Chapter 54 – Si Hua was stopped, and the Qiu family lowered their posture to seek help

Bai Yan couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy when he saw everyone with their meals and coffee.

Si Hua is here again! She’s so extravagant!!!

With so much money, couldn’t she spare some for this poor guy? Why does she have to treat everyone?

Bai Yan felt a pang of pain, but He Ju was enjoying the meal: “This company is pretty good, they even provide meals for interns?”

Bai Yan felt even more anxious when he saw He Ju eating carefreely.

It must be because of He Ju that Si Hua is willing to spend money.

Bai Yan was about to tell He Ju, “Bro, why don’t you sacrifice a bit and ask my sister for some money to help a brother out?”

But thinking about it, if Si Hua found out, she would definitely make things difficult for him. Bai Yan didn’t have the courage, so he could only sigh repeatedly.

He Ju didn’t understand why Bai Yan was sighing, but…

Bai Yan’s brain wasn’t very sharp, so he didn’t bother to care.

While eating, He Ju remembered the list of interns and saw a familiar name: Liu Jia.

He Ju had his interview later, so he didn’t meet her. He wanted to convince himself that it might be someone with the same name, but when he saw the name of the university, he confirmed that it was the Liu Jia he knew.

He Ju wanted to tell himself that it was just a coincidence, but he couldn’t convince himself.

While He Ju was lost in thought, Bai Yan suddenly asked, “What do you think of Liu Jia?”

He Ju sighed, “What can I think? Just treat her like an ordinary classmate, a friend.”

Bai Yan said, “But I don’t think she sees you as just an ordinary classmate. She even came to Starshine for you, and Motor said she confessed to you?”

He Ju didn’t try to hide it, “Yes, but I rejected her.”

Bai Yan said, “You, without Su Ran, all the beautiful women outside are fighting for you…”

Bai Yan thought for a moment and said, “Jia Jia is completely different from Su Ran. She’s a good girl. Be careful and put an end to her feelings as soon as possible.”

When this was mentioned, He Ju felt a headache. Last time, he rode Liu Jia’s motorcycle back and had to call a driver to return the bike, just to avoid suspicion.


He Ju smiled, “Enough about me, what about you and your online dating girlfriend?”

Bai Yan, with food in his mouth, mumbled unclearly, “Saving money, preparing to fly to see her, and take her to Disneyland.”

He Ju raised an eyebrow, “Oh? Taking it seriously? Be careful not to lose money and people like you did before.”

Bai Yan said, “Don’t worry about it. This time it’s true love.”

He Ju said, “….” Why does this sound so familiar?

He Ju said, “Didn’t you say the same thing two years ago? Weren’t you dumped?”

Bai Yan gave He Ju two punches, “Why are you bringing that up? I haven’t even called you a simp yet, don’t you understand?”

He Ju said, “Alright, alright, let’s eat.”

After eating, they followed their master around the company and were told to start work next Monday.

On the way back, He Ju suddenly remembered what Bai Yan said when he submitted his resume: “You can pass, but you have to deal with Bai Yan’s tigress sister first?”

He always knew that Si Hua was very wealthy, definitely a rich young lady raised in a wealthy family. Her family background might not be lower than Su Ran’s, and might even be higher. But even with Su Ran’s background and a big company like Starshine, Si Hua wouldn’t have any connection with Starshine, right?

He Ju asked Bai Yan what he meant by that.

Bai Yan looked around and said, “At first, I wanted my sister to use her money to help us get in through the back door…”

He Ju’s eyebrows twitched, “Did she do it?”

Bai Yan rolled his eyes, “No, if she did, would we still need to interview?”

Bai Yan started to complain, “Let me tell you, other people’s sisters would open as many doors as possible for their own brothers. Si Hua, on the other hand, really doesn’t help. I’m starting to doubt if she’s really my sister…”

Bai Yan kept talking, but He Ju didn’t listen.

It’s good that she didn’t help.

He Ju wanted to make a name for himself with his own hands, not relying on Si Hua’s connections and money.

Soon it was evening, and Bai Yan, being considerate, left the celebration early, leaving He Ju and Si Hua alone.

Si Hua said she wanted to celebrate at home, so He Ju went to buy food and waited for Si Hua to finish work.

As Si Hua’s car was leaving the parking lot, it was stopped by two people.

The driver braked, and Si Hua was almost hit, feeling a bit angry, “What’s going on?”

The driver said, “Boss, it seems to be Mr. Qiu.”

Qiu Rong?

Si Hua looked carefully and indeed, it was only Qiu Rong, Qiu Shaoze was not there this time.

Qiu Rong, with his butler, walked up to Si Hua with a look of panic and difficulty on his face, and knocked on Si Hua’s car window.

The driver said, “Boss?”

Si Hua put on a mask, “Roll down the window.”

The window slowly came down, and Qiu Rong’s face, which bore some resemblance to Qiu Shaoze, appeared in front of Si Hua, with a hint of apology and embarrassment: “I’m really sorry, Miss Si, I’m at my wit’s end, that’s why I resorted to this.”

Si Hua didn’t say anything, but her beautiful eyes stared coldly at him.

Even though she didn’t show any expression, Qiu Rong felt a chill down his spine.

Qiu Rong had investigated Si Hua. In City A, he had put in a lot of effort, but could only find out that Si Hua was currently the CEO of Starshine Group, and nothing else…The former president of Starshine, resigned without any complaints. After Si Hua took over, it was said that her methods were swift and decisive, and she had a temperament that brooked no opposition. In less than three months, she had managed to make the Starshine executives too scared to even fart.

You should know…

In City A, Starshine Group is a top-notch enterprise.

The Qiu family has been entrenched in City A for many years, and even he couldn’t find out anything, which is enough to prove that although Si Hua is young, she is definitely someone they can’t afford to provoke.

Otherwise, Qiu Rong wouldn’t have hesitated to make a move.

Qiu Rong’s posture was even lower, his tone more respectful: “Miss Si, I really don’t know where the Qiu family has offended you. Could you please point out the right path for us? We will definitely not make the same mistake twice, is that okay?”

Si Hua chuckled lightly: “Old man Qiu, why don’t you go back and ask your most beloved son?”

After Si Hua finished speaking, she no longer looked at Qiu Rong’s pale face, but said calmly: “Old man Qiu, if there is a next time, the Qiu family may truly be beyond redemption.”

Her calm tone made it seem as if Si Hua was just catching up with an old friend.

It wasn’t until Si Hua’s car drove away that Qiu Rong finally came back to his senses.

After the panic, came the fear.

Qiu Rong’s face turned green, and he cursed twice: “Unfilial son!!!”

No matter how Qiu Shaoze had angered Si Hua, not only had he provoked her, but he had also caused the Qiu family to pay such a heavy price. Now, Qiu Rong had to seriously consider the choice of the Qiu family’s future heir.

After all, Qiu Shaoze was not his only son.

The butler asked Qiu Rong cautiously from behind: “Old man, where shall we go now?”

Qiu Rong’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot, with a sense of an impending storm: “To the Young Master’s place.”

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