Chapter 39

After breakfast, Si Hua received a work call and had to leave. Before leaving, she went to the bathroom.

He Yuxin was anxious and quickly pulled He Ju over, saying, “Brother, squat down, I need to tell you something.”

He Ju squatted down, confused, and He Yuxin whispered in his ear, “Brother, Sister Si Hua is so pretty, so gentle, and smells so nice. Can you make her my sister-in-law?”

He Ju widened his eyes and instinctively covered He Yuxin’s mouth, “What did you say?”

He Yuxin blinked, patted He Ju’s hand, and said, “Brother, I’m serious. I don’t want to be separated from sister…”

He Ju laughed, “You don’t want to be separated from sister, so you’re sacrificing your brother?”

He Yuxin pouted, “It’s obviously sacrificing sister!!!”

He Ju was at a loss for words, then said, “Are you trying to get snacks or not?”

He Yuxin quickly ran to Tian Zhen’s arms, made a face at He Ju, and added, “It doesn’t matter, sister will buy for me.”

He Ju was speechless, and before he could say anything, Si Hua had already come out.

Tian Zhen called out to him, “Hurry up and see them off, don’t keep them waiting.”

He Ju had no choice but to go, and Si Hua and the He family bid farewell and left.

By the time He Ju and Si Hua left the hospital, it was already ten in the morning.

Si Hua said to He Ju, “How about… you bring Yuxin to stay with me for a while tonight?”

He Ju was stunned, “Huh?”

Si Hua said, “I really like Yuxin. I’ve always wanted a little sister to dress up every day, but…”

Si Hua’s face darkened, “I only have an unreliable younger brother.”

He Ju suddenly laughed, “Bai Yan is also good, loyal and affectionate.”

Si Hua nodded, “That’s true, after all, he…” He’s been a great help!

Si Hua stopped halfway and quickly retracted what she wanted to say.

He Ju was puzzled, “Hmm? After all, what?”

Si Hua smoothly lied, “After all, he’s my younger brother, I can’t dislike him too much.”

He Ju nodded thoughtfully, feeling that Si Hua didn’t want to say what she originally intended, so he didn’t ask.

Si Hua said, “I asked Uncle just now, and the doctor said Uncle can be discharged this afternoon. The car is left to you, so you can pick them up tonight.”

He Ju suddenly felt embarrassed. Si Hua had already helped him a lot. He was about to say something, but Si Hua said, “The car isn’t mine, it’s Bai Yan’s. If you don’t believe me, call and ask him.”

He Ju’s words were stuck in his throat.

Well, he had to admit that his stingy brother seemed to be a rich second generation.

He Ju said, “Si Hua, come to our house for dinner tonight, I’ll cook.”

Si Hua blushed slightly, “Would it be appropriate for me to join your family?”

He Ju smiled, “Bai Yan will be there too.”

Si Hua instantly agreed, “Okay, I want sweet and sour spare ribs, is that okay?”

He Ju and Si Hua walked out together, “Sure, what else do you want to eat?”

Si Hua said, “Let me think, but… is it okay to order too much?”

He Ju shook his head, “It’s fine, order whatever you want.”

Si Hua giggled, “Okay, then braised eggplant, tomato and egg, and stir-fried pig kidneys…”

He Ju agreed to each dish.

Si Hua quickly left in a taxi, and He Ju stood in place. For some reason, the smile on his lips was almost uncontrollable.

He Ju had to admit that when he was with Si Hua, he felt incredibly relaxed.

He Ju couldn’t suppress this feeling.

After today, if He Ju still didn’t realize that Si Hua had some feelings for him, then he would be foolish. After all, when he went to Su Ran’s house before, he was just as nervous as Si Hua was today, and brought a lot of things…

He Ju had originally intended to avoid it, but the words of his mother and little Yuxin woke him up.

He didn’t dislike Si Hua, and he could even say that he had some affection for her.

So why not just let things go naturally and see where fate takes them.

After realizing this, He Ju picked up his phone and sent a message to Si Hua: “Be safe on the road, I’ll come to pick you up tonight.”

Si Hua was originally coldly replying to work messages, but when she saw He Ju’s message, the frost on her face instantly melted away, and her smile became bright.

Si Hua quickly picked up her phone and replied to He Ju: “Okay.”

The driver, seeing Si Hua’s strong aura, didn’t dare to speak at first, but seeing Si Hua so happy, he couldn’t help but joke, “Little girl, why are you so happy? Boyfriend?”

Si Hua politely replied, “Not yet.”

The driver was about to ask more, but Si Hua smiled and answered, “My crush.”

The driver laughed, “Little girl, with your looks, your crush must be very handsome, right?”

Thinking of He Ju, Si Hua’s eyes sparkled, “Yes, but his character is even better.”

Si Hua chatted with the driver all the way. If her subordinates had seen Si Hua’s infatuated look, they would have exclaimed, “Did the sun rise from the west today?”

Back at the company, Si Hua changed her expression again, with no hint of a smile on her face, and walked up the stairs in high heels.

Si Hua’s assistant, Zhang Xiaoxiao, greeted her, “President Si, the meeting notice has been sent out, it will start in about half an hour.”

Si Hua softly responded, “Okay,” and then asked, “How are things with the Qiu family?”

Zhang Xiaoxiao said, “I checked, the Qiu family has a project collaboration with Xingyao.”

Si Hua was interested. She knew that the Qiu family and Xingyao had a collaboration, but due to her recent appointment, she hadn’t had a chance to look into it in detail. “What project? How much is it worth?”

Fortunately, Zhang Xiaoxiao knew Si Hua’s temperament well. Anything that Si Hua personally inquired about was definitely not a small matter, and had to be handled with great attention to detail.Zhang Xiaoxiao: “The majority of the furniture factory’s products are handled by Xingyao for sales. In just two days, Xingyao is scheduled to renew their contract with the Qiu family group, worth about five million. There are also other projects, big and small, that when added up, total around ten million.”

Si Hua suddenly smiled: “Since the contract hasn’t been renewed yet, let’s not renew it. All other collaborations with the Qiu family will be halted. It’s time for Xingyao to change its style. Notify the sales department to have a meeting together later.”

Zhang Xiaoxiao was stunned. How had the Qiu family offended Si Hua? Wasn’t this blatantly blacklisting the Qiu family?

A company that Xingyao refuses to work with will have a hard time surviving in A City.

Zhang Xiaoxiao: “But next month, Xingyao is about to launch new products, and the notices have already been sent out. Wouldn’t it be too rushed to find new suppliers now? And there are also penalties for breaching other project contracts…”

Si Hua: “Don’t worry about it, I have a sense of measure for the penalties. Go get ready.”

Zhang Xiaoxiao could only comply and leave, but as she turned around, she glanced at Si Hua, who was looking at her phone, a stark contrast to the cold and ruthless demeanor she had just displayed.

Was this the gentle demeanor of a young lady?

Then, Si Hua put down her phone and resumed working with an expressionless face.

Zhang Xiaoxiao, frightened, quickly turned back and shook her head: “I must be seeing things, my eyes are playing tricks on me…”

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