Chapter 72 – Why fear when he is here, always the first

He Ju originally had little interest in the auction, but when he found out that Qiu Shaoze and others would also be going, he inexplicably looked forward to it.

But with a week left until the auction, he could only wait patiently.

He Ju’s life returned to normal. The next morning, Si Hua went to work, and He Ju also went to work.

At lunchtime.

He Ju ordered two meals and carried them to the president’s office.

Si Hua’s assistant, Xiao Xiao, saw He Ju and let him in without stopping him.

However, office romance was still somewhat risky. Xiao Xiao, who wanted to go eat, had to temporarily suppress his hunger and wait outside, ordering takeout.

At this time, Si Hua was sitting in front of the computer, looking at documents. When someone entered the office, she thought it was her assistant bringing her food and said without looking up, “Put it aside, I’ll eat it later.”

He Ju chuckled lightly, “Are you sure you want to wait to eat? It’ll be cold later.”

Hearing He Ju’s voice, Si Hua was first stunned, then looked up, pleasantly surprised, “How did you come here?”

He Ju put the food aside, walked around the desk, and went to Si Hua, immediately lifting her chin and kissing her lips, “Who let you run away last night? You kept me up all night…”

Si Hua was both nervous and shy, quickly pushing He Ju away, coquettishly saying, “Don’t make a fuss, this is the office…”

After speaking, Si Hua stood up, wearing high heels, and closed the blinds in the office, then locked the door, and quickly returned to He Ju’s side.

He Ju didn’t stop her, but instead smiled even more.

It seemed that his sister Si Hua also missed him and his little brother.

As soon as Si Hua walked over, he immediately hugged her, feeling the warmth and softness in his arms, which was very comfortable.

He Ju sighed and involuntarily reached for Si Hua’s black stockings and tight skirt, and took out a condom from his pocket.

Si Hua was shocked, “You carry this thing with you?”

He Ju: “If I didn’t carry it, how could I catch you? Sister Si Hua, you may not have much stamina, but you can run pretty fast.”

As He Ju’s hands became more and more daring, Si Hua quickly pressed down on He Ju’s hand, “It’ll tear if you keep pulling…”

He Ju laughed, and with both hands, he lifted Si Hua and placed her on the office desk, “If it tears, then don’t wear it.”

As he spoke, there was a “rip” sound, and Si Hua exclaimed, “You…He Ju…”

He Ju: “Baby, I’m here.”

The next moment, He Ju sealed her lips tightly, and Si Hua could only hum and moan, helplessly clinging to He Ju’s shoulders, letting him have his way, her eyes blurred, and her dark hair scattered on the table.

Si Hua looked at the ceiling, unable to help but wonder: how did she end up like this with this man?

No one told her the reason, but she willingly covered her mouth and refused to make a sound in the end.

And what she would get in the end was even more fierce love from He Ju.

The food on the side had long gone completely cold.

Xiao Xiao had eaten takeout and dozed off outside for a long time. It was almost two o’clock in the afternoon, and there was still no sign of He Ju coming out.

Xiao Xiao couldn’t wait any longer. He was about to go and talk to the director of another company about cooperation. How could there be no movement at all?

Just as Xiao Xiao was about to knock on the door, He Ju came out spiritedly from inside, looking very happy, with a ruddy complexion and a smile on his lips, “She’s eating, go find her a change of clothes.”

As soon as he heard this, Xiao Xiao’s drowsiness disappeared instantly, his face blushing, pointing in the direction He Ju had left, stuttering, “You, you, you…”

After saying so much, Xiao Xiao didn’t say anything useful.

Xiao Xiao covered his mouth in surprise, completely unable to believe that Si Hua would be in the office with He Ju…

It was over. Her image of the aloof President Si had collapsed.

When Xiao Xiao returned to the office, Si Hua had finished her meal and was sitting in front of the computer working.


Xiao Xiao still keenly noticed that Si Hua’s blouse was wrinkled, and the button on the collar had actually fallen off???

Her stockings were gone, and she was only wearing a black tight skirt, which was not so neat. Si Hua had reapplied her makeup, pinned her hair behind her head, with a few strands of dark hair falling on both sides of her face, adding to her already charming demeanor with her rosy lips and natural blush.

Oh my god!

Xiao Xiao was starting to envy He Ju. The beautiful and alluring President Si had actually been won over by a little brat, both body and heart.

If this were to be known, who knows how many men would be crying in secret.

Xiao Xiao could even tell that Si Hua was in a very good mood.

Could it be…

Is this what a woman nurtured by love looks like?

Unbelievable, unbelievable!

Xiao Xiao handed the spare clothes in his arms to Si Hua, “President Si, these are new clothes, ordered by Mr. He.”

A hint of a smile flashed in Si Hua’s eyes, and a hint of shyness even quickly crossed her face, then quickly returned to normal, “Got it, you go out first, I’ll be right there.”Xiao Xiao was just about to leave when Si Hua’s voice rang out again. The words that followed made Xiao Xiao feel as if she was hearing the sound of heaven!

Si Hua: “You did very well today. Your salary will be doubled. Remember to inform the finance department.”

Xiao Xiao’s eyes widened in surprise, and she bowed at a ninety-degree angle towards Si Hua: “Thank you, Director Si!!!”

Si Hua softly “Hmm” in acknowledgment and continued to instruct: “From now on, whenever He Ju arrives, cancel all external business activities.”

Xiao Xiao’s eyes bulged, and she asked subconsciously: “Should we put a bigger bed in your resting room?”

After all, there was a partition in Si Hua’s office, which contained a small bed, a sofa, a coffee table, and a television, with mirrors on the ceiling—it was Si Hua’s place for napping.

After asking, Xiao Xiao immediately wished she could bite her tongue off, her face turning pale with fear as she quickly bowed her head, filled with a hundred regrets: What nonsense is she spouting? It’s over… There goes the double salary…

Unexpectedly, Si Hua seemed to seriously consider it for a moment before saying: “Alright, you can arrange that.”

Xiao Xiao was astonished: “Huh?” Are we really getting a big bed?

Oh my goodness…

How embarrassing!

Director Si! You really have no restraint! And you spoil Mr. He so much! I’m so jealous!

Si Hua waved her hand: “Go on out.”

Xiao Xiao left, and Si Hua quickly took her clothes into the resting room to change into a clean set.

This time, it was a white mandarin collar shirt with a black skirt, and she changed into a pair of black high heels. She tied her hair into a low ponytail, making her delicate face even more charming.

Si Hua was ready and took the elevator downstairs with Xiao Xiao and the directors.

Leaving the office always meant passing by the Investment department. Si Hua was very restrained, her face showing no expression, but her eyes couldn’t help but search for He Ju’s figure…

He Ju was bold, holding a cup of water just as he came out of the pantry. Seeing Si Hua, he immediately flashed a big grin and waved: “Hello, Director Si~”

Everyone watched He Ju with trepidation, thinking: Has this man gone mad? Who doesn’t know that Director Si hates those without manners the most?

The directors thought: Where did this fool come from?

Xiao Xiao: Brother, tone it down! Put those big teeth away!

Si Hua calmly nodded: “Hmm, hello, keep up the good work.”

After speaking, Si Hua passed by He Ju.

He Ju smiled even more joyfully: “Will do~”

The crowd was… utterly dumbfounded, their mouths agape as if they could fit an entire egg inside.

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