Chapter 50 – It’s just because he loves you that he is willing to give up his dignity, give up his bottom line, and be infinitely tolerant of you

Zhang Xiaoxiao really didn’t know who the two idiots Bai Yan was talking about were, so she looked helpless and said, “I… don’t have their contact information.”

The veins on Bai Yan’s neck bulged, and he couldn’t help but gasp for breath as he patted Si Hua’s leg.

Si Hua smiled gently, but she kicked Bai Yan’s hand away and continued to talk sweetly with He Ju under the moonlight.

Si Hua: “He Ju, do I look good?”

He Ju lowered his eyes, and Si Hua’s face appeared in his eyes and heart.

He Ju smiled and couldn’t help but reach out to rub Si Hua’s head. “You look extremely beautiful.”

He Ju’s heart was warm. In this era of materialism, human emotions are indifferent, love is trampled, and family affection is forgotten. Everyone wears different masks and plays different roles every day, and sometimes people almost forget what their true selves are like.

As many online jokes say, they are all teaching boys how to love and pursue girls, to the point that many people forget that boys also need to be cared for.

It’s just because he loves you that he is willing to give up his dignity, give up his bottom line, and be infinitely tolerant of you.

When in love, you are the stars in the sky, and he will try his best to pick them for you.

When not in love, even if you are lying naked in front of him, he won’t even look at you.

Seeing He Ju’s gentle eyes and smile, Si Hua finally breathed a sigh of relief and playfully stuck out her tongue. “It’s a good thing, it’s a good thing…”

He Ju was puzzled. “A good thing about what?”

Si Hua smiled and said, “It’s a good thing that I arrived in time and didn’t let you digest bad emotions alone.”

He Ju’s heart was lightly touched by this. “How did you know?”

Si Hua coughed lightly. “Well, I’m not the only one in your house, am I?”

He Ju instantly understood and couldn’t help but smile wryly, reaching out to poke Si Hua’s forehead. “You, you’re in cahoots with Little Yu Xin.”

Si Hua’s smile was so sweet that He Ju felt that the sparkling fireworks in the night sky were no match for the smile in Si Hua’s eyes. Just as He Ju was about to say something, Si Hua suddenly fell backward…

He Ju’s face changed immediately, and he reached out to grab Si Hua’s hand, but she slipped and fell onto Bai Yan, who was groaning, and gave him a thumbs-up gesture.

He Ju’s heart sank, and he quickly put down the flowers, turned and ran out of the room.

Tian Zhen and He Yu had just finished watching the fireworks with Little Yu Xin. Seeing He Ju’s urgent appearance, Tian Zhen asked, “Xiao Ju, where are you going?”

He Ju didn’t look back. “Mom, I’ll be back soon.”

Little Yu Xin giggled and waved her hand, motioning for Tian Zhen to lower her head.

Tian Zhen, puzzled, lowered her head, and Little Yu Xin leaned close to her ear. “Mom, I just heard Sister Si Hua’s voice…”

Tian Zhen’s eyes widened in shock, and after the shock, she smiled with relief on her face.

He Ju left in a hurry, not even bothering to close the bedroom door, so she saw the bouquet of jasmine roses clearly.

Tian Zhen had watched He Ju chase after Su Ran for a long time. Su Ran didn’t appreciate He Ju’s efforts, but as a mother, how could she not appreciate her son’s efforts? Although Si Hua had only known them for a short time, Tian Zhen inexplicably liked Si Hua and even felt that if He Ju had Si Hua by his side in the future, he would be very happy.

He Yu, seeing the mother and daughter acting mysteriously, also leaned over. “Wife, what secret are you whispering to our daughter?”

Tian Zhen couldn’t help but roll her eyes at him. “This is a little secret between me and our daughter. You can’t listen.”

He Yu was even more curious. “I’m your husband and her father. What can’t I listen to? Tell me.”

Tian Zhen turned her head in a huff. “I won’t tell you. Let’s go, daughter, go to your room and sleep!”

Little Yu Xin: “Okay! Sleep!”

He Yu quickly followed behind his wife and daughter. “Wife, tell me, is our son in some kind of trouble? Just give me a hint?”

Little Yu Xin pouted and said in a childish voice, “Daddy, you’re so nosy~”

He Yu glared. “Daughter! How can you say that to Daddy? Go back to your room and sleep!”

Little Yu Xin immediately ran into Tian Zhen’s bedroom. “No, I want to sleep with Mom tonight!”

Tian Zhen smiled. “Then, my dear, you go to your daughter’s room for the night.”

He Yu’s face darkened. Without his wife, he couldn’t sleep, and besides, his daughter’s bed was too small for him, a rough man, to sleep in.

No, no.

They were an old married couple, and they didn’t have many years left. He didn’t want to give up his place to his daughter.

He Yu quickly ran into the room and picked up Little Yu Xin. “Be good, if you sleep well by yourself, Daddy will take you to the amusement park tomorrow!”

Little Yu Xin’s eyes lit up. “Really? Daddy, you can’t lie to me!”

He Yu coaxed his daughter while walking out. He had to take Little Yu Xin back to her room.

He Yu: “I won’t lie to you, I won’t lie to you. Who lies is a little dog, okay?”

And so, Little Yu Xin was hoodwinked back.

Tian Zhen could only shake her head helplessly and went to tidy up the bed. After so many years, He Yu was still the same, like a child, never changing.

However, both of them worked long hours and had very little time to spend together. Finally, when they had a chance to rest, they could lie down together and talk about their feelings.

As she thought about it, Tian Zhen realized that she had to get up early the next day. He Yu hadn’t had new clothes in a long time, so she would buy him a few sets, and also buy some for her son and daughter, and for the future… daughter-in-law.

Thinking about it, Tian Zhen felt that all the hard work she and He Yu had put in over the years was worth it.

At this time, He Ju had already run to the window, and Si Hua and Bai Yan had both gotten up.

He Ju immediately went to see if Si Hua was injured. “Sister Si Hua, are you hurt?”

Si Hua shook her head. “No…”Bai Yan sat on the stone bench, the resentment in his eyes growing heavier as he watched the two of them. Si Hua hadn’t even finished speaking when he interjected, “What injury did she get? It’s me who’s hurt, okay? Brother, my back is practically broken…”

Zhang Xiaoxiao could only suppress her laughter and stand aside.

Motor and Fatty also ran down, waving at them.

The group had barely managed to gather when they were suddenly blinded by the flashlight of a security uncle.

Security Uncle: “It was you guys setting off fireworks, wasn’t it?!”

He Ju and the others exchanged glances, and finally, He Ju grabbed Si Hua’s hand and whispered, “Run!!!”

Bai Yan’s butt immediately lifted off the stone bench, clutching his waist, he limped after He Ju and the others, nearly crying, “Wait for me! You guys!!”

Motor and Fatty, one on each side, hoisted Bai Yan up and made a swift getaway.

Zhang Xiaoxiao, making a split-second decision, took off her high heels and ran after Si Hua at breakneck speed.

Zhang Xiaoxiao thought to herself: My goodness! This is thrilling! It’s like returning to my student days, feeling the reckless abandon of youth.

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