Chapter 53 – Hired the entire company for him alone

Zhang Xiaoxiao calculated the time, and after crying for about half an hour, Zhang Da gradually fell silent.

Just as she was hesitating whether to say something, Zhang Da stood up first and said in a hoarse voice, “Let’s go back.”

After speaking, he turned and walked back alone.

Zhang Xiaoxiao looked at Zhang Da’s desolate figure with some surprise, and finally had the opportunity to ask Bai Yan, “Young Master, is it really okay to let him be like this?”

Bai Yan sighed silently, “This isn’t the first time he’s been like this. His brothers have advised him countless times, but when it comes to matters of the heart, no amount of advice from others is useful. He can only come to terms with it, understand, and awaken on his own.”

Fatty nodded in agreement, “Yeah, look at He Ju, he was a simp for ten years, and then he suddenly woke up one day.”

Bai Yan added, “Motor knows better than anyone that Li Xilan doesn’t like him, but he just can’t get over it.”

Zhang Xiaoxiao shook her head, “Young people, it’s really not easy.”

Fatty and Bai Yan nodded in agreement.

The three of them followed behind Zhang Da.

At the same time, Si Hua had also sent He Ju home.

Si Hua said, “Hurry back, don’t let your parents worry.”

He Ju nodded, “Then I won’t walk you home, just message me when you get home.”

Si Hua nodded happily, and before leaving, she asked, “When will you be back?”

He Ju replied, “Friday night.”

This Friday morning, he was going to interview and report for his internship at Starlight. His parents also had to rush back.

The coursework in his father’s senior year of high school was heavy, so he generally didn’t take time off unless it was necessary.

Today was only Wednesday, and he could see her again in two days.

But Si Hua… was a little reluctant.

But in the end, Si Hua didn’t say anything, just leaving with a sentence, “Then I’ll wait for you, good luck with the interview!”

He Ju replied, “Okay.”

So, He Ju watched Si Hua’s figure disappear before turning back home.

Back in his bedroom, He Ju didn’t rush to sleep, but instead found a vase to carefully arrange the jasmine roses Si Hua had given him.

Jasmine roses were very fragrant, and the entire room was filled with a light, refreshing scent, making people feel extremely relaxed.

Just like… Si Hua was still by his side.

He Ju’s heart softened completely. It turns out that being valued by someone feels so good?

In the past, He Ju always felt that fireworks were beautiful, but only for a moment.

But tonight’s mood was completely different from before. Although fireworks were fleeting, the beauty of that moment would stay in his heart forever.

He Ju couldn’t help but smile, feeling a warmth in his heart.

At the same time, Si Hua was sitting in the car, on her way home, with Zhang Xiaoxiao driving.

Although it was very tiring, when she saw He Ju’s smiling face, she felt that everything was worth it.

Back home, Si Hua received a message from He Ju, with a picture of the arranged jasmine roses.

Si Hua suddenly felt happy, and replied with a cute emoji, feeling sweet in her heart.

They bid each other goodnight and went to take a shower.

He Ju was going to intern at Starlight with Bai Yan on Friday, so Si Hua didn’t disturb He Ju’s preparations. Every day, they shared their daily lives and greeted each other. Si Hua could feel that in these ordinary days, He Ju’s attitude towards her had clearly changed from the beginning.

Finally, it was Friday, and Si Hua was still in a high-level meeting, but throughout the meeting, she frowned slightly, making the board members report with trepidation, afraid of saying something wrong and upsetting Si Hua.

Although Si Hua was young, no one in the room dared to question her abilities.

After all, she had made a strong start, held the largest share of Starlight, and brought in this wave of people, who had now gradually infiltrated the core departments of Starlight.

Even if someone wanted to cause trouble, they had to consider their own weight.

Soon, Si Hua received a message.

It was the news that He Ju had passed the interview. Si Hua’s slightly furrowed brows relaxed, and there was a hint of a smile in her eyes as she replied to He Ju’s message: “I’ll treat you to dinner tonight to celebrate for you.”

He Ju quickly replied: “It should be me treating you, Sister Si Hua, you have to give me face.”

The smile on Si Hua’s lips grew even wider.

Give face? Of course, she would.

She couldn’t ask for anything more.

Seeing that the board members’ attention was almost entirely focused on Si Hua, Zhang Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but whisper, “Director Si, you should make a decision now.”

In that instant, Si Hua restrained her smile, and with a serious expression, she carefully read through the proposal. Just as everyone was worried that they would have to revise it, Si Hua spoke up, “Okay, let’s implement it this way. Meeting adjourned.”

After speaking, Si Hua got up, stepped out in her high heels, clearly in a very good mood, and Zhang Xiaoxiao quickly followed.The crowd couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Once Si Hua was out of sight, the meeting room immediately erupted into a buzz:

“Could President Si be in love?”

“It seems like it, she didn’t even scold anyone?”

“Yeah, how did the project get approved so easily? That’s really rare…”

“Indeed, I was so nervous just now, afraid that our proposal would be rejected.”

“I wonder who the saint is that won over President Si, truly our savior!”

“What a pity, President Si is such a beauty, hope she doesn’t end up with some loser.”

“What nonsense are you spouting? Whoever President Si fancies can’t be worse than you, right? I think you’re the loser!….”

The young employees were all abuzz, but no one noticed Deputy Director Wang sitting opposite Si Hua, his eyes momentarily darkening.

Si Hua returned to her office in a good mood and said, “Today is a good day. I’ll treat everyone to lunch. Xiaoxiao, go order the meals and coffee, and remember not to leave out the new intern that just joined the company today.”

Zhang Xiaoxiao was shocked: “The… the whole company?” She wasn’t joking, right? That’s thousands of people!

Si Hua nodded: “Yes, if there’s not enough money, transfer it from my personal account.”

Zhang Xiaoxiao acknowledged and hurriedly got someone to prepare everything.

Although Si Hua was generous, this was the first time she had been this extravagant. What was going on?

Zhang Xiaoxiao, who had been with Si Hua for many years, suddenly remembered Si Hua’s last words: Don’t leave out the new intern.

A flash of realization crossed Zhang Xiaoxiao’s eyes, and she quickly made a call to HR for a list.

Sure enough, she saw Bai Yan and… He Ju?!

It definitely wasn’t Bai Yan who warranted such treatment, so it had to be He Ju.

Zhang Xiaoxiao shook her head; indeed, love could make people envious.

Such extravagance!

Zhang Xiaoxiao sighed: It was like at graduation, embracing the whole class just to hug one person.

Zhang Xiaoxiao felt envious.

Although she knew He Ju had arrived, without Si Hua’s instructions, Zhang Xiaoxiao wouldn’t dare to give He Ju any special treatment. Eventually, she closed the list and hurried off to her tasks.

Fortunately, she only needed to instruct the logistics team, and today, Zhang Xiaoxiao even unusually told them, “Make sure to choose a place with generous portions.”

The logistics team was delighted, feeling that the boss was truly benevolent!

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