance: "You, you're just stubborn to the core!"

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