Chapter 44 – Just classmates, it’s normal not to reply to you

He Ju safely sent Liu Jia downstairs.

He Ju: “See you tomorrow.”

After speaking, He Ju turned to leave, but Liu Jia suddenly called out to him, “He Ju…”

He Ju turned around, and the face that made Liu Jia’s heart flutter appeared before her again. Liu Jia suddenly felt nervous, her fingers unconsciously clenched. Fortunately, in the dim light of night, He Ju couldn’t see her blushing cheeks.

Liu Jia: “You’re about to start your internship. Have you found the company?”

He Ju nodded, “I submitted my resume to Starshine Group. I have an interview in a couple of days.”

Hearing this, Liu Jia felt a bit sad. She wanted to offer to help He Ju with his resume if he hadn’t found a company. But since He Ju was going to Starshine, then…

Liu Jia smiled and thought to herself, maybe she could… go to Starshine too?

He Ju looked at the time, it was already half past ten in the evening. Not wanting to delay any longer, He Ju prepared to get into the car, “I’m leaving. Jia Jia, go to bed early. Goodnight.”

But then, Liu Jia suddenly asked, “He Ju, do you have a girlfriend?”

After asking this question, even Liu Jia herself was stunned. Her heart started beating faster subconsciously, and her mind went blank.

Liu Jia hadn’t expected that she would be so bold…

Perhaps, deep down in her subconscious, she was still unwilling.

Although He Ju was a bit surprised, he still honestly replied, “No.”

Afraid that Liu Jia would misunderstand, He Ju quickly added, “But I currently have no thoughts of being in a relationship.”

He Ju got into the driver’s seat and didn’t give Liu Jia a chance to ask further questions, “I’m heading back now. Jia Jia, you should go home soon too. Goodbye.”

After speaking, He Ju didn’t wait for Liu Jia’s response and quickly drove away.

Liu Jia, however, remained standing in place, not moving.

No girlfriend, which means no relationship.

If there’s no relationship, is there still time for everything?

Unwilling, Liu Jia really couldn’t accept it.

She had convinced herself countless times that loving someone means giving them the freedom they want.

But the frequency of her heartbeat told her: if she didn’t fight for it once, she would regret it for the rest of her life.

If that girl could pursue He Ju, then shouldn’t she also be brave enough to take the first step?

Liu Jia made up her mind to gather her emotions and prepare to go upstairs, but she saw someone at the corner, and Liu Jia was startled, “Ah? Who’s there?”

Click clack…

It was the sound of high heels.

The person quickly appeared in Liu Jia’s line of sight. It was Su Ran, wearing a slim blue evening gown that showcased her slender figure, stunning at first sight.

Liu Jia quickly calmed down.

Since they parted ways at the school gate last time, this was the first time Su Ran had come to find her.

The smile on Liu Jia’s face disappeared completely, and she looked at Su Ran with a slight frown, “What are you here for?”

Su Ran had a hint of sarcasm on her face, whether it was directed at herself or at Liu Jia, it was unclear.

Su Ran: “Jia Jia, it’s only been less than a month, and you’re so impatient?”

Liu Jia’s mood instantly sank, biting her lip, she stubbornly asked, “Since you’ve given up on him, is it wrong for me to pursue him?”

Su Ran’s expression was complex, she took a deep breath, adjusted her emotions, and avoided saying anything more hurtful. She remained silent for a while before speaking, “Jia Jia, I don’t know how much you like He Ju, but my intention in coming here today is not to question you.”

Tears seemed to flash in Liu Jia’s eyes, “Then what is it?”

Su Ran smiled, “My mom took me to a party today and introduced me to many wealthy young men. Looking at their self-righteous appearances, I suddenly thought of He Ju. He seems completely different from those people…”

For some reason, Liu Jia laughed, “So, you’ve weighed the pros and cons of everyone in your mind, and you still think He Ju is the best? Are you trying to tell me today that you like He Ju?”

Su Ran was very frank, “I just wanted to talk to you about my feelings. I didn’t expect to see He Ju send you home.”

Su Ran shrugged, “To be honest, when I saw that scene just now, I felt uncomfortable.”

After speaking, Su Ran leaned against the wall, her round eyes quietly looking at Liu Jia, “Jia Jia, I realized… I seem to be jealous.”

“He never used to send other girls home, he was afraid I would mind. But now…”

Liu Jia tightened her grip on her bag, “But you saw it, didn’t you? He and I were always open and honest before today, but after today…”

Liu Jia took a deep breath, and with utmost clarity, she said, “Su Ran, I won’t give He Ju to you anymore.”

Su Ran was also very surprised. The usually reserved and shy Liu Jia was actually declaring war on her face to face?

It seems that…

He Ju is really important to Liu Jia.Su Ran’s mood had been off all day, and now it was even worse, but she didn’t show it, merely offering a faint smile: “Then I shall… wait and see.”

After Su Ran left, Liu Jia’s body went limp, needing the wall’s support to stand steady, her pale face gasping for air.

Su Ran’s presence was truly formidable…

Liu Jia didn’t know where she had found the courage to confront Su Ran head-on.

He Ju was unaware of this little episode. When he got home, he and Si Hua bid each other goodnight, and after a shower, he went to sleep.

Gradually distancing himself from Su Ran, his sleep quality had been improving, and he was starting to enjoy this lifestyle more and more.

Meanwhile, Su Ran drove home with a gloomy expression, unable to find joy. Although she had long known about Liu Jia’s feelings for He Ju, seeing their relationship progress made her chest feel unbearably tight.

Picking up her phone, she opened her chat history with He Ju, which hadn’t been updated for several days. The last message was from Su Ran, and He Ju had not replied.

In a fit of anger, Su Ran slammed her phone onto the car seat.

The driver, catching a glimpse of Su Ran in the rearview mirror, was so frightened that he didn’t dare utter a word.

Although Su Ran was the treasured daughter of the Su family, she was generally even-tempered and had never lashed out at the maids or security staff. This was the first time the driver had seen her angry.

After a long silence, Su Ran quietly picked up her phone and dialed He Ju’s number.

But the phone rang for a long time without an answer.

Tears began to fall from Su Ran’s eyes.

“He Ju, is it because I rejected you once? Is that why you’re doing this?”

So, Su Ran began to call He Ju frantically.

He Ju was awakened by the incessant ringing. Seeing Su Ran’s incoming call, he simply hung up and set his phone to silent.

Women are emotional creatures, and in the middle of the night, He Ju was afraid Su Ran might say something unnecessary.

Su Ran still couldn’t get through to He Ju, and in her fury, she was shaking all over, unable to resist sending him a message: “You’re willing to drive Liu Jia home but not willing to answer my call?”

Su Ran thought He Ju wouldn’t reply, but he quickly responded with four words: “None of your business.”

Su Ran felt a darkness before her eyes and couldn’t help but slowly type: “???”

He Ju replied swiftly: “Just classmates, it’s normal not to reply to you.”

The black text seemed to turn redder the more she looked at it.

Reading those two sentences from He Ju, Su Ran suddenly felt a suffocating and sour taste in her heart…

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