Chapter 5 – The trust between men

He Ju looked at the villa in the city center and fell into deep thought for a moment.


The house price here is at least 51,000 per square meter. Is this what Bai Yan meant when he said his family was poor?


Wouldn't it be exhausting for the dog to wander around inside?


He Ju sighed repeatedly and finally turned and left. At this moment, He Ju still didn't know that this was just an asset under Si Hua's name, and the family's old house was not here.


As soon as He Ju took a taxi home, he received a call from Bai Yan.


Bai Yan: "Good buddy, how was my sister to you today? Did she scold you?"


He Ju frowned: "You still remember to call back? Is she your sister or my sister?"


Bai Yan chuckled: "Ju Ju, just consider it as doing your good buddy a favor. I will definitely repay you."


He Ju cursed at him while opening the door with his keys: "Call me Ju Ju again, and I'll slaughter you."


Bai Yan immediately begged for mercy: "Okay, okay, I won't tease you anymore. Tell me, how is my tigress sister getting along with you?"


He Ju answered him in confusion: "Your sister isn't fierce at all. I think she's very gentle. Are you trying to smear her?"


Bai Yan's voice broke: "Gentle?!!! You said she's gentle? It's like a knife in the butt, opening my ass!"


Had He Ju never seen Si Hua's decisive and forceful side? At home, Si Hua was the one who called the shots. Everyone in the family, including the dog Rifle, would cower in front of Si Hua. How could He Ju say she's gentle?


It's really a case of "when it rains, need a tent," and the tigress has to pretent!


He Ju quickly moved his phone away. Bai Yan's loud voice was really…


It made people want to slap him.


He Ju: "Alright, I won't say anymore. Come help me move tomorrow."


After speaking, He Ju hung up the phone.


Bai Yan: "Have you found a place to live?" Before Bai Yan finished asking, he heard a busy tone from his phone.


Bai Yan was speechless: "Is there anyone else who bosses their dad around like you?"


Bai Yan wanted to send another message to ask He Ju, but he received a message from Si Hua, with only one short sentence: "Come home within half an hour. I want to see you."


Bai Yan's hair stood on end, and he cursed Si Hua viciously for not being able to catch up to He Ju. Then he grabbed his bag and rushed home.


Is this the suppression of blood ties? Bai Yan was about to cry.


Bai Yan really couldn't understand how He Ju could see Si Hua as gentle.


Is He Ju blind?


At this time, He Ju had no idea about Bai Yan's distress. He was chatting with Si Hua.


Si Hua: Sent a location.


He Ju: Thanks.


He Ju: Sister, how much is the rent per month?


Si Hua: I'll ask my friend and tell you tomorrow. Don't worry, I'll make sure to get you the cheapest price.


He Ju: Thanks, sister.


Si Hua: If you want to thank me, make two more dishes tomorrow.


He Ju: Okay.


Si Hua: Don't be late tomorrow. (Cute emoji)


He Ju: Okay, I won't be late.


He Ju quickly turned off his phone and went to take a shower, while Si Hua rolled on the bed, smiling.


Although she hadn't secured He Ju yet, having his contact information meant she was one step closer, right?


Si Hua got up to pack her things. He Ju wasn't the only one moving tomorrow.


Late at night.


After He Ju finished showering and packing, he received a message from Su Ran.


Su Ran: Brother He Ju, when are you coming back?


He Ju has OCD, so after clicking the red dot, he went to bed.


Meanwhile, Su Ran, who lived in a single dorm at school, watched as the "typing" message quickly disappeared. She waited for ten minutes but didn't get a reply from He Ju.


Su Ran's face darkened. Did He Ju… fall asleep?


But he was just typing a moment ago?


Was she really angry with him?


Was it necessary? She just didn't want to publicly accept He Ju. She's still young and wants to focus on her studies. Why couldn't He Ju understand that?


Su Ran sulked for a while and then decided not to act like a simp.


He'll come back when he's no longer angry. It's always been like this before, just that this time he's a bit more upset.


Su Ran finished washing up and went to bed, not even thinking about the countless late nights when He Ju never received a reply from her.


He Ju was fast asleep and didn't realize that he was slowly missing out on something.




The next morning.


He Ju was still asleep when Bai Yan knocked loudly on his door: "He Ju, He Ju! Dad's here to help you move! He Ju! Ju Ju Ju!!!"


He Ju, shirtless and speechless, went to open the door for Bai Yan.


Bai Yan rushed in like a monkey and exclaimed excitedly: "Hurry up! Pack your things! Let's move!!!"


He Ju didn't understand. It was his move, not Bai Yan's. Why was Bai Yan so excited?


Of course Bai Yan was excited! Once He Ju moved, he would be neighbors with Si Hua! Si Hua wouldn't be nagging him every day! In the future, her thoughts would definitely be focused on seducing He Ju, and he would be free, right?


He Ju had a good temper and just said, "I'm going to wash up," before heading to the bathroom.


Then, He Ju's door was knocked on again.


Bai Yan opened the door, and Li Dapeng and Zhang Da rushed in.


Li Dapeng, nicknamed Fatty.


Zhang Da, nicknamed Motor.


They were classmates and good buddies and sports buddies with He Ju and Bai Yan. It's just that Fatty and Motor had taken leave from school these days due to family matters. When they found out that He Ju had been dumped, he had already taken leave from school.


Bai Yan said that He Ju was preparing to move, so they hurried over to help.


Fatty came in and hugged He Ju, crying: "My brother, you're so pitiful.  Did you get dumped? Waaah…"He Ju: "…Don't poke at my heart, thanks."


Motor: "I mean, come on, there are so many pretty girls at University A, why are you so fixated?"


He Ju, with a darkened face: "I appreciate your concern, but can we please not talk about this anymore?"


He Ju pushed Fatty away, tears and snot mingling, and said earnestly, "Let's turn over a new leaf on this matter from now on."


Bai Yan also got serious: "Has Su Ran turned over a new leaf as well?"


At this moment, Li Dapeng and Zhang Da were also looking at him seriously.


Only these good buddies knew how hard He Ju had worked over the years, how much he liked Su Ran; they had all seen it with their own eyes.


For Su Ran, he learned to ride a bicycle, to knit scarves, to get a driver's license, to make money, to cook, to bake pastries, to play music, to do illustrations… He learned too much, more than they could count, and He Ju was nearly driving himself to become an all-rounder.


When they first heard He Ju say he was turning over a new leaf, they were a bit incredulous.


But He Ju said again, with utmost seriousness, "Turn over a new leaf, whether it's Su Ran or the He Ju of the past."


The trust between men is that simple.


After He Ju finished speaking, everyone exchanged glances, and the atmosphere started to liven up.


Bai Yan was the most relieved: "Turning over a new leaf is good! It's really good!!!"


Fatty and Motor also nodded in agreement, and everyone happily packed their bags.


He Ju was about to head towards a brighter path.

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