Chapter 74 – Long pain is not as good as short pain

Upon hearing Bai Yan’s question, He Ju couldn’t help but furrow his brows slightly, “Impossible, right? I didn’t do anything…”

Bai Yan sighed, “But Jia Jia likes you, and haven’t you noticed that she’s been losing weight recently?”

There was a hint of helplessness in He Ju’s eyes, “But I can’t do anything about it. I can’t reciprocate her feelings.”

Bai Yan shook his head, “What is love in this world?”

Bai Yan said, “You should call her family…”

He Ju was speechless, “But I don’t have her family’s phone number.”

Bai Yan slapped his head and immediately took out his phone, “Alright, I’ll have someone look it up. You wait here.”

Before He Ju could say anything, Bai Yan had already walked to a quiet place to make the call.

At that moment, the doctor came out, “Liu Jia’s family!”

He Ju hurried over, “I’m here…”

Doctor: “Who are you to Liu Jia?”

He Ju: “I’m her colleague. Her mother is on her way. Doctor, just tell me what you need, and if there’s a fee, I’ll pay it now.”

Doctor: “Liu Jia is not in serious condition. She was just temporarily shocked, and combined with her recent malnutrition, it caused her to faint. She’s already on a glucose drip. You should go get her something to eat, and she should wake up soon. Now go to the lobby to pay the fee.”

He Ju agreed repeatedly, standing at the door of the emergency room for a long time before turning to go to the lobby to pay the fee.


He Ju had already guessed what it was, probably the night he clearly stated that Si Hua was his girlfriend…

Malnutrition, probably since the night when He Ju once again clearly stated that he had a girlfriend…

Liu Jia’s malnutrition was caused by her inability to eat after that.

He Ju hadn’t expected that he had become so important to Liu Jia…

After paying the fee, He Ju went to buy food for Liu Jia, and Bai Yan also contacted Liu Jia’s parents.

When applying for the job, there is a section to fill in emergency contact phone numbers. Liu Jia filled in her mother’s.

Bai Yan directly asked the HR department for the phone number.

After confirming that Liu Jia was not in danger, she was transferred to a regular ward. Bai Yan, thinking that they were classmates, arranged for Liu Jia to stay in a VIP ward.

The money He Ju paid was enough for her stay.

When Si Hua returned to the company, she heard that a girl from the Investment Department had fainted, and He Ju and Bai Yan had taken her to the hospital.

There were also rumors that He Ju’s car looked a lot like Si Hua’s.

Si Hua really wanted to tell them: This is not a rumor, it’s the truth!

But at this time, Si Hua didn’t have time to deal with these rumors, and she also got through to He Ju’s phone.

He Ju briefly told her about Liu Jia, and Si Hua’s heart relaxed slightly.

But soon, He Ju confessed to her, “Liu Jia likes me, she confessed to me once and I rejected her. The night you returned to China, I also clearly stated that I have a girlfriend, and maybe that’s why she fell ill…”

A hint of conflict appeared on Si Hua’s delicate face.

Liu Jia likes He Ju?

A love rival! Is this…?

Si Hua was silent for two seconds, carefully considering her words, “What do you want me to do?”

He Ju felt that it was better to let Liu Jia face Si Hua directly than to keep the situation unresolved.

He wanted to be with Si Hua, and he also hoped that Liu Jia could get over her troubles soon.

He Ju made a decisive decision, “Do you have time now? Can you come to the hospital with me to see her?”

Si Hua couldn’t help but be slightly surprised, “Is this… is this a good idea?”

He Ju: “Although I don’t think it’s a good idea, there’s no other way, is there?”

If she continued to dwell on the past and this relationship that couldn’t even begin, the only one who would suffer would be Liu Jia.

In the end, Si Hua agreed, “I’ll come right away.”

After the call, Si Hua instructed Xiao Xiao to prepare some nutritional supplements, then arranged the rest of her work and left the office directly.

After the call, He Ju entered Liu Jia’s ward with a food box of lean pork congee and corn rib soup.

Liu Jia was already awake, sitting gracefully against the bed, and when she saw He Ju come in, she seemed a bit nervous, “I’m sorry for causing trouble for you two…”

He Ju walked over with the food box, “We are classmates and colleagues, there’s nothing to be sorry about. It’s normal to help each other. Jia Jia, have something to eat first.”

Bai Yan also came over and set up a small table next to the bed.

He Ju laid out the congee and ribs, “The doctor said you should eat light food for now, so just make do with this.”

Liu Jia didn’t make a fuss, she immediately sat up properly, still with a needle in her hand and an abnormal paleness on her face, looking delicate and weak, making people want to protect her.

Bai Yan felt that He Ju was a bit cruel to Jia Jia.

For a moment, He Ju also felt a bit soft-hearted and couldn’t help but say a few more words, “Jia Jia, eat well in the future. You’re an adult now, you need to learn to take care of yourself.”

Liu Jia smiled happily, her eyes sparkling like the Milky Way in the sky, nodding obediently, her voice soft, “I will eat well, I’ve just been sick recently, that’s why. I’m usually very healthy, you don’t need to worry about me.”

After speaking, Liu Jia wanted to open the food box and eat on her own.

He Ju stepped forward and helped her open the food box, “Let me do it, it’s not convenient for you with the needle.”

After setting it up, He Ju handed the spoon to Liu Jia, then found a place to sit and wait for Liu Jia’s family to arrive.

Bai Yan shook his head and sat down with He Ju.

The whole room was filled with the sound of Liu Jia chewing.

Just as Liu Jia finished her meal, there was a knock on the door of the ward, and the three of them looked up. Si Hua appeared at the door of the ward with her assistant Xiao Xiao.Liu Jia was instantly baffled. Had her incident actually alarmed Si Hua?

However, Liu Jia quickly realized that it was quite normal for Si Hua to be alerted, considering that the person who had brought her to the hospital was Si Hua’s boyfriend.

Bai Yan stood up and called out, “Sis.”

Liu Jia was baffled again, “President Si is your sister?”

Bai Yan nodded, “My own sister.”

Liu Jia was also shocked. It turned out that Bai Yan wasn’t just an idle playboy; he was a true young master!

Si Hua nodded at Bai Yan and then turned to look at Liu Jia, who was sitting on the bed with little strength, “I heard you fainted, so I came to visit you specially. How are you feeling? Nothing serious, I hope?”

She then placed all the items she was carrying onto the cabinet.

Liu Jia, looking at the expensive gifts, couldn’t help but feel anxious, “President Si, you’re too kind. There’s no need, I’m really fine…”

Si Hua smiled, “Just lie down. Fainting at the company counts as a work injury, so this is all appropriate.”

He Ju also walked over and, in front of Liu Jia, wrapped his arms around Si Hua’s slender waist like willow branches, politely smiling at Liu Jia, “Just listen to our Hua Hua, and take good care of yourself.”

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