Chapter 73 – Jia Jia fainted

After Si Hua left, He Ju went to his usual office position, but all his colleagues gathered around.

Acheng was the first to speak: “He Ju, tell us, what’s your relationship with Si General?”

Others chimed in: “Yeah, He Ju, did you join Xingyao because of Si General’s relationship?”

“Yeah, when we usually greet Si General, she always ignores us…”

“I’d be satisfied with just a nod from Si General, but she actually talked to you so much. Come on, tell us, what’s your relationship with Si General?”

He Ju smiled: “She’s my girlfriend.”

“…” Silence, a deadly silence.

Finally, someone sneered: “Are you kidding? He Ju, you really don’t know your place. How dare you make such a joke?”

So everyone laughed.

They laughed at He Ju’s overestimation of himself.

“I’d believe you if you said you were related to Si General, but saying she’s your girlfriend is taking the joke too far.”

“He Ju, have you lost your mind over a woman?”

“Seriously, maybe He Ju looks good and just happened to catch Si General in a good mood today, that’s why she responded to him…”

After a few laughs, they teased He Ju a bit and dispersed.

He Ju didn’t mind, he just shook his head and continued to work on the planning proposal.

Only Liu Jia, standing in the tea room, with her usually bright eyes, was now completely dim and lifeless.

Before today, she didn’t know who she had lost to. After today, she understood completely.

No one believed that He Ju could be connected to the president of Xingyao, because the person who could be the boss of Xingyao was the big shot of the entire business world in City A.

He Ju had no family background, no connections. Even if he looked handsome, who would believe that he could be with Si Hua?

But Liu Jia believed it. She understood He Ju.

He Ju wouldn’t make such a joke lightly. Even when he pursued Su Ran back then, he didn’t claim that Su Ran was his girlfriend, only that she was the one he was pursuing.

And just now, when Si Hua saw He Ju, although she pretended to be calm, Liu Jia accurately caught the fleeting joy in her eyes.

Girls understand girls the best.

She knew what that meant.

Liu Jia also saw Si Hua’s figure. She was the girl who appeared in He Ju’s circle of friends, the same girl she saw standing next to He Ju at the movie theater last time.

Although Liu Jia didn’t want to admit it, she had to admit that Si Hua and He Ju were really well-matched.

And one day in the future, everyone would see that what He Ju said was definitely not a lie. Liu Jia also believed that He Ju was worthy of Si Hua.

A colleague entered the tea room and patted Liu Jia’s shoulder: “Jia Jia, what are you doing here?”

Liu Jia’s tears fell without any warning. She hurriedly wiped them away: “It’s nothing, I’ll go out first…”

Just then, He Ju got up to go and print something from the printer, and happened to meet Liu Jia face to face.

Liu Jia’s eyes were still filled with glistening tears, her nose red, looking like she had been wronged.

He Ju instinctively asked her: “Jia Jia? What’s wrong, who bullied you?”

Liu Jia shook her head, still smiling gently at He Ju: “It’s nothing, it’s just that I accidentally hit my head earlier and it hurts a bit…”

He Ju: “Do you need to go to the hospital to get it checked?”

Liu Jia shook her head with a smile, intending to show He Ju her best side, but the tears kept falling from the corners of her eyes…

He Ju was stunned, his expression finally becoming serious: “Jia Jia, are you really okay?”

Liu Jia wanted to say that she was fine, but the pain in her heart made it hard for her to maintain her smile. Her face turned pale, and in the end… in He Ju’s astonished gaze, Liu Jia’s legs gave way and she collapsed towards He Ju.

If He Ju didn’t move, Liu Jia would definitely have fallen and been seriously injured.

He Ju hesitated for a moment because of Si Hua, but just as Liu Jia was about to hit the ground and everyone gasped, he reached out and caught her by the shoulder.

Liu Jia leaned on He Ju’s shoulder, her eyes almost closing, but she still managed to say to He Ju: “I’m sorry, I’ve caused trouble for you…”

After speaking, the water cup in Liu Jia’s hand fell to the ground, making a crisp sound that attracted the attention of the entire office.

Everyone gathered around, and the scene became chaotic.

He Ju held onto Liu Jia, feeling a bit anxious: “What are you all looking at? Call 911!”

After that, He Ju picked up Liu Jia and carried her in his arms.

At that moment, Bai Yan happened to come down from upstairs and saw the scene. He immediately put his phone in his pocket: “I knew we shouldn’t have worked in the same company.”

As he spoke, he ran towards He Ju.

Seeing Bai Yan, He Ju’s nervous heart finally calmed down.

Bai Yan was also very quick to react. He immediately rushed into the crowd and took Liu Jia from He Ju: “You go and drive!”

He Ju turned and ran, and Bai Yan immediately carried Liu Jia out of the company.

When they reached the company’s entrance, He Ju had already brought the car, but it was Si Hua’s other car.

The two of them worked together to put Liu Jia in the back seat, and He Ju drove off.

Bai Yan immediately called the traffic police to inform them: “Hello, our license plate number is XXXXX, we are currently driving on Renmin West Road, and we have an unconscious patient in the car who needs to be taken to the First People’s Hospital. My friend is driving, can you help us clear the way…”

After hanging up the phone, Bai Yan checked Liu Jia’s breathing and finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He Ju was completely focused on driving. In about two minutes, two traffic police motorcycles appeared on either side of their car.

He Ju rolled down the window, and the traffic police immediately said, “Follow us!”

He Ju replied immediately: “Okay, thank you.”

Bai Yan started calling the emergency department of the First People’s Hospital.

He Ju followed the traffic police, and what would normally take half an hour, they completed in seven minutes.

Liu Jia was taken to the emergency room in the shortest time possible.

He Ju and Bai Yan couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, their foreheads covered in beads of sweat. They looked at each other and smiled.

Bai Yan: “Why are you driving my sister’s car?”He Ju couldn’t help but facepalm, “I went to your sister’s office at noon, and she gave this to me. I have to work overtime today, and I was thinking of opening it after work for convenience…”

Bai Yan clicked his tongue twice, “Aren’t you making too much of a fuss? Aren’t you afraid of being discovered?”

He Ju took a deep breath, “It’s not really good to always hide and skulk around, is it?”

Bai Yan nodded in agreement, “How about we hold a press conference to announce your relationship?”

He Ju instantly punched Bai Yan, “Be a person, will you!”

Bai Yan dodged with a laugh, “Alright, I’ll stop teasing you. What’s the deal with Liu Jia? How did she suddenly faint?”

Speaking of this, He Ju was also puzzled, “Maybe she encountered something…”

Bai Yan frowned at He Ju, “Why do I feel like it’s because of you?”

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