Chapter 55 – If given an inch, take a mile. Strike while the iron is hot!

He Ju had just finished cooking when the doorbell rang.

He Ju hurried to open the door, and Si Hua came in with two bottles of red wine.

When He Ju saw Si Hua’s smiling face, his mood improved a lot.

He Ju: “How was work today?”

Si Hua suddenly remembered seeing He Ju at the company today, and her smile became even sweeter: “It was great.”

Although she had a lot of worries, and her subordinates were not honest lately, as long as she saw He Ju, she was happy and could handle anything.

Seeing this, He Ju didn’t say much, just smiled and said, “It looks like we’re both doing well today. We should celebrate. I’ll go get the food.”

Si Hua smiled and quickly got up, running ahead of He Ju: “I’ll go, I’ll go! You sit and rest.”

He Ju didn’t argue with Si Hua, just smiled helplessly and went to get glasses to pour the wine.

Si Hua went into the kitchen and saw a table full of her favorite dishes: tomato and egg stir-fry, fried mushrooms, braised pig’s trotters, sweet and sour spare ribs, and spicy fish…

Si Hua’s eyes seemed to be filled with tears, as if her feelings had been answered.

Although it wasn’t very obvious, she believed that as long as she stayed by He Ju’s side tirelessly, she would definitely become Mrs. He one day.

Si Hua calmed herself and quickly brought the food out.

The two of them quickly sat face to face, and Si Hua’s gaze was always on He Ju, making him a little embarrassed.

He Ju cleared his throat: “Sister Si Hua, why are you staring at me like that?”

Si Hua: “I can’t help it.”


He Ju subconsciously looked up and met a pair of watery eyes.

A little bit of a flutter.

He Ju composed himself and said quickly, “Let’s eat first.”

Si Hua obediently nodded, but the smile on her lips never faded.

As Si Hua lowered her head, He Ju’s heart was completely in chaos, and not only that, but there was also a hint of a smile in his eyes.

Unable to resist, He Ju stole a glance at Si Hua and saw her eating the rice and tomato and egg stir-fry with great relish, as if she really liked it. Her mouth was like a cute little hamster, very adorable.

Unconsciously, He Ju’s smile deepened, and he felt very satisfied.

In fact, such plain and ordinary days were what every man pursued in his lifetime.

So, they chatted and drank and ate.

Si Hua was often in the business world and easily got flushed from drinking, but almost no one knew except her family. She could hold her liquor no matter how much she drank.

She knew that He Ju was not ready to accept her yet, but…

Si Hua couldn’t help it. Even if she couldn’t confirm their relationship, she wanted to be a little unrestrained.

So, He Ju watched Si Hua show off her drinking skills, feeling a little worried. He tried to take Si Hua’s glass, but she dodged it accurately, leaving He Ju’s hand empty.

He Ju couldn’t help but furrow his brow slightly: “Sister Si Hua, you can’t drink anymore. Eat more food.”

Si Hua wouldn’t listen. Her face was red, making her eyes and eyebrows even more charming, and her smile added a few more charming qualities.

Si Hua: “I’m so happy today. Let’s celebrate your finding an internship. We definitely won’t leave until we’re drunk.”

After speaking, Si Hua poured another glass of wine and drank it.

He Ju was a little confused. She had been fine just now, so why did the atmosphere suddenly change?

But Si Hua really couldn’t drink anymore. He Ju got up and went around the dining table to go after Si Hua, who was already heading for the sofa.

He Ju thought Si Hua still wanted to avoid him and drink, so he walked a little faster to grab her glass, but Si Hua walked faster and seemed to have twisted her foot, falling forward.

There was a coffee table in front of her, and He Ju was really startled. He took three quick steps and reached out to catch Si Hua’s waist.

Just as he was about to pull her up, he suddenly felt dizzy and unsteady, and before he could steady himself, Si Hua pushed him onto the sofa. He Ju subconsciously held onto Si Hua’s slender waist.

He Ju was completely shocked and stunned. When he looked up, he saw Si Hua’s face up close, with smooth and delicate skin that seemed fragile, and her mesmerizing eyes and slightly red lips were all fatally tempting to He Ju.

And the girl’s body was really cold, a complete contrast to his.

But Si Hua seemed completely unaware, just smiling foolishly and using the excuse of being drunk to hug He Ju: “He Ju, you’ve been working so hard lately. Can I have a hug?”

He Ju definitely didn’t want to, and he even had a flash in his mind—of the scene of a kind little sister-in-law. If he didn’t get away, he would be in big trouble!!!

He Ju held Si Hua’s shoulders, creating some distance between them: “Sister Si Hua, you’re drunk. I’ll take you home!”

Si Hua suddenly felt wronged. Was He Yuyan lying to her again? She was just afraid that He Ju would leave, that’s why she was like this. But it seemed like He Ju still wanted to leave?

Si Hua got up and sat on the side, sulking by herself.

He Ju breathed a sigh of relief, quickly grabbed a nearby cushion and put it on his lap to cover up a bit, then had time to look at Si Hua: “Sister Si Hua, are you okay?”

Si Hua turned around, her eyes filled with tears, looking very fragile and pitiful.

He Ju had never seen Si Hua like this before and couldn’t help but feel nervous: “Did someone bully you?”

Si Hua’s tears burst out all at once, and she choked out, “He Ju, do you hate me?”

He Ju: “No, I don’t….”

Si Hua’s eyes were as red as a rabbit’s: “I don’t believe you. If you don’t hate me, why do you always push me away?”

He Ju finally understood why Si Hua was crying…

This… how should a man explain this to Si Hua?Si Hua saw the troubled look on He Ju’s face and was genuinely heartbroken. Tears fell in large drops, making He Ju’s heart ache slightly.

In the end, He Ju could only wrap his arms around Si Hua’s neck and hold her tight. Unable to explain, he had to let his actions speak.

He Ju’s voice echoed in Si Hua’s ears, tinged with a mix of heartache and apology: “Don’t cry, I don’t dislike you. If you want a hug, just hug.”

Si Hua’s tears stopped instantly, and she suddenly remembered He Yuyan’s words: “Take an inch and go for a mile, strike while the iron is hot!!!”

So, Si Hua moved closer to He Ju, wrapped her arms around his waist, and buried her head in his chest, crying even harder. She cried for the bitterness she had endured over the years, for her once secret love that was finally being brought to light, for the lavish feast He Ju had prepared for her that night, and for finally being able to hold the man she loved in her arms.

If He Yuyan knew that her advice to Si Hua to take an inch and go for a mile resulted in her hugging He Ju and crying, she would surely be infuriated to the point of spitting blood.

And He Ju could only hold her tighter, gently stroking her head over and over, feeling a complex mix of emotions as he watched Si Hua in such distress.

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