Chapter 40 – Love makes people timid: Blushing Si Hua

Bai Yan quickly received a call from He Ju. He had to temporarily put aside his girlfriend to make great sacrifices for his brother.

Fortunately, because He Ju was Bai Yan’s future brother-in-law, Bai Yan’s girlfriend Yang Qian readily agreed.

He Ju also called his good buddies, Motor and Fatty, but one was on a trip and the other was busy with club activities.

So, the only ones coming tonight were Bai Yan and Si Hua.

He Ju was preparing ingredients at home, while Si Hua had already come back from work and was choosing clothes at home.

Of course, Si Hua wasn’t alone; she had her bestie, He Yuyan, with her.

Si Hua changed into a sexy short skirt, showing off her long and slender legs, but He Yuyan shook her head and said, “It’s okay to seduce He Ju, but it’s too frivolous to wear this to his house. Change.”

Si Hua immediately changed into a princess-style dress. “How about this? Will it look cute?”

He Yuyan shook her head and said, “Do you think you’re going to Disneyland? Change!”

Si Hua changed into a black cocktail dress that perfectly accentuated her figure. It was beautiful, but He Yuyan commented, “Very high-class, like a young lady from a wealthy family going to visit her deceased boyfriend’s grave.”

Si Hua was at a loss and quickly changed into a JK-style dress.

He Yuyan said, “It looks too small and not stable enough. Change.”

Si Hua changed into a small suit with a Chanel style, and He Yuyan said, “Are you going to a meeting? It’s too serious. Change!”

Si Hua was exasperated and looked at He Yuyan with a pained expression. “Do we really have to be so particular about this?”

He Yuyan nodded. “You’ve liked He Ju for so many years, and now that he’s finally taking this step, you have to hold on tight.”

With that, He Yuyan personally went to Si Hua’s closet to pick out clothes.

Si Hua looked at the time; it was already four in the afternoon. She hadn’t chosen her clothes or done her makeup, and she was getting anxious.

He Yuyan handed Si Hua a light green shirt dress. “Here, try this on.”

Si Hua immediately tried it on and came out. He Yuyan nodded in satisfaction. “Fresh and beautiful. Tie up half of your green hair and leave the rest loose in front of your chest. It perfectly accentuates your waist. Pair it with a small handbag and white high heels, and that’s enough.”

Oh, and earrings. You should wear small pearls to look elegant and show off your fair skin.

He Yuyan looked at the time and immediately took Si Hua to the dressing table. “Close your eyes; I’ll do your makeup.”

Si Hua obediently closed her eyes, and outside the room, Bai Yan was sitting in the living room playing games.

Bai Yan had lost track of how many times he had looked at Si Hua’s room. He had lost many games, but Si Hua still hadn’t come out.

On the coffee table in front of Bai Yan were many exquisite gift boxes. Bai Yan felt that if Si Hua came with these heavy gifts, it would be like showing her hand: everyone would know her intentions.

But Bai Yan didn’t plan to remind Si Hua. Although he sometimes felt itchy about this sister, he still wanted her to have a good future.

He Ju was his brother, and no one understood He Ju better than Bai Yan.

He Ju was a trustworthy person, and his family was very open-minded. If Si Hua married him, there would definitely be no unpleasant mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship or any conflicts of interest. Si Hua’s temperament also needed someone like He Ju to stabilize her emotions!

The more Bai Yan thought about it, the more he felt they were a perfect match.

It’s just that his sister’s progress was too slow. He was so anxious that he wanted to drug them and lock them up together.

Finally, Si Hua’s bedroom door opened, and Bai Yan was shocked to see her with a simple and natural makeup look. He exclaimed, “Wow, a woman in love is really different. Sis, you finally have a bit of femininity.”

Si Hua immediately grabbed a pillow and threw it at Bai Yan, who quickly ducked.

He Yuyan laughed and teased Bai Yan, “After not seeing each other for a few months, Little Yan is still asking for trouble.”

Bai Yan smiled and looked at He Yuyan. “After not seeing each other for a few months, Sister Yuyan has been well-nourished by love, becoming more and more beautiful. I just don’t know when my sister will catch up.”

Si Hua looked at Bai Yan coldly. “Are you asking for trouble?”

Bai Yan grinned, about to say something, when the door was knocked. “Si Hua, Bai Yan, open the door.”

Bai Yan immediately bounced up to open the door and said with a smile, “Sis, you better treat me well, or I won’t help you.”

He Yuyan added, “Do well tonight, sisters.”

Si Hua was nervous, her palms sweating. She wasn’t even He Ju’s girlfriend yet, and she was starting to lose herself.

She looked to He Yuyan for help. “Keep your phone on, okay?”

He Yuyan couldn’t help but sigh. She never expected that Si Hua, who was fearless in the face of high-level leaders and interrogation, would be so nervous. She nodded, and Si Hua picked up the things on the table and walked out, taking three steps back for every step forward.

He Yuyan couldn’t help but exclaim, “Love really makes people timid.”He Yuyan had also been running around with Si Hua all afternoon, and now she was simply too lazy to move, so she decided to just sleep in Si Hua’s room.

At this moment, He Ju took the things from Si Hua’s hands with a helpless expression: “Sister Si Hua, why did you bring so much stuff again? We already have a lot at home…”

Without thinking, Si Hua used Bai Yan as an excuse: “Little Yan wanted to take it, it’s his thoughtfulness today.”

Bai Yan was momentarily confused: “What did I take?”

Si Hua’s face instantly turned red, and Bai Yan quickly realized: “Ah right, right, right, He Ju, it’s Brother’s way of showing respect to uncle and auntie, don’t worry about it too much. After all, I’ve relied on you for quite a few free meals over the years at school.”

After saying that, Bai Yan gave Si Hua a very strange look.

Si Hua blushing? His sister blushing? My goodness!

What kind of epic scene was this?

After all, Bai Yan had only ever seen Si Hua scolding him with a stern face.

Bai Yan felt bitter inside…

He Ju didn’t believe it, but he had no choice but to accept it, and in his heart, he cared even more for Si Hua.

He even personally opened the passenger door for Si Hua.

Si Hua even quietly asked He Ju: “How do I look today?”

He Ju immediately revealed eight white teeth, whispering in her ear: “Very beautiful, dazzling to the eyes.”

Si Hua’s ears turned a faint red under He Ju’s gaze.

He Ju didn’t say anything more but considerately closed the car door.

Bai Yan completely missed the indescribable atmosphere between his sister and He Ju; he was busy looking for the seat belt in the back…

Meanwhile, He Ju turned his head and asked Si Hua: “Shall we set off then?”

Si Hua nodded, her eyes becoming more lively as she looked at He Ju.

He Ju chuckled softly, and then stepped on the accelerator.

Si Hua picked up her phone and messaged her bestie He Yuyan: “He said I look very beautiful today.”

He Yuyan immediately replied: “That’s great, remember to interact more!”

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