Chapter 22 – Why fear, you big straight guy

After calming down, He Ju tidied up and prepared to take Si Hua out to eat.

As soon as He Ju changed into a hoodie and long pants, there was a knock on the door.

He Ju carried a small black chest bag, packed a power bank, a bag of tissues and wet wipes, and also brought ibuprofen that he bought from the pharmacy downstairs during the day. He also brought a thermos cup filled with hot water.

Not only that, he also had a DSLR camera hanging around his neck. He wanted to go out and take some photos and enjoy the night view.

When he opened the door, Si Hua had already changed into a different outfit. When the two of them met eyes, both He Ju and Si Hua were slightly surprised.

Because they were both wearing blue hoodies and black pants, it gave off a vibe of a couple’s outfit.

He Ju couldn’t help but laugh, “What a coincidence, Sister Si Hua.”

In the dim yellow light of the hotel corridor, Si Hua’s face gave He Ju a hazy sense of beauty. When she smiled, she looked even sweeter.

It was strange, because in He Ju’s impression, he remembered Si Hua as an elegant lady, so why did she suddenly seem so sweet?

Si Hua also smiled at him, “Indeed, what a coincidence, He Ju. It seems like our tastes are the same. Look, how well-matched we are?”

He Ju was originally listening quietly, but after hearing the last sentence, he suddenly looked up, feeling somewhat surprised, “Huh?”

Did she mean what he was thinking?

After saying that, Si Hua didn’t intend to say anything else, “Let’s go then, change to a different night market and take a stroll.”

How could He Ju refuse? He quickly went along with her.

Dali is a romantic city, and in the alleys, you can see young men and women holding guitars and singing their favorite songs or folk songs.

They don’t care if anyone sees them. They are free, doing what they love.

He Ju once heard a saying: “Folk songs are poor, guitars are expensive. Girls are beautiful, boys are not worthy. Folk songs have three: love, ideals, and distance. Listeners have three: loneliness, mediocrity, and destitution. After listening, there are three: cigarettes, alcohol, and heartache.”

The young people may not have love, but their guitars and ideals will always take them to distant places, to pursue love and seek freedom. They have never been destitute or mediocre. They love this world and love themselves.

He Ju thought this was great.

He was also a young man who loved playing the guitar. He shouldn’t be stuck in one place for one person and never see his own excellence. He should love himself and strive to live well.

Most of the people around were riding bicycles or electric scooters, and there were also people like He Ju and Si Hua taking a walk outside.

He Ju picked up his camera and took many photos of these people. Just as he was taking a photo of a singer, Si Hua suddenly appeared in his camera.

Her long hair was like a waterfall, incredibly beautiful.

When Si Hua turned back and smiled, the image was captured.

He Ju looked at the photo in the camera and couldn’t help but be slightly stunned. Si Hua was truly beautiful, and He Ju even felt that she could rival those big stars in the entertainment industry.

This face, this well-proportioned figure.

He Ju suddenly thought, with Si Hua’s face, she should be able to thrive in the entertainment industry.

He Ju: “Sister Si Hua, have you ever thought about developing in the entertainment industry? With your beauty, you can definitely outshine others.”

Si Hua suddenly looked at He Ju seriously and said, “I don’t want to outshine others. I just want someone to be fascinated and moved by me.”

He Ju’s heart suddenly trembled slightly. Who was the person Si Hua was talking about?

He Ju suddenly thought, could it be him?

But as soon as this thought arose, He Ju quickly denied it.

How could that be possible? He had known Si Hua for too short a time.

He Ju always felt that he was not perfect, just ordinary. How could someone as radiant as Si Hua be interested in a poor boy like him?

So He Ju restrained himself and smiled, “I wonder who is so lucky?”

Si Hua flicked her ear, and her fair face was exposed to the evening breeze. Her voice seemed somewhat sad, “I’m just like you. I also like someone, and I’ve liked him for a very long time…”

He Ju and Si Hua walked slowly under the streetlights, feeling the evening breeze.

Si Hua’s voice was faint, accompanying the evening breeze, and for the first time, He Ju heard the untold story in Si Hua’s heart.

Si Hua: “The year I met him, I had just graduated from junior high school, and because I didn’t get into a good key high school, my family decided to send me abroad to study. After my unsuccessful resistance, I ran out of the house. It was raining heavily that day, and I stood alone in the rain for a long time in the park, and only a little boy gave me an umbrella and a warm jianbing…”He Ju pondered, “Just from one encounter, you fell for him?”

Si Hua smiled, “Yes, at the age when love first blossoms, just one meeting was enough to fall in love, and I’ve been smitten ever since.”

Si Hua continued, “The pancake fruit wrap is really delicious. I still remember it was stuffed with ketchup, along with egg and ham sausage. It was truly great.”

He Ju laughed, his gaze inadvertently catching a small stall not far away.

His eyes lit up, “Do you want a pancake fruit wrap? I’ll buy you one.”

Si Hua nodded, “Sure.”

He Ju immediately ran towards the pancake fruit wrap stall, “Boss, one pancake fruit wrap, please.”

The stall owner replied, “Coming right up!”

He Ju ran so fast that he naturally didn’t see the slight wetness in Si Hua’s eyes.

Si Hua looked up at the sky, the stars over Dali were so numerous.

Si Hua stretched out her hand and waved, pushing back the tears that were almost spilling out.

He Ju, oh He Ju, she had made it so clear, yet you still don’t remember…

If it weren’t for seeing you in a photo with Bai Yan, I really wouldn’t know how to find you in this vast sea of people.

Before she went abroad, she visited He Ju’s school many times, but He Ju was always running after a little girl, ever since they were young.

In He Ju’s peripheral vision, there was never a character named Si Hua.

Thinking about this sad story made Si Hua want to cry.

She couldn’t help but curse inwardly, “He Ju, you big straight man!”

Soon, He Ju came running back, just like when they were kids, handing her a warm pancake fruit wrap, “Eat up, if it’s not enough, I’ll buy you more.”

Holding the pancake fruit wrap, Si Hua looked at him with her dark eyes and said, “I’d like some water too.”

He Ju smiled and took out a thermos from his chest bag, “During special times, girls shouldn’t drink cold water outside.”

Si Hua was suddenly surprised, so that was why He Ju carried a backpack…

Her resolve strengthened!

She absolutely must not miss out on a good man like He Ju!!!


He Ju!

Stop liking Su Ran, look at Si Hua by your side, Si Hua’s heart is filled with melancholy.

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