Chapter 6 – He was deceived again

At twelve noon.


He Ju and his brothers carried their belongings to the single apartment, which was divided into two floors.


The upper floor was purely a bedroom and a study, while the lower floor consisted of a kitchen and a living room, with a bathroom on each floor. The space was quite large, and Fatty and Motor were even considering moving in to share the rent.


He Ju thought it was feasible, after all, there were two other people to share the rent.


But Bai Yan strongly objected: "No! Absolutely not!"


He Ju looked at him strangely, "Why not?"


Bai Yan's eyes rolled around, "Look, there are two floors here. The upper floor only has one bedroom, barely enough for one person to sleep. Besides, He Ju, are you used to sharing a bed with someone else? Look at Fatty's build, what if he crushes the bed?"


Bai Yan thought to himself: Ridiculous, if you share the rent with them, what about my sister? I just helped my sister move in next door last night, do you want me to move back? I don't want to!


Li Dapeng got angry and went over with his fists raised, "Alright, Bai Yan! Are you asking for trouble?"


Bai Yan quickly slipped away, "You see, I was right, wasn't I?!"


While Li Dapeng and Bai Yan were fooling around, Zhang Da didn't care. He was already used to living in the dormitory, and moving here would take some getting used to.


He Ju thought about it and realized that it was true.


He would be more comfortable living alone, so he didn't dwell on it.


After the luggage was put away and everything was tidied up, the four boys went to the market to buy groceries.




Meanwhile, Si Hua was working at the Starshine Group. She used to work overseas, but starting today, she was going to settle down in China.


The Starshine Group was her family's business in China. In the past, she had acted as the proxy for the chairman to handle the work, but now it was different. Si Hua would have direct inheritance rights.


She was going to wait for an opportunity here.


Si Hua had just arrived, and there were endless meetings and handover ceremonies. The company's senior management even wanted to invite Si Hua to dinner after work, but she refused.


At 6:00 in the afternoon, Si Hua left the company and received a call from He Ju.


He Ju's clear and moist voice came through the phone to Si Hua's ears, "Are you off work? Come over for dinner."


Si Hua's exhaustion from the whole day disappeared in an instant. Even the little shrimps in the company who were constantly bustling around looked much more pleasing to her eyes.


Si Hua's voice unconsciously softened, "Okay, I'll be there in half an hour."


Then, Si Hua left the company in her car.


At 6:45 in the afternoon.


Si Hua arrived at 502 and rang the doorbell.


He Ju came to open the door, and at the moment he saw Si Hua, he was momentarily stunned. Then he smiled and said, "Come in, I just finished cooking."


Si Hua naturally didn't miss the emotions in He Ju's eyes. She was very satisfied. It was worth her ten minutes to change into a short t-shirt, a short skirt, and tie her hair into a bun, creating a striking contrast.


Si Hua knew her own beauty. She would look good even in a sackcloth. She had originally wanted to wear black stockings and a tight skirt, but since there was more than just He Ju here, she had to dismiss the idea.


He Ju had no idea what Si Hua was thinking. After all, Si Hua's appearance was more of the elegant lady type, and he couldn't imagine that Si Hua had this side to her.


As soon as Si Hua sat down, Fatty and Motor couldn't take their eyes off her, until Bai Yan gave each of them a slap on the back of their heads, and they snapped out of it.


Fatty's face turned completely red, "I-I'm sorry, sister, you're just so beautiful, I couldn't help but look a little longer."


Bai Yan laughed, "You're quite honest."


Motor's face also turned red, and he stammered without saying a word.


Si Hua smiled, and the dimple at the corner of her mouth deepened slightly, "Thank you."


Then, Si Hua looked at He Ju, "Your brother said I'm beautiful, what do you think?"


He Ju, who was eating melon seeds, "…", with just this sentence, his face also turned red.


Because everyone's eyes were on He Ju.


He Ju could only sincerely say, "Fatty is right, sister is very beautiful."


Si Hua smiled even more happily, and looked even more beautiful.


Bai Yan's heart also settled.


It's going to be like this! It's going to continue like this!


He Ju will definitely be won over by Si Hua!


They all happily finished dinner together, and for the first time, Si Hua took the initiative to do the dishes. Of course, He Ju couldn't let her do it, so Fatty and Bai Yan ended up doing the dishes.


Fatty was more than willing, and he kept asking Bai Yan if Si Hua had a boyfriend.


Bai Yan's expression was hard to describe. At the dinner table, Si Hua's attentiveness to He Ju was obvious, even Motor could see it. How could you be so blind?


Bai Yan sighed, patted Fatty's head, and said, "Brother, you should study more. Why do you insist on playing balls? Is your brain not working properly?"


Fatty: "Do you think I'm stupid?"


Bai Yan laughed so hard he couldn't straighten up, "Well… you're not that stupid."Fatty: "…" His hand was itching again.


After washing the dishes, Fatty and Motor headed back to school first.


He Ju saw Si Hua and Bai Yan out.


Bai Yan left quickly, but under He Ju's gaze, Si Hua took out a room card and swiped open the door to room 501.


He Ju subconsciously looked up; his own room was 502.


Si Hua swiped the door to 501???


It dawned on He Ju belatedly: "Don't you live in Jinshui Garden?"


Si Hua smiled: "That place was just temporary. This is where I really live, it's closer to the company."


Si Hua didn't give He Ju time to ask more, turning to go home: "See you tomorrow, my dear neighbor."


He Ju was suddenly as confused as a monk encountering a riddle.


When he thought to contact Bai Yan to ask about this, he couldn't reach him; Bai Yan had turned off his phone again.


Listening to the voicemail, He Ju felt an urge to strangle Bai Yan.


No wonder Bai Yan was so excited today; he must have known about this all along.




A message from Si Hua came in: The rent is 700 a month.


He Ju frowned slightly and replied: Isn't that too cheap?


He had inquired before; this was a location near the city center, where such studio apartments started at two thousand.


Si Hua: We're all friends here, I'm giving you the insider price. Pay whenever it's convenient for you.


He Ju didn't hesitate, immediately transferring three months' rent, then replied: Thank you.


Si Hua smiled and climbed down the pole, replying: I don't like verbal thanks.


He Ju: Then… shall I take you out to dinner tomorrow?


Si Hua: Today is better than tomorrow.. Get ready, let's go shopping and watch a movie. It's my first time in City A, and I want to go out for a walk.


And so, He Ju was hoodwinked again.


By the time he changed his clothes and stood at Si Hua's door, he realized belatedly…


How did he and Si Hua get along so naturally in just two days? It was as if he was about to take his girlfriend on a date, and he was a bit nervous.


Moreover, He Ju suddenly realized that he hadn't thought of Su Ran the entire day, until evening.


This feeling, unprecedented, made him feel extremely relaxed.

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