Chapter 48 – How can you possibly like me?

He Ju gave Motor a stern look before he finally shut his mouth.

He Ju subconsciously turned to look at Liu Jia, only to see her face looking a bit pale. When she noticed He Ju looking at her, she smiled and said, “What a coincidence, you and your brother can meet.”

But it wasn’t a coincidence at all.

It wasn’t just him facing Liu Jia that was good.

But Liu Jia was so upset, because He Ju’s words and actions were all rejecting her, and also because He Ju’s eyes lit up when he saw Zhang Da.

He Ju, oh He Ju, do you really not want to be alone with her?

Zhang Da laughed carelessly, “Come on, He Ju, Jia Jia, you haven’t met my girlfriend yet, let me introduce her to you…”

He Ju knew that Zhang Da really liked his girlfriend and had said countless times that he wanted to introduce her to them, and even said that he wanted to bring her home to meet his parents after graduation. Since they had met, they might as well fulfill Zhang Da’s wish.

And when Zhang Da said that, Liu Jia’s unhappiness from earlier disappeared in an instant. Zhang Da introduced his girlfriend to He Ju and her, did that mean that Zhang Da also approved of her and He Ju?

Isn’t it said that the first step in getting close to someone you like is to win over his brother first?

He Ju suggested, “Since we’ve met, why don’t we eat together?”

Zhang Da clapped his hands, “Great! Let’s do it together!”

Zhang Da was overjoyed. He had long wanted to introduce his brother to his girlfriend, but she had been unwilling until now.

Since they had finally met He Ju, it was a good opportunity to introduce them.

Zhang Da didn’t notice that his girlfriend’s face was already not very good, and now, when she heard He Ju’s request, her face became even worse.

Liu Jia quickly noticed this and couldn’t help but press down on He Ju’s hand, which was about to pick up a dish.

He Ju looked puzzled, “What’s wrong? Don’t you want to?”

Liu Jia shook her head, “No, it’s just… shouldn’t you ask that girl for her opinion?”

He Ju suddenly realized. As a grown man, he wouldn’t pay attention to this, but after seeing it…

He Ju stopped and patted Zhang Da’s busy shoulder, “Brother, let’s do it next time.”

At that moment, Zhang Da was busy serving their dishes and didn’t even look up. “What next time? It’s better to choose a day than to wait for it…”

He Ju and Liu Jia watched as the girl picked up her bag, gave Zhang Da a cold look, and walked away.

He Ju helplessly patted Zhang Da on the back of his head, “Your girlfriend left.”

Zhang Da cried out in pain, “Ah! What are you doing? Whose girlfriend left?”

Liu Jia said, “Your girlfriend left.”

Zhang Da: “You guys are talking nonsense…” What’s going on?

Before Zhang Da could finish speaking, he caught a glimpse of Li Xilan leaving, and quickly put down the dishes. “He Ju, next time, next time…”

After that, Zhang Da ran towards Li Xilan and finally caught up with her at the door. “Xilan? Xilan? What are you doing? I just wanted to introduce you to my good buddy, I’ve told you that before, haven’t I?”

Li Xilan’s face was cold, “Did I say I wanted to meet your brother?”

Zhang Da was on the verge of tears, “But this is a chance encounter, don’t you have to say hello to someone you meet by chance? Besides, that’s my good friend…”

Li Xilan frowned, “But I don’t want to meet your brother, and I don’t want to enter your social circle…”

After speaking, Li Xilan turned and walked away, leaving Zhang Da to quickly follow and explain.

The people in the Western restaurant all craned their necks to watch the show.

Only He Ju and Liu Jia looked at each other for a while. He Ju asked Liu Jia, “Are you still hungry?”

Liu Jia was already full and shook her head.

He Ju breathed a sigh of relief, “Then let’s go.”

The two of them left the Western restaurant.

Liu Jia’s mood was a bit low. As a girl, she knew very well what those words from the other girl meant. It was just that she didn’t like Zhang Da, there was no other reason.

A person who is willing to introduce you to their best friend, willing to make you public, and willing to take you home, that’s what it means to like someone.

Liu Jia really wanted He Ju to introduce her to his friends.


What He Ju said next gradually crushed Liu Jia’s heart: “Jia Jia, you’re a very nice girl, you can bring your boyfriend here next time, we…”

He Ju smiled, “Just friends, it’s not suitable.”

Liu Jia clearly heard her heart stop beating in that moment. Her already pale face became even paler.

She had mustered up the courage several times today, and it had exhausted her.

Now, Liu Jia…

She couldn’t even speak, her eyes were completely red, and tears were welling up.

Perhaps to preserve her last bit of dignity, in the moment when her tears fell, Liu Jia turned around and choked out, “I… I know, don’t get the wrong idea, I just think the atmosphere here is nice, that’s why I came…”

He Ju watched Liu Jia’s back, feeling uneasy. What was the difference between the current Liu Jia and his past self? He didn’t want it to be like this either…

But it’s better to end it than to let it drag on.

The longer it dragged on, the more painful it would be.

Seeing Liu Jia in this state, he couldn’t let her ride her bike home alone, but he didn’t want to take her either.

He Ju: “I’ll call a car for you, you can take the car home first. As for your motorcycle, can I bring it back for you later?”Liu Jia really wanted to refuse He Ju, but faced with him still considering her feelings at this time, she still couldn’t bring herself to do it.

She obediently got into the taxi He Ju had hailed for her, then sat silently with her head bowed.

After telling the driver the destination, He Ju turned and left.

Liu Jia watched the scenery receding outside the window, her face already streaming with tears.

The driver glanced at Liu Jia and couldn’t help but sigh, “Little girl, did you break up with your boyfriend?”


Liu Jia smiled bitterly, “We’re… just friends…”

The driver said, “Little girl, cheer up. Men are everywhere, and you’re so beautiful, you won’t have trouble finding someone!”

It was already past seven in the evening, and the sky was slowly darkening. The moon hanging on the horizon was really bright.

Suddenly, Liu Jia lost control of her emotions, covering her face and crying out loud, startling the driver.

In the end, the driver simply kept quiet, slowed down the car, and let Liu Jia vent.

The pressure of life on young people these days is just too much.

Liu Jia looked at the full moon, and the more she looked, the sadder she became…

The moon was bright, but its brightness was useless, and yet it shone regardless.

She liked He Ju very much, but liking him was useless, and even though it was useless, she still liked him…

It was an uncontrollable affection.

He Ju, what exactly will it take… for you to take a liking to Liu Jia?

Liu Jia cried bitterly, the man who held her youth captive, even without the one she liked, never once looked back at her.

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