Chapter 51 – Do not fear, he will get what he wants

The cool breeze blew, and everyone ran into the wind, except for Bai Yan, who was barely alive. Everyone else was laughing happily.

After running for who knows how long, He Ju and Si Hua finally stopped and looked back. There was no one behind them, and even Zhang Xiaoxiao might have been taken away by those three secretly.

He Ju was shocked. How come he didn’t know that his brothers were so reliable?

When he was pursuing Su Ran before, these three often scolded him for being blind and not knowing what’s good. Although they would help him under his various pleas and even give him face by calling him “brother,” they were never as actively creating an atmosphere as they were now.

Si Hua seemed to have expected all of this, just smiling and letting go of He Ju’s hand. “Since we’re all out, why don’t we take a walk together?”

He Ju’s mood had improved a lot, but he couldn’t help but tell Si Hua, “Next time you come to find me, don’t climb through the window. Just come in through the front door in broad daylight, or give me a call. It was too dangerous just now.”

Si Hua immediately laughed, “That’s because your parents were there, and I’m a little shy, so I thought of doing that…”

Speaking of this, Si Hua was a little embarrassed. She wasn’t a child anymore, and she was imitating others by climbing through the window. It was really… ruining her image as a cold and aloof sister.

He Ju laughed, understanding Si Hua’s mindset, but still pretended to be stern. “If there’s a next time, I’ll be angry.”

Si Hua immediately looked up at him with a smile, “Oh, worried about me?”

He Ju admitted frankly, “Yes, so next time, don’t do anything dangerous.”

But Si Hua suddenly approached He Ju, and her nearly perfect face suddenly enlarged in front of He Ju’s eyes. “Do you like this bouquet of flowers?”

He Ju’s heart inexplicably skipped a beat, and his gaze at Si Hua changed slightly. “I like it.”

How could he not like it?

Growing up, He Ju had never thought that one day he would receive a bouquet of flowers that belonged to him. How could he not like it?

Si Hua’s smile deepened, “What about the fireworks? Are they beautiful?”

He Ju’s smile deepened as well, “Beautiful.”

Satisfied with the answer, Si Hua’s fatigue was swept away for the whole day.

The more they interacted, the more she liked He Ju.

As they continued walking, Si Hua suddenly remembered something and casually asked, “I heard Bai Yan say that you used to do part-time work during the summer vacation, earning a few hundred in a day. How did you do that?”

Si Hua remembered Bai Yan mentioning He Ju’s skills, but it was just a casual mention without specifics. Now that He Ju was about to report to the company in three days, as his immediate superior, it shouldn’t be a problem to get to know him better, right?

He Ju didn’t hide it, “Actually, I didn’t earn much. Besides tutoring every day, delivering takeout, helping others write papers, and drawing design drafts, wedding dress design, and furniture decoration, I also wrote some planning proposals and occasionally did some furniture and appliance repairs. I did a lot of different things to make money, I could take on anything.”

Si Hua smiled, “Do you do all these jobs every day?”

He Ju nodded, “I go to tutor two high school seniors every night. One class is two hundred, so it’s four hundred for two people. I deliver takeout at meal times, and it usually takes me two or three days to write a paper, which can earn me eight hundred to a thousand. The design drafts didn’t make money at first, but as I did more, it became possible, ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand. For planning proposals, I usually write them in the early morning, and the faster I finish, the higher the price I can ask for. Sometimes I help people with coding.”

He Ju continued, “When I didn’t have classes at school, I would occasionally take on comic drafts. In the end, I could save up some money.”

Si Hua was shocked. This was not a small amount of money for a male college student.

Although Bai Yan had mentioned that He Ju often did part-time work, he didn’t mention it in such detail.

No wonder Bai Yan couldn’t stop praising He Ju.

Si Hua was actually quite grateful to He Ju. After all, before high school, Bai Yan was seen by many as a playboy, but after going to college, perhaps influenced by the people around him, he gradually became more reliable.

When Si Hua was in college, she didn’t earn a penny and relied purely on her family’s support. He Ju was young, but he was involved in various industries. A person like this would shine wherever he went in the future.

Si Hua sighed, “He Ju, you are truly an amazing person.”

He Ju smiled, “There are many people better than me. These things of mine are nothing. I’m just glad that Sister Si Hua is no longer teased because of me.”

Si Hua said, “Everyone has their own shining point. I’ve always thought that earning money with your own hands is great. He Ju, if I were in your environment, I might not be as motivated as you. And I believe that most people can’t be as clear about their direction of effort as you are.”

He Ju didn’t know how he had endured it. At that time, he had very little sleep, and in his life, besides studying and working, there was only Su Ran.

He always felt that if he worked a little harder, Su Ran would like him a little more.

So the money he earned, besides occasionally showing filial piety to his parents, was all for Su Ran.

Perhaps in youth, He Ju was fearless. At that time, he was not afraid of anything, except that Su Ran might not want him.

Now it was different. He was doing well.

He no longer had to be busy just to please Su Ran. He no longer thought about Su Ran, but about his own future.

A man cannot fall in the same place twice.

He would make money, work hard, and make all those who had looked down on him in the past look at him in the future with respect, not disdain.

If one year didn’t work, then two years, and if two years didn’t work, three years, five years, ten years.

One day, he would get what he wanted.

Wherever he fell, he had to get up from there. This was the principle that He Ju had always followed.

Fortunately, he had sensible parents who unconditionally supported whatever he wanted to do.He Yu once told He Ju, “As a man, when you’re young, you should have the courage to take bold risks, whether in love or in your career. You don’t have to ensure everything is perfect, but strive to have a clear conscience and no regrets after the fact.”

Tian Zhen also said, “Little Ju, one must always look forward and keep moving. Don’t fear if there’s no one behind you. If you’re tired, just come home. Mom and Dad can also be your support.”

He was indeed fortunate.

He Ju would recall, during every silent midnight, whenever he couldn’t persist, he would always think of his mom and dad.

He had a very good and happy family.

That’s why, when facing the future, He Ju could be fearless.

He Ju smiled and turned his head to look at Si Hua. Now, it seemed he had not only his mom and dad but also a group of brothers who would share their deepest thoughts with him, and also…

Someone who understood him.

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