Chapter 76 – What? Who is He Ju afraid of and who is he with?

“Fuck!” Out of anger, Qiu Shaoze kicked over the nearby trash can.

The people around were startled by Qiu Shaoze’s actions and quickly stood up, preparing to move away from this abnormal man.

Qiu Shaoze’s chest heaved up and down.

So, He Ju was being maintained by Si Hua?

Is Si Hua venting her anger on her lover?

Yes, Qiu Shaoze always felt that the relationship between He Ju and Si Hua was abnormal. Otherwise, why would Si Hua favor He Ju?

He went to Starshine Group several times to find Si Hua, but was always turned away. The security even refused to let him in.

Every time he called Si Hua’s assistant to make an appointment, he was ignored. Over time, she even stopped answering his calls.

Because of this, his father’s attitude towards him became increasingly hostile, and he was not allowed to touch the family business. Recently, he even considered bringing back the illegitimate child from outside…

This made Qiu Shaoze feel a deep sense of crisis, and his mother blamed him every day, blaming him for messing with the wrong people outside.

Qiu Shaoze had no idea where he had offended Si Hua, to the extent that it directly affected whether the Qiu family could continue to survive in City A.

If he didn’t take over the family business, the stock price of the Qiu Group would rise. If he touched the business, the stock price would fall?

Qiu Shaoze had to admit that the manipulative hand behind this was too long, and he was helpless.

At this moment, Qiu Shaoze even thought that since He Ju could be maintained by Si Hua, then he should also be able to become an honored guest of Si Hua, right?

After all, his conditions were much better than He Ju’s.

As long as he could successfully win over Si Hua, then he could do whatever he wanted with He Ju, right?

In City A, without He Ju protected by Si Hua, nothing would be a problem. Crushing He Ju would be as easy as crushing an ant.

Thinking of this, Qiu Shaoze’s mood finally calmed down a lot, and a hint of a smile appeared on his face.

It wasn’t in vain to come to the hospital today.

At this time, He Ju had no idea that he had caught Qiu Shaoze’s attention.

Si Hua sat in the passenger seat, and he drove the car directly to a place he had accidentally stumbled upon before.

This was the suburbs, and there was nothing around except for trees and lush green grass.

Si Hua looked at the blue sky, white clouds, and grass, and couldn’t help but wonder, “What are we doing here?”

He Ju smiled, didn’t answer, just got out of the car and pulled Si Hua out as well, then pushed her into the back seat and put up the partition.

All the windows around were opaque from the outside, and He Ju even turned on the air conditioning.

If Si Hua didn’t know what He Ju was going to do, she would really be stupid…

Si Hua’s face turned red, and she stuttered, “He Ju, this… isn’t very appropriate…”

He Ju made all the preparations and got into the car, immediately pulling her into his arms and running his fingers up her skirt…

He Ju answered softly, “This is very good, Sister Si Hua. I think about this way a hundred times a day. Since we’re out, let’s not go back today.”

At this moment, Si Hua’s phone rang, and she quickly pressed He Ju’s mischievous fingers and said, “I… I’ll take this call first…”

He Ju was accommodating, “You take it.” But his hand didn’t listen.

Si Hua could only bite her lip, answer the call, and Zhang Xiaoxiao’s voice quickly came through, “Boss, I’m back at the company, the meeting this afternoon…”

Si Hua interrupted before Zhang Xiaoxiao could finish, “Cancel for now. Have a video conference at home tonight at 8 o’clock, and no…”

He Ju watched Si Hua, not missing any expression. The more Si Hua needed to speak, the more unrestrained he became.

Si Hua’s forehead was sweating, and she endured to finish the next part of the conversation, “I’ll be absent.”

After the call, Zhang Xiaoxiao’s face turned as red as an apple. She wasn’t a young girl, and naturally knew what Si Hua’s tone meant.

Oh my goodness!

It’s still daytime!!!

So embarrassing!

Zhang Xiaoxiao quickly informed the others. Anyway… Si Hua wasn’t going back to the company, so she would leave first.

She decided to go pick up her child’s father after work today!

In a certain car.

Si Hua felt a little embarrassed, “Just now, you…”

Before she could finish speaking, He Ju covered her mouth with his and lifted her up, sitting face to face.

In that instant, the pleasant fragrance on Si Hua’s body entered his nose, and He Ju was deeply intoxicated.

Si Hua’s hands were on his shoulders, “Wait a minute…”


How could a man in the heat of the moment wait?

He Ju couldn’t care less about anything else, picked her up, and immediately took action.

Si Hua couldn’t help but tilt her head back, and her swan-like neck appeared in front of He Ju, who was instantly captivated.

He simply… couldn’t get enough!

A four-wheeled car continued to sway until nightfall.

When He Ju drove back, Si Hua was already too tired to keep her eyes open.

He Ju carried her to the driver’s seat and tied his clothes around Si Hua’s waist.

There was no other way. He Ju couldn’t control himself and had torn her skirt.

He Ju brought Si Hua back home, very satisfied.At this moment, Su Ran received a text message from a stranger.

There was no text, just a picture.

It was a photo of He Ju kissing Si Hua’s cheek at the hospital entrance.

The man was handsome, the woman was beautiful.

It was incredibly eye-catching.

Su Ran was working in her office when she saw the picture, and her pupils immediately dilated.

This woman…

Su Ran’s brow twitched fiercely, she remembered.

She had seen the silhouette of this woman in He Ju’s social circle.

The woman who accompanied He Ju to Lijiang, to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, it was her.

Su Ran felt a deep sense of crisis.

Why did Su Ran feel…

This woman looked so familiar?

Su Ran immediately screenshotted Si Hua’s face and sent it to her assistant to investigate.

But who would have thought…

Her assistant quickly replied: This is the Chairman of Starshine Group, Si Hua. Do you need to check? Isn’t this common knowledge?


Su Ran stood up abruptly, staring at the picture in disbelief.

The current Chairman of Starshine Group?!

When did she get involved with He Ju?

No wonder He Ju’s heart changed so quickly; it turns out he had latched onto a better leg to stand on?

Su Ran was going crazy…

She immediately tried to check He Ju’s social circle, but He Ju had blocked her. She couldn’t see anything, and the messages she sent only returned with a red exclamation mark.

Su Ran couldn’t stay calm, pacing back and forth in the office before finally grabbing her bag and rushing out of the office…

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