Chapter 75 – He Ju and Si Hua’s love affair was exposed

Liu Jia’s face turned pale for a moment, and her eyes dimmed, but she quickly looked up and smiled at He Ju and Si Hua, “Thank you, I’m really fine…”

Si Hua also felt a little uneasy. If Liu Jia had the same temperament as Su Ran, she might have gone too far, even more so than He Ju.

But Liu Jia looked like a gentle and lovely little beauty, her emotions written all over her face. Si Hua felt sorry for her, as if she saw herself in the past.

Si Hua remembered that if she hadn’t made the decisive decision to leave everything behind and return to China, Liu Jia today might have been the old Si Hua.

She was much luckier than Liu Jia.

Thinking of this, Si Hua couldn’t help but take He Ju’s hand off her waist, then walked over and patted Liu Jia’s head gently, her voice soft, “Take a good rest, don’t worry about work for now. Take a long vacation and relax.”

Liu Jia’s eyes turned red again for a moment.

She finally understood…

Why He Ju liked Si Hua.

A sister so gentle, beautiful, and understanding, if she were He Ju, she would like her too.

Bai Yan stood aside, feeling a little dumbfounded. Normally, wouldn’t rivals be jealous when they met? Why did Liu Jia and Si Hua seem to have a sense of missed opportunity?

Si Hua said a few more comforting words and then walked away, holding He Ju’s arm. Bai Yan waited until Liu Jia’s parents arrived at the ward before leaving quietly.

Seeing her parents’ anxious and flustered appearance, Liu Jia’s strong front collapsed all at once, and she burst into tears, her tears falling like broken beads, “Mom…”

Liu Jia’s mother rushed over and hugged her daughter, “It’s okay, it’s okay Jia Jia, it will pass soon, and everything will be fine…”

Liu Jia cried so heartbreakingly, her tears blurring her vision, and her whole body shivering with cold.

She cried for her weakness, for her helplessness, for having to admit that Si Hua was truly worthy of He Ju, and she cried for her youth, her years of unspoken love that she could no longer express.

When did she miss her chance with He Ju?

Perhaps it was when she knew she liked He Ju but didn’t dare to confess.

Perhaps it was when she decided to help He Ju pursue Su Ran, or maybe it was the day Su Ran rejected He Ju, and she, out of cowardice, thought it was best to give He Ju some space to calm down…

It was her own assumption that she and He Ju had a long future together.

But in reality…

At that moment of hesitation, she had already lost any chance.

Her heart really hurt.

If Si Hua were like Su Ran, she would definitely have the courage to pursue, but…

Si Hua was such a good person.

Liu Jia couldn’t do such a thing.

So, helpless, she could only feel heartbroken.

Liu Jia’s mother could only hold her, comforting her with a heart full of pity.

He Ju was a good kid, but… he belonged to someone else now.

Perhaps Liu Jia once had a chance, but who can understand the workings of fate?

Even the nurse passing by Liu Jia’s ward, hearing her painful cries, was slightly moved, “What has this little girl been through…”

A passerby shook their head and sighed, “Everyone has their own hardships in this world…”

Someone looked up at the sky and asked softly, “If everyone is having such a hard time, who is truly happy?”

Si Hua walked out of the hospital arm in arm with He Ju, feeling a bit low.

He Ju held her waist and asked softly, “What’s wrong?”

Si Hua’s voice was muffled, “I was thinking, if you didn’t like me, then I would be the one lying in the hospital today…”

He Ju lifted Si Hua’s chin and, upon closer inspection, saw a hint of redness at the corner of her eyes. He Ju’s heart immediately felt a pang, and he bent down to kiss the corner of her eye, soothingly saying, “Darling, I like you, not just now, but in the future too.”

Si Hua asked softly, “So in the future, will you only like me? There won’t be anyone else?”

He Ju suddenly laughed, and couldn’t help but lightly pinch Si Hua’s nose, full of affection, “What if I don’t like you?”

With just a simple joke, Si Hua’s crystal-clear eyes filled with tears.

He Ju immediately realized the seriousness of the situation and quickly said seriously, “I was just joking, darling.”

Si Hua pouted and cried…

He Ju felt at a loss, his mind blank, and quickly wiped away her tears, speaking with a bit of a stutter, “Sister, I was just joking, how could I not like you? I like you so much, otherwise I wouldn’t have let you come here today…”

Si Hua “hmph” and then laughed, her voice slightly hoarse, “You really talk nonsense…”

He Ju’s heart finally settled, “Silly, it was just a joke, and it broke my heart to see you cry.”

Si Hua looked at him with a spoiled look, turned her head in a huff, “Hmph! Don’t make this kind of joke in the future!”

He Ju helplessly laughed, “Okay! I won’t!”

After that, He Ju leaned over and kissed Si Hua’s soft cheek, “Stop crying, my wife~”

Si Hua’s heart immediately softened, her whole body feeling weak, a blush creeping onto her face, and she answered softly, “I won’t cry, let’s go back to the company.”

He Ju smiled, why go back to the company? He couldn’t go back to the company now…Si Hua was crying her eyes out outside, and all he could feel was heartache. But if it happened in a place he liked, he would only make his Sister Si Hua cry even harder.

He Ju wrapped his arms around her waist and led her towards the underground parking lot: “Be good, baby, Husband is taking you to a place, we won’t be going back to the office today.”

Si Hua was very innocent, looking up at him and asking, “Where are we going?”

He Ju pretended to be mysterious: “You’ll know when we get there.”

Si Hua obediently stopped asking.

He Ju patted her little head, oh my, how come he was growing fonder and fonder of the adorable and well-behaved Si Hua?

She was completely different from the first time they met at the airport.

He Ju and Si Hua quickly left the hospital.

At this moment, in the hospital lobby, a person stood up from the bench, carefully saving the photos he had just taken, his gaze following the direction He Ju had left in.

It was Qiu Shaoze, his eyes bloodshot with resentment and unwillingness, his hands clenched tightly at his sides, and the veins on his forehead bulging, indicating the extent of his anger.

Qiu Shaoze had never understood what he had done to offend Si Hua, given that he and Si Hua were strangers.


He finally understood.

It turns out it was He Ju, this poor devil, who had been whispering in Si Hua’s ear.

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