Chapter 71 – Please, Mr. Su, take care of yourself

He Ju nodded and casually asked a few questions before taking the green card and leaving.

As He Ju came out, Bai Yan also came out with a dejected look.

He Ju asked him, “Did you not get the green one?”

Bai Yan’s eyes lit up suddenly, “How did you know?”

He Ju shrugged, “I took all the ones that could get the green.”

Bai Yan immediately looked devastated, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? You made me cut rocks for half a day…”

He Ju smiled, “You didn’t wait for me to finish!”

Bai Yan sighed, then quickly looked at He Ju with bright eyes and dragged his arm, “You’ve earned back what I lost. Brother-in-law, come with me to the auction. I’ll give you the car, and you can bet as you please. If you win, we split the money. How about it?”

He Ju raised an eyebrow, “You’re quite calculating.”

Bai Yan grinned, “So, are you in or not?”

He Ju nodded, “I’m in.”

Bai Yan pushed it further, “Brother-in-law, teach me how to gamble on stones.”

He Ju replied, “That depends on talent.”

The two quickly reached the elevator, and just as they were about to enter, the elevator doors opened.

He Ju instinctively looked up and made eye contact with Su Ran, who was standing at the front of the elevator. Even though both of them were wearing black masks, only their eyes and jawlines were visible, but they were very familiar with each other.

He Ju coldly took two steps back, while Su Ran looked at He Ju in shock and asked, “He Ju? What are you doing here?”

With that sentence, He Ju’s identity was completely exposed.

Bai Yan looked at the princess-like young lady in disbelief. If he didn’t have to maintain a sense of gentlemanly demeanor, he would have immediately taken off his shoes and smacked her.

Su Ran walked out of the elevator, trying to grab He Ju’s arm, but Shen Yan quickly grabbed Su Ran’s wrist. Then, with a sharp and icy gaze on He Ju, she said, “What a small world. I can even encounter someone I dislike at the stone gambling site. It seems that luck is not on my side today. What a bad omen!”

Su Zhen immediately pulled his wife and daughter behind him, looking extremely displeased, “That’s enough, stop embarrassing us!”

Su Zhen was truly speechless at Shen Yan’s foolishness. Where were they? This was the stone gambling site. Could just anyone come here?

The fact that He Ju could access this place meant that he would definitely be at the auction a week later.

And the first condition for entering the auction was to have spent or won over a million at the stone gambling site!

Regardless of whether He Ju was the former or the latter, it definitely meant that the current He Ju was no longer the same as before.

Shen Yan was very unhappy with Su Zhen and couldn’t help but roll her eyes, “Su Zhen, you’re useless!”

After that, Shen Yan forcibly dragged Su Ran away.

No matter how many times Su Ran called He Ju’s name, He Ju just stood with his hands in his pockets, ignoring her completely.

It wasn’t until Shen Yan and Su Ran disappeared from sight that Su Zhen looked at He Ju apologetically, “Xiao Ju, don’t take your aunt’s words to heart. She’s just a woman with a narrow mind. Don’t stoop to her level. Although you and Xiao Ran can’t be a couple, at least…”

He Ju interrupted Su Zhen, “Mr. Su, I appreciate your care over the years, but the actions of your wife and daughter have made me very uncomfortable. I will no longer entangle with your daughter. Please also take care of your daughter. Otherwise, next time, the Su family won’t just be dealing with a simple scandal.”

“Please, Mr. Su, take care of yourself.”

Su Zhen’s face stiffened, and today, the Su family inexplicably trended online, with rumors about the food safety under the Su family’s name being completely unqualified, along with many on-site photos and videos circulating.

Su Zhen knew that this was definitely retaliation, but he didn’t expect that He Ju would be the one behind it…

Su Zhen was relieved that it trended in the early hours of the morning and was taken down by the public relations team after a few minutes, but it cost him a lot of money and connections to suppress it.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have come here to test the waters today.

Su Zhen suddenly realized that this was just a warning from He Ju, which was why it was released in the early hours. If it had been during peak video traffic…

For the Su family, although it wouldn’t directly lead to bankruptcy, it would be enough to cause them a lot of trouble!

Just as Su Zhen was about to say something, He Ju had already taken the elevator down.

At that moment, Su Zhen was filled with mixed emotions.

He knew that He Ju would be successful, but he thought it would take at least another ten years. But he didn’t expect…

He Ju, who had only been in society for a few months, was already showing signs of success, which had already exposed the Su family to some risks.

What about the future…

Su Zhen’s heart was filled with waves of shock and turmoil.

What kind of person had his daughter missed out on?

When he arrived at the garage, He Ju happened to see Qiu Shaoze with a group of people wearing masks.

Bai Yan smiled, a cold glint flashing in his eyes, “What a coincidence that we meet on this day.”

He Ju looked at Qiu Shaoze, a faint cold smile playing on his lips, and asked Bai Yan, “Will he also come to the auction?”

Bai Yan nodded, “Usually, those who come to the stone gambling site during this time are preparing for the auction a week later. Unless there are special circumstances, they will all come.”

Only then did He Ju suppress his emotions, “That’s good.”

It was time to settle scores and seek revenge.

He Ju’s good buddy, Bai Yan, almost immediately guessed what He Ju wanted to do.

Running this kind of place was all about one thing: gambling!

He Ju would make Qiu Shaoze lose everything.

For this kind of arrogant young master, this was the best punishment.Bai Yan had no idea He Ju was so formidable before, but after this incident, he was even more certain that he had struck gold! Good thing he had brought him back to be his sister’s husband!

He Ju and Bai Yan didn’t cause any trouble and quietly returned to their car.

As they brushed past Qiu Shaoze and his entourage, Qiu Shaoze couldn’t help but pause, turning his head to glance at He Ju and Bai Yan as they headed towards the Rolls-Royce, instantly dispelling any doubts in his mind.

Someone asked Qiu Shaoze, “Young Master? What’s wrong?”

Qiu Shaoze pointed at He Ju’s retreating figure: “Do you recognize that person?”

Qiu Shaoze’s subordinate shook his head: “They’re all wearing masks, and besides, what kind of place is this? It’s not somewhere just anyone can come, right? Young Master, you might have seen wrong.”

Qiu Shaoze scoffed with a sneer: “Indeed, how could He Ju, that pauper, afford to come to a place like this? Or drive a luxury car?” He was being overly sensitive.

Qiu Shaoze and his group entered the elevator, unaware that this moment of disdain was about to bring a catastrophic blow to his life.

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