Chapter 52 – The Liu family does not need to sacrifice their daughter to maintain the family business

He Ju looked at Si Hua, a thousand words were expressed in silence, and he sincerely said, “Thank you.”

Si Hua sweetly laughed, “Don’t be polite, as long as you don’t find me annoying, I’ll be very happy.”

He Ju smiled, “No, I won’t.”

Si Hua didn’t look at He Ju again, but walked ahead, and He Ju quickly caught up.

The night was too dark, He Ju couldn’t see Si Hua’s expression clearly, but he could hear what she was saying.

Si Hua: “I know that the past ten years have been very painful for you. Perhaps it’s presumptuous of me to say this…”

He Ju listened quietly, waiting for Si Hua to finish speaking.

Si Hua did say, “He Ju, I know you must have doubts and confusion about our meeting and getting to know each other. I won’t say it now, but I will wait for you. I will wait for the day when you can completely let go of the obsession of the past ten years. I will tell you our story in full detail.”

Si Hua suddenly stopped in her tracks and repeated, “It’s your own obsession, not anyone else’s, okay?”

He Ju was very surprised that Si Hua could say such words. He felt a faint joy in his heart and answered softly, “Okay.”

Si Hua turned around, and this time He Ju saw the blush on Si Hua’s face and the slightly evasive look in her eyes. “But… before that, please allow me to stay by your side, not in any other capacity, but as a very good friend. Can you?”

Si Hua was very uncomfortable, and even the hand holding the bag was trembling slightly. He Ju would never know that Si Hua, a girl studying finance and management, learning to do business with her father, was actually doing it for He Ju.

If He Ju wanted a comfortable life, she wanted to be He Ju’s sunshade forever.

If He Ju wanted to make a name for himself, she was willing to walk side by side with He Ju.

She did so much, all just to be worthy of He Ju.

No matter how outstanding a person is, they are always inferior in front of the person they like.

He Ju would never know that Si Hua had also learned Su Ran’s style of dressing, trying hard to become the person in He Ju’s heart.

All of this was Si Hua’s unspoken feelings for He Ju.

For He Ju, she, Si Hua, was not afraid of anything.

How could He Ju not understand Si Hua’s implied meaning? She asked for time, space, and a chance to stay by his side, not to refuse, not to avoid, to face their future feelings and give each other a chance.

On the day when the water reaches, she will tell him the way she came.

He Ju thought, perhaps Si Hua’s journey here was also very difficult? He was somewhat looking forward to what Si Hua would tell him.

She said, He Ju should not be trapped in the past, not in his own obsession, and she would always accompany him to come out of it.

In Si Hua’s nervous gaze, He Ju nodded gently.

Si Hua instantly became happy, and she jumped up suddenly, then approached He Ju and lightly hugged him, stopping there.

Before He Ju could react, Si Hua had already bounced away, and her joyful laughter echoed in He Ju’s ears.

He Ju couldn’t help but smile, “Slow down, be careful not to fall.”

At this time, Liu Jia was sitting in front of her mother with tears streaming down her face.

Yang Liu wiped away her daughter’s tears with a heartache. Liu Jia had a secret crush on He Ju, and she had always known. She had never stopped it, and even secretly sent someone to investigate He Ju’s background.

Yang Liu actually liked He Ju very much. He came from a good family, his parents were reasonable, and he was a well-bred young man.

If Liu Jia could marry He Ju, she would definitely be happy.

Yang Liu didn’t have any big wishes, she just hoped that her daughter would live a safe and happy life.

The Liu family didn’t need to sacrifice their daughter to maintain the family business.

However, love is about mutual feelings, and forcing it never ends well.

Yang Liu carefully wiped away her daughter’s tears, “Cry, and then you have to pull yourself together.”

Upon hearing this, Liu Jia immediately hugged Yang Liu and burst into tears, “Mom—”

“Why? Why doesn’t he like me? Did I do something wrong? Am I not pretty enough…”

Yang Liu touched her daughter’s head, “Jia Jia is very good, and He Ju is also very good. It’s just that you two are not meant to be.”

“Jia Jia, it’s okay to bravely pursue what you want, but when that person clearly rejects you, it’s impolite to keep pestering them.”

Liu Jia cried even harder at these words.

Yang Liu patted Liu Jia’s back, “Be good, in life, when things don’t go as planned, most of the time, keeping a distance from the person you like is also a way.”

Liu Jia choked, “What kind of way is that…”

Yang Liu: “It’s the way to let go of him.”

Liu Jia understood, but she was still in pain.Yang Liu didn’t try to persuade any further, knowing that time is the best healer. Not being able to let go simply meant that the time hadn’t come yet. When it did, letting go would happen naturally.

Liu Jia: “Mom, should I still intern at Starshine Group?”

Yang Liu: “Mom respects your decision.”

Liu Jia could only bury her head in her mother’s embrace, feeling aggrieved.

Meanwhile, Zhang Da was sitting on a bench by the roadside, crying earth-shatteringly. Accompanying him were Bai Yan, who was clutching his waist in pain, Fatty with a helpless expression, and… a bewildered Zhang Xiaoxiao.

Seeing that the other two had no intention of comforting him, Zhang Xiaoxiao had no choice but to squat down in her high heels and pat Zhang Da’s shoulder: “Um, classmate, what’s wrong?”

Zhang Da continued to cry, shaking and unable to utter a word.

Zhang Xiaoxiao could only look to Bai Yan.

Bai Yan sighed: “What else could it be? The thing my sister did tonight, it must have hit him hard.”

Zhang Xiaoxiao was surprised: “Ah?”

Bai Yan: “His girlfriend never did anything for him. He probably realized the truth that she doesn’t love him.”

Fatty chimed in: “Yeah, Zhang Da’s girlfriend would never do the things Sister Si Hua did. He’s in a bad way!”

Zhang Da immediately retorted through his tears, roaring: “You’re talking nonsense!!!”

Bai Yan raised his hands in surrender: “Alright, alright, I’m talking nonsense. You keep going.”

Zhang Da turned back and continued to cry.

Zhang Xiaoxiao was silent for two seconds: “So, what do we do?”

Fatty, helping Bai Yan who had hurt his back, also sat down: “Miss Xiaoxiao, just leave him be. He’ll be fine once he’s cried enough.”

Zhang Xiaoxiao: “…” Alright then, boys have the right to cry too. Anyway, the boss probably won’t be back anytime soon… so we’ll just wait.

In the end, the four of them sat in a row on the bench by the roadside, with Zhang Da crying his heart out, attracting concerned glances from passersby.

Bai Yan and the others just looked up at the sky and down at the ground, pointedly ignoring the conspicuous Zhang Da.

Only Zhang Xiaoxiao occasionally passed a tissue to Zhang Da, secretly marveling to herself: So this is what it looks like when boys cry—it’s like the world is ending!!!

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