Chapter 49 – You are so romantic, brother’s legs are shaking

He Ju rode back home with a somewhat melancholic expression, only greeting his family before retreating to his room.

Staring at the ceiling, He Ju felt a tightness in his chest, not for anyone else, but for himself.

Little Yu Xin didn’t understand, and asked Tian Zhen in confusion, “Mom, what’s wrong with my brother?”

Tian Zhen patted Little Yu Xin’s head and sighed, “Your brother is in a bad mood today. Let’s let him be alone, okay?”

Little Yu Xin nodded as if she understood, then quickly ran back to her bedroom and secretly called Si Hua to report the news.

When Si Hua received the message, she was in a meeting working overtime. Upon seeing the message, Si Hua didn’t hesitate and raised her hand, “Pause the meeting. The Planning Department will present a satisfactory plan tonight.”

After speaking, Si Hua got up and unexpectedly said, “Meeting adjourned.”

Zhang Xiaoxiao was dumbfounded. This was an international meeting with foreign partners. Can she just leave like that?

The Planning Department would be in trouble!

Just as Zhang Xiaoxiao was extremely worried and the staff of the Planning Department looked as if they had been struck by lightning, Si Hua said, “Those working overtime tonight will be paid 20 yuan per hour.”

After speaking, Si Hua’s figure disappeared completely from everyone’s sight.

Zhang Xiaoxiao quickly grabbed the files and chased after her, leaving behind a parting remark, “I’ll treat everyone to a late-night snack at twelve o’clock. You’ve all worked hard tonight. As long as this project is confirmed, President Si won’t mistreat anyone.”

After speaking, Zhang Xiaoxiao hurriedly followed Si Hua, wearing her high heels.

Basement parking lot.

The driver had taken the day off, so Zhang Xiaoxiao had to drive. She carefully asked Si Hua, “Boss, where are we going?”

Si Hua gave the location of He Ju’s house.

Zhang Xiaoxiao immediately opened the navigation system, looking serious on the surface but already lost in her thoughts.

She had been with Si Hua for so many years, and Si Hua had never mentioned this place before. It seemed…

Her doubts would be answered tonight.

Si Hua sat in the car, her fingers flying across the keyboard of her phone.

While Zhang Xiaoxiao was still puzzled, Si Hua said, “Find a flower shop on the way.”

Zhang Xiaoxiao replied, “Okay, boss.”

After speaking, Zhang Xiaoxiao quickly searched for a nearby flower shop while waiting at a red light.

Before long, a bouquet of jasmine flowers appeared in the car.

“Sending jasmine flowers, hoping you won’t leave.”

Zhang Xiaoxiao looked at the bouquet, feeling even more excited. She had been married for two years, but Si Hua was still single. If the boss got married, she wouldn’t have time to exploit her anymore!

Soon, Si Hua arrived at He Ju’s house.

Zhang Xiaoxiao watched as Si Hua straightened her clothes, touched up her makeup, and finally, holding the bouquet of flowers, turned into a dark alleyway…?

Zhang Xiaoxiao was dumbfounded. Wasn’t the main entrance right in front of the stairs? What was she up to?

Afraid that something might happen to Si Hua, Zhang Xiaoxiao grabbed the pepper spray and quickly unbuckled her seatbelt to follow Si Hua.

At the same time, Bai Yan, Motor, and Fatty also arrived one after another.

There was no other choice!

Si Hua had given them too much!!!

They had to admit that Si Hua had spent a lot of money to pursue He Ju. Each assist cost five hundred! Last time, when she blocked Su Ran from going to Lijiang, she paid a thousand per day!

This was much more enjoyable than working!

Bai Yan went to find Si Hua, while Motor and Fatty each carried a large pile of fireworks and climbed the stairs.

This was an old residential area, only five floors high. Motor was okay, but Fatty was panting heavily and had to hurry to catch up.

At this moment, Zhang Xiaoxiao and Bai Yan stood behind Si Hua, their expressions… indescribable.

He Ju’s house was on the second floor of the old residential area, not very high, but still about two meters. He Ju’s window was right there.

Si Hua clearly wanted to climb up…

But she couldn’t reach.

That’s why she had called Bai Yan over.

Zhang Xiaoxiao looked at the despondent expression on Bai Yan’s face and thought he wouldn’t help…

Who knew…

Bai Yan closed his eyes and made up his mind, “This is an additional price!!!”

Zhang Xiaoxiao instantly covered her face. She had overestimated Bai Yan.

Si Hua raised an eyebrow, “Add two thousand.”

Bai Yan immediately rolled up his sleeves, lowered his head, took a deep breath, and patted his shoulder. With a pained heart, he closed his eyes, “Step on me!”

For the money! Endure it!

After all, Si Hua was the one with authority in the family. Not only that… she also managed his pocket money!!

Si Hua took off her shoes without a word, rolled up her pants, held Zhang Xiaoxiao’s hand, and stepped on Bai Yan’s shoulder.

Zhang Xiaoxiao was terrified, her face pale, afraid that Si Hua might fall.

Why not use the front door? Why climb through the window? What was this… a flower thief? No, no… a grass thief?Bai Yan mustered all his strength to gradually stand up, thankful that his sister weighed just over ninety pounds. Otherwise, he would have met his end right there and then.

Zhang Xiaoxiao stood on a nearby rock, steadying Si Hua’s leg, her fear was palpable…

Having followed Si Hua for so many years, she had never been involved in anything so outrageous.

But you know what? It was kind of thrilling.

Meanwhile, someone was knocking at He Ju’s window.

He Ju, utterly bewildered, peered at the silhouette reflected on the curtain, wondering if it was some kind of pervert…

Then Si Hua’s voice emerged: “He Ju! He Ju?”

He Ju, incredulous, drew back the curtain and opened the window, only to find…

A bouquet of jasmine roses appeared before his eyes.

In that instant, He Ju was stunned.

He was always the one giving flowers to others; this was the first time someone had given flowers to him.

He Ju accepted them, then quickly realized—this was the second floor! How did Si Hua climb up here?

Anxious, He Ju grabbed Si Hua’s arm: “Come in first, then we’ll talk!”

Si Hua shook her head, a mysterious smile playing on her stunning face, and then pointed a finger at the dark night sky: “He Ju, look up.”


He Ju, one hand holding the flowers, the other clutching Si Hua’s arm, looked up to see nothing but the vast night sky and the lights of thousands of homes around him.

But then, the next second.

“Boom—” A beautiful arc traced across the sky.

A large firework bloomed in the night, one after another, red apple-shaped fireworks exploded in succession, casting a radiant glow, as if a painter had brushed the sky with color, making the silent night seem less lonely.

He Ju gradually heard the sound of many people opening their windows, including the cheerful voices of children, among them his sister He Yuxin.

He Yuxin clapped her hands, laughing joyfully: “Wow! So beautiful!! Mom, Dad, look! Such pretty fireworks!!”

Other children giggled: “Come and see!!! Fireworks!!”

Reflected in He Ju’s eyes were the fireworks continuously bursting in the night sky, while reflected in Si Hua’s eyes was only He Ju.

She had seen his face countless times, longed for it in her midnight dreams, and now, even up close, she couldn’t get enough.

Si Hua thought to herself: When the fireworks bloom, it’s when I want you to be happy.

It might be cheesy, but that was the best idea Si Hua could come up with at the moment.

At this time, Bai Yan’s forehead was covered in dense beads of sweat, and his legs began to tremble.

Zhang Xiaoxiao encouraged him in a low voice: “Hang in there! Young Master Bai Yan—”

Bai Yan gritted his teeth: “Ask those… two idiots, when… will they be done?!”

Can’t they just light them all at once?!

He was going insane!

He Ju might be enjoying a romantic moment, but did he have any idea that his brother was down below, legs about to give out?!

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