Chapter 41 – Sister, do you like my brother?

Finally, the three of them returned to He’s house.

Si Hua was nervous all the way, and her words became fewer. Only Bai Yan was still chattering in front, completely unaware of his sister’s embarrassment.

He Ju quietly approached Si Hua and whispered, “It’s just a regular family dinner. You’ll get used to it.”

Although Si Hua was nervous, she still keenly caught the key point, “Get used to it? Will you bring me here often in the future?”

He Ju smiled, feeling somewhat pleased for some reason, “As long as you’re willing to come, I’ll be honored.”

The two looked at each other and smiled.

Soon, the three of them went upstairs, and Bai Yan knocked on the door, “Uncle, Auntie, we’re here!”

Before Si Hua could even mention the conspicuous little brother, the door opened.

He Yu appeared, “Little Yan, Little Si Hua, come in.”

He Yu’s family knew Bai Yan, but they didn’t expect Bai Yan’s sister to be Si Hua.

Bai Yan was very familiar and immediately went in with a big smile.

Si Hua greeted, “Hello, Teacher He.”

He Yu greeted them with a smile, “Look at you two, just come in. Why did you bring so much stuff?”

Bai Yan smoothly responded, “Uncle, it’s just a little something. Don’t be so polite, after all, we’re all family.”

Si Hua’s face turned red again…

What exactly was Bai Yan saying?

He Ju then rolled up his sleeves with a smile, “Si Hua, you sit and rest for a while. I’ll go wash some fruit.”

Si Hua immediately stood up, “Can I help you?”

He Ju was about to refuse, but He Yuxin opened the bedroom door and ran over, hugging Si Hua’s legs, “Sister, play with me!”

He Ju said, “Yuxin really likes you. Just play with her for a while. Dinner will be ready soon.”

After He Ju finished speaking, he went into the kitchen. He Ju’s mother also poked her head out, looking very happy, “Si Hua, just play with Yuxin for a while. You had the porridge she made this morning, and you can taste Auntie’s cooking later.”

Si Hua could only politely agree, and He Yuxin then pulled Si Hua into the room.

Si Hua sat on the cute Peppa Pig bed, looking at He Yuxin’s slightly mischievous face with confusion, “What’s wrong, Yuxin?”

He Yuxin said in a childish voice, “Sister, I saw you whispering to my brother just now~”

Si Hua’s eyes widened. She spoke with a stutter, “Whispering…whispering?” When did she whisper to He Ju?

He Yuxin said, “Yeah, it’s like whispering secrets~”

Si Hua suddenly felt embarrassed. So…it wasn’t that kind of whispering.

Her thoughts were so wicked.

He Yuxin looked at Si Hua with her bright eyes, “Sister, do you like my brother?”

Si Hua felt like she was going to spit blood again. Was it that obvious? Even a child could see it.

Si Hua felt a sense of crisis, “Then…sister said, Yuxin, keep it a secret, okay?”

He Yuxin promised, “Don’t worry, sister, it’s our secret.”

So, Si Hua nodded lightly.

He Yuxin was instantly happy, reaching out to hug Si Hua’s neck, “Wow!!! I’ll have a sister-in-law in the future!”

He Yuxin even kissed Si Hua’s face and whispered, “Sister, don’t worry, I’ll help you!”

She even waved a little fist at Si Hua, “Sister, go for it!”

Si Hua laughed and quickly picked up the little rice ball in front of her, rubbing her cheek, “Little Yuxin, why are you so cute? Too cute!!!”

Si Hua couldn’t stop smiling. She really liked everything about He’s family.

What should she do? She really wanted to have a cute daughter like Yuxin with He Ju.

The old Si Hua used to think that children were troublesome, but now, seeing Yuxin, she overturned her previous theory. Having a child is really nice.

She hoped that He Ju would let go of the past soon, fully open his heart to the new self, and accept her, the poor person who had been secretly in love with him for many years.

After playing with He Yuxin for a while, He Ju came to knock on the door, “Si Hua, Yuxin, come out for dinner.”

He Yuxin immediately got up and pulled Si Hua’s hand out.

By this time, the food was already on the table.

Si Hua originally wanted to sit next to He Ju’s mother, after all, she wasn’t He Ju’s girlfriend yet, but He Yuxin was so supportive. She directly pulled out the chair next to He Ju and then looked at Si Hua with a cute face, “Sister, you sit.”

Si Hua felt a little embarrassed and a little happy. Just as she was hesitating whether to sit or not, Bai Yan walked over and sat next to He Ju’s mother.

Well, Si Hua only had the seat next to He Ju left.

Tian Zhen also smiled and said, “Little Si Hua, sit down and try Auntie’s cooking.”

Si Hua could only thank her politely and then sit down, secretly high-fiving He Yuxin.

He Ju brought the last dish of sweet and sour pork ribs and placed it in front of Si Hua.

He Yuxin sweetly looked up at He Ju, “Brother, take good care of sister.”

With that, everyone burst into laughter.

He Ju couldn’t help but lower his head and playfully tapped He Yuxin’s nose, “You little rascal, do you need to say that?”

He Yuxin then obediently ran to Tian Zhen, “Mom, I want to eat that…”

She didn’t want to disturb her brother and sister’s time together.

Bai Yan looked at all this and couldn’t help but give a thumbs up to He Yuxin. This little Yuxin was just as clever as he was.

He Yu said, “Little Ju, serve some food to Little Si Hua.”

Tian Zhen said, “Son, don’t neglect Little Si Hua.”

He Ju smiled and agreed, and Si Hua also politely thanked him.Bai Yan immediately wailed, “Ah, before my sister arrived, my uncles and aunts always let me eat first. Times have indeed changed~”

Everyone burst into laughter, and Little Yu Xin quickly quipped, “Brother Bai Yan, you should be content. Naturally, the beautiful sister gets to eat first.”

The laughter grew louder, and Si Hua couldn’t help but chuckle.

Bai Yan was utterly shocked, “Indeed, no matter the age, girls are quicker to turn their backs than flipping a book! Yu Xin! Didn’t you used to say that Brother Bai Yan was the most handsome?”

Little Yu Xin replied, “That was before I saw Sister Si Hua, hehe…”

The laughter intensified, and even He Ju couldn’t help but sneak a peek at Si Hua.

Indeed, Si Hua was truly beautiful, with delicate skin that shone like a little sun when she smiled. When she was shy, she seemed to glow with a rosy hue. No wonder Little Yu Xin was so taken with her.

He Ju had never seen Little Yu Xin like someone so much before.

Lost in thought, He Ju stared at Si Hua a little too long until she, feeling embarrassed, discreetly poked He Ju’s arm. He Ju quickly snapped back to reality, just as his parents averted their gazes, giving him a feeling of his attempt to conceal only making things more conspicuous.

Bai Yan’s gaze towards He Ju was filled with inquiry, as if to say: I’ve caught you, haven’t I?

Meanwhile, Si Hua felt as if she was under everyone’s watchful eyes.

It was both torturous and sweet…

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