Chapter 43 – Did she miss the chance to fall in love with He Ju?

After Si Hua left.

He Ju stood in place for a long time, as if considering his relationship with Si Hua, and as if recalling his past.

He Ju had never received a bit of favor from Su Ran, so when Si Hua rushed towards him so passionately, He Ju’s first reaction was not to respond.

Once bitten by a snake, one is scared at the sight of a well rope for ten years.

He Ju smiled bitterly, just about to go back, when he saw someone standing not far away, it was Liu Jia.

He Ju didn’t know when Liu Jia had started standing here, but at this moment, he clearly saw the tears in Liu Jia’s eyes, and… the things she was holding in her hand, were some nutritional supplements.

He Ju sighed and walked towards Liu Jia.

When Liu Jia saw He Ju coming over, she quickly lowered her head and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes in embarrassment.

He Ju stood in front of Liu Jia, and Liu Jia also regained her smile, handing the things in her hand to He Ju: “I originally wanted to come and see Uncle and Aunt, but I didn’t expect that there would be guests at your house today, so I won’t go up. Can you please give them my regards?”

After saying that, Liu Jia turned and left, as if afraid that if she said another word, tears would fall.

He Ju called out to her in time: “Jia Jia.”

Liu Jia stopped in her tracks, and He Ju walked up to her: “Thank you very much for being willing to come and see my parents.”

Liu Jia’s nose was red, and her round face had a pair of long, black eyelashes with tears hanging on them. Her skin was fair and rosy, probably from crying just now. At this moment, she looked stubborn and aggrieved as she looked at He Ju.

Liu Jia was really cute and beautiful.

He Ju had originally wanted to refuse directly, but looking at Liu Jia’s sad appearance, He Ju began to consider how to phrase his words.

After all…

Liu Jia hadn’t confessed to him, right?

He couldn’t be too direct.

After careful consideration, He Ju said, “Liu Jia, you are a very good friend of mine. Thank you for coming today. I said I would treat you to a meal when I was in Yunnan, and I haven’t fulfilled that promise. How about tomorrow? Do you have time? I’ll treat you to a meal?”

A very good friend,

He Ju felt that he had already hinted very clearly.

Liu Jia was a smart girl, she couldn’t possibly not hear the hidden meaning in his words.

But Liu Jia still smiled foolishly at him and said, “Okay! Can I choose the location for tomorrow?”

He Ju, Liu Jia knew that she didn’t have the right to inquire about his private life, but she still wanted…

to be by your side.

Liu Jia had just seen Si Hua’s back, and girls were very sensitive to each other.

She almost immediately recognized Si Hua as the girl who had accompanied He Ju to the movies last time.

Liu Jia had to admit that the girl was really beautiful, very generous, and her smile was dazzling.

He Ju had already cut ties with Su Ran, and it seemed that he had no intention of turning back, so…

No matter who He Ju liked, it was normal.

As for her… if she were to expose this relationship, it would only make both of their identities awkward, and it would make He Ju more and more distant from Jia Jia.

In that case, it was better for Jia Jia to play dumb to the end, at least…

you could still talk to Jia Jia about your feelings and have a meal together as friends.

He Ju nodded, “Of course.”

Liu Jia smiled, “Then let’s not miss each other tomorrow. I’ll send you the time and place.”

He Ju nodded.

Liu Jia was about to leave, and He Ju looked at the time, it was already past eight o’clock, almost nine o’clock. Liu Jia lived very far from He Ju’s house, and he was worried about her going back alone.

He Ju: “I’ll drive you home.”

Liu Jia wanted to say that she had driven here and could go back by herself, but…

Liu Jia had her own thoughts, she wanted to spend more time with He Ju, even if it was just for a little while.

So Liu Jia nodded gently.

He Ju: “Wait here, I’ll go get the car keys.”

After speaking, He Ju ran back home.

He Yu also had a car, and he could drive, but it was just an ordinary SUV.

Liu Jia stood in place, wondering if the wind tonight was a bit strong, she always felt that the sand was a bit blinding, making her unable to control her tears.

Liu Jia turned to look at the vast night, and suddenly thought…

had she realized it too late? Had she missed the chance to love He Ju?

She thought that as long as she silently accompanied He Ju, as long as He Ju turned back, he would definitely see her.


it seemed like she had made a mistake.

Liu Jia couldn’t help it, she covered her mouth and cried out in a choked voice.

In the past, she had followed behind Su Ran, and could only watch the young and passionate He Ju, tirelessly trying to make Su Ran happy every day, even at the cost of pleasing her.

Although she felt very uncomfortable, she had to pretend to be carefree, pretending to cooperate with He Ju in pursuing Su Ran.

If Su Ran agreed to He Ju, she would accept it, after all, Su Ran was the girl He Ju had liked for ten years.

If Su Ran agreed to He Ju, He Ju should be moved to tears, right?

But He Ju’s passionate love as a young man did not receive Su Ran’s favor.A decade of being childhood sweethearts couldn’t overcome the disparity between their families’ social statuses.

He Ju was an ambitious man, and so was Su Ran.

However, the youthful He Ju’s ambition was solely focused on Su Ran.

While the young Su Ran reveled in the adoration of her school days, basking in the pursuit of countless boys.

To Su Ran, He Ju and those other suitors were fundamentally no different.

Thus, He Ju never received any special attention from Su Ran.

But Liu Jia knew all too well that over the years, while the suitors around Su Ran came and went, the only one who steadfastly remained by her side was He Ju.

Liu Jia had never seen anyone more sincere than He Ju.

She envied Su Ran, almost to the point of madness.

Yet, she could do nothing but stand still, watching the man she liked try so hard to love that girl.

Later, He Ju finally let go of his obsession with Su Ran, and her boy began to live for himself.

Liu Jia was happy, wanting to accompany him silently, waiting for He Ju to slowly emerge from the shadows, then gradually confess to He Ju, healing the various wounds Su Ran had inflicted on him.

But she seemed to be moving too slowly.

She couldn’t match Su Ran’s youthful beauty, nor could she compete with the boldness of the girl from just before.

And her affection for He Ju was expressed so subtly, as she was a rather introverted girl…

In a short time, she really couldn’t muster the courage again.

Liu Jia was on the verge of tears.

When He Ju returned, taking Liu Jia to the underground parking lot, Liu Jia had already composed herself.

Crying was unattractive, and she didn’t want He Ju’s occasional thoughts of her to be marred by the sight of her crying.

He Ju’s voice was very gentle: “Jia Jia, next time you need me, you can just message me, no need to come all this way. Plus, it’s not safe for a girl to be out at night, better to come out during the day.”

Liu Jia felt warmth in her heart, her voice slightly hoarse but still pleasant: “I know, thank you, He Ju. I’m really sorry for the trouble.”

He Ju waved his hand, smiling as he spoke: “We’re classmates, it’s the least I can do.”

He Ju was generous in his words, showing no signs of impatience.

Although Liu Jia felt pained, she still… continued to like He Ju just the way he was.

If the He Ju of the past had eyes and heart only for Su Ran, with Su Ran being his life,

Then at this moment…

He Ju was also Liu Jia’s life.

He Ju would never know that the lovely girl sitting beside him in the passenger seat, her love for him, was no less than the affection he had for Su Ran for ten years.

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