Chapter 42 – Everyone has already kissed, will someone die if I give a hug?

The meal ended in such a strange and awkward atmosphere, but it could be considered a happy gathering, and everyone understood each other without saying a word.

After dinner, Si Hua was pulled back to the room by Little Yu Xin. This time, Si Hua brought three sets of princess dresses for Little Yu Xin, who was delighted and kept changing into different dresses, making her dizzy.

At seven o’clock in the evening, Bai Yan came to call Si Hua, “Sis, I have something to do and need to leave now. Do you want to come with me?”

How could Si Hua be comfortable staying alone at He Ju’s house? She decided to go home with Bai Yan. Little Yu Xin could only ask Si Hua with a longing look, “Sister, will you come to my house again next time?”

He Ju happened to appear, “Yu Xin, be obedient, and your sister will come to see you often.”

Little Yu Xin was instantly happy, “Really?”

Si Hua smiled and patted Little Yu Xin’s head, “Really.”

With Si Hua’s answer, Little Yu Xin waved her hand reluctantly, “Goodbye, sister.”

He Ju’s parents sent Si Hua and her brother to the door, and gave Si Hua a lot of local specialties and a food box filled with food.

Tian Zhen said, “Little Si Hua, Little Ju said you live alone and are usually busy with work, so Master’s wife made some dumplings, tangyuan, braised pork, cured meat, and sausages for you. Take them back and put them in the fridge. When you want to eat, just heat them up. Don’t always eat takeout. As a girl, you should take care of yourself.”

Si Hua was stunned. Besides her mother, no one had been so thoughtful.

Bai Yan was very satisfied. It seemed that He’s family really liked Si Hua as their future daughter-in-law!!!

He Ju smiled and took the things from his mother’s hand for Si Hua, then said to her, “It’s a token of goodwill. I hope you won’t dislike it.”

Si Hua nervously waved her hand, “How…how could I dislike it? I’m so happy…” Si Hua’s eyes were a little red, “Thank you, Master’s wife.”

The person who cared so much about whether she ate well or not, besides her mother, was He Ju’s mother.

Si Hua really hoped that He Ju’s mother might be her mother in the future.

Tian Zhen hugged her, “Little Si Hua, Auntie feels a connection with you. We will stay in City A for about a week. If you don’t mind, He’s family welcomes you at any time.”

He’s father also echoed, “Yes, you two come often. If you want to eat something, tell Ju in advance, and he will buy the ingredients.”

Si Hua gently smiled and agreed, “Thank you for your kindness, Master and Master’s wife. I will come to see you often.”

He Ju planned to stay at home with his parents for a week and didn’t plan to go back to the apartment. But for some reason, he felt a little melancholy at the thought of not seeing Si Hua for nearly a week.

He Ju sent Bai Yan and Si Hua out. Bai Yan, in order not to be a third wheel, had already picked up his things and was waiting in the driver’s seat.

He Ju and Si Hua faced each other, and for some reason, they were at a loss for words.

He Ju also felt inexplicably nervous. Clearly, he was in his twenties, but he had a kind of youthful shyness…which was a unique experience for He Ju.

Si Hua spoke first, “Thank you today.”

He Ju: “Sister Si Hua, I should be the one thanking you.”

In the moonlight, the two figures were stretched out on the ground.

He Ju was hesitating about what to say, but Si Hua suddenly grabbed his finger. He Ju subconsciously turned to look at Si Hua, but she quickly leaned in and hugged him, catching He Ju off guard.

Si Hua’s unique sweet scent penetrated He Ju’s nostrils clearly.

He Ju could feel Si Hua’s soft body and her nervous breathing.

He Ju was stunned on the spot. For a while, he didn’t know whether to push her away or hug her. His heart rate clearly increased significantly.

Si Hua was the boldest girl He Ju had ever met.

Bai Yan also saw this scene in the rearview mirror and quickly jumped up, picked up his phone, and snapped a picture of the scene.

Sure enough, she was Bai Yan’s sister, and this move was a bombshell.

Bai Yan thought Si Hua was going to confess, but she just hugged him for a while, blushing, and then let go of He Ju.

And then…

Covering her face…she ran away.

Bai Yan’s excited expression disappeared instantly.

Really? Is that it?

Si Hua quickly ran into the car and as soon as she closed the door, she immediately said, “Drive.”

Bai Yan glanced at the embarrassed Si Hua in the rearview mirror and rolled his eyes, “No.”

Si Hua’s face suddenly darkened, and she reached out and slapped Bai Yan on the back of the head.

Bai Yan howled and scolded Si Hua angrily, “You’re so useless! He Ju didn’t reject you, why didn’t you strike while the iron is hot? Hurry up and go back down, continue, will you!”

Si Hua was anxious, “Continue what?!”

Bai Yan pouted, “A kiss! You’ve already hugged him, will you die if you kiss him?!”

Si Hua was suddenly at a loss for words…just about to say something, the car window was knocked on by He Ju.Bai Yan was so excited, it seemed like he was ready for more. He was about to speak up when Si Hua covered his mouth from behind, warning him fiercely, “If you dare to spout nonsense, do you believe I’ll let mom and dad know you’re dating right now?”

Bai Yan looked defiant, but he eventually gave in.

Given his mother’s temperament, if she found out he was dating, she’d probably fly back from abroad immediately to see what his future daughter-in-law looked like.

Bai Yan’s girlfriend was also a stubborn person; Bai Yan was genuinely afraid of the potential mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship!

Bai Yan could only nod with his eyes closed, signaling that he wouldn’t talk carelessly.

Only then did Si Hua roll down the car window, instantly switching to a gentle and sweet demeanor, and sweetly asked He Ju, “What’s wrong?”

He Ju handed Si Hua the bag he was holding, which contained steaming hot meat buns that almost bewitched Bai Yan and his sister with their fragrance.

He Ju said, “My mom just brought these over, luckily I caught up in time.”

Bai Yan immediately turned around, snatched the bag from Si Hua’s arms, and eagerly stuffed a bun into his mouth, “So good, so good!! My God! What kind of blessing is this? This is amazing! I’ve been to your house so many times before, how come I’ve never been treated like this?”

While Bai Yan was focused on eating, Si Hua was concerned about something else…

Si Hua’s eyes widened, “Just now, did the master and his wife see?”

He Ju laughed, “No, that wouldn’t happen. That’s a blind spot, it can’t be seen from my house.”

Si Hua patted her chest in relief, “That’s good, it’s good they didn’t see.”

He Ju raised an eyebrow and smiled, “You were quite bold just now, why are you afraid of being seen now?”

Si Hua replied, “That’s different…”

He Ju didn’t expose her, but subconsciously reached out to ruffle Si Hua’s hair, “It’s okay, go back and rest well, good night.”

After that, He Ju patted Bai Yan’s shoulder, “Drive slowly.”

Bai Yan waved his hand, “Got it, got it, I’m off, bye.”

Si Hua only had time to say one thing to He Ju, “Good night.”

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