Chapter 21 – The passion of one person will be consumed

He Ju was still feeling sorry for himself just now, and now he feels a little at a loss.

His face turned red, and He Ju felt that if he didn’t move away, he would lose control of the tremendous power in his body.

Therefore, He Ju made a decision, once again picked up Si Hua, quickly put her on the bed, covered her with a blanket, and then turned and left.

Before leaving, He Ju also put a cup of hot water on the bedside of Si Hua, and then left Si Hua’s bedroom.

He Ju even felt a little guilty, completely unaware that this was someone’s scheme.

After He Ju left, Si Hua sat up, blushing, she had originally wanted to hug his legs, but turned abruptly and hugged his waist instead. In order to make it seamless, she didn’t even have time to adjust her direction.

Si Hua quickly took a sip of water from the table to calm herself down.

Si Hua kept comforting herself: It’s the first time I’ve flirted with a man, I have no experience, it’ll be better next time!

Si Hua felt her whole body was congested, and she was very excited.

Just then, Si Hua’s bestie called, and Si Hua quickly answered, excitedly saying, “Yu Yan, Yu Yan, I just hugged the person I’ve liked for many years…”

He Yuyan got excited when she heard this: “Is it that fair-skinned little boy?”

Si Hua: “He’s quite something, wasn’t I supposed to have my period today, and then…”

Si Hua explained the cause, process, and result in detail.

He Yuyan: “Your methods are too low-end, Si Hua, you only have a week, how can you be so subtle? This He Ju kid looks good, you have to seize the opportunity, what’s the point of reading all those romance novels? What if He Ju returns to City A and Su Ran changes her mind again?”

Si Hua blushed and felt a little regretful: “But I have no experience…”

He Yuyan laughed happily: “Your sister Yuyan has experience, after all, your sister Yuyan’s husband was hooked by me like this, and now he loves me to death~”

Si Hua listened to this voice and got goosebumps all over her body: “Hey, can you be normal?”

He Yuyan laughed heartily for a while, then said, “Seriously, isn’t he going to work at Starlight in the future? You’re his boss, why not just make him your assistant? This is also beneficial for cultivating your relationship.”

Si Hua shook her head: “Leaving personal feelings aside, He Ju is a very capable person. Making him my assistant would only waste his talent. I will put him in a position that suits him. Yuyan, believe me, in a few years, He Ju will definitely make a name for himself in City A.”

He Yuyan smiled: “I believe you, after all, when did Si Hua ever misjudge someone?”

He Yuyan: “I really don’t know what charm that kid He Ju has, to make you like him for so many years…”

Si Hua smiled: “Who needs a reason to like someone? In front of others, I am a strong woman, capable of anything, but in front of Ju Ju Ju, I just want to be a little woman…”

He Yuyan: “Oh, still a little woman, but you are older than He Ju, why do you like younger brothers? Isn’t the older brother attractive? Rich and caring.”

Si Hua chuckled: “You don’t know how good younger brothers are, young, good-looking, and energetic.”

He Yuyan: “I don’t believe it, unless you try with that Ju Ju Ju and then tell me.”

Si Hua: “…” Be a person.

The two chatted for a while and then hung up the phone.

Si Hua happily hugged a pillow and fell asleep. She needed to rest up so she could have a good date with He Ju in the evening.

At this time, He Ju went back to his room, took a cold shower, then picked up the red wine in the hotel and poured two glasses, sitting on the balcony, looking at the clear blue sky and the endless sea, feeling quite content.

Thinking of Si Hua sleeping next door, He Ju’s mood improved a bit, and he couldn’t help but take out his phone and take a selfie, then took a picture of the sky and the sea, captioning it: In just one night, my heart has changed.

After that, He Ju posted it on his social media.

He turned off his phone and lay on the recliner, drinking wine, and soon fell asleep.

He Ju was awakened by the cold wind, and when he woke up, the sun had already set.

He Ju picked up his phone, and the first thing that caught his eye was a series of messages from Su Ran.

– He Ju, I was planning to go to Yunnan to find you today, but there was an accident on the way and I missed my flight. You won’t blame me, will you?

– Brother He Ju, Dad talked to me, I think I was a bit too much towards you before, can we talk when you come back?

– Brother He Ju, I miss you so much.

– Brother He Ju, I saw your social media post, how was your day today?

– Brother He Ju, can you reply to me?

He Ju’s mood was very complicated. After thinking for a long time, he finally replied in a way that imitated Su Ran’s previous style – “Hmm.”

When He Ju returned, he saw a message from Liu Jia.

Liu Jia sent him a picture of a sunflower.

– He Ju, look at the sunflower I raised, isn’t it beautiful? You should always face the sun and bloom, waiting for you to come back.

He Ju smiled politely and replied: Beautiful, thank you.

Liu Jia replied with a cute emoji.

But Su Ran called.

He Ju was originally too lazy to answer, but after thinking about it, he answered the call as if by instinct.

The moment the call connected, Su Ran started crying.

“He Ju brother… sniff…”

If it were before, He Ju might have been anxious, flustered, and tried to comfort her.But now, He Ju just listened quietly.

Su Ran sobbed for a long time, but He Ju didn’t show the concern he used to, which made her feel even worse. She muttered dejectedly, “Brother He Ju, you’ve changed…”

He Ju sighed, “Su Ran, people change, and you have to grow up too.”

Su Ran shook her head, her eyes swollen, tears falling like beads off a broken string: “I don’t want to grow up, Brother He Ju, you said you’d never be indifferent to me…”

He Ju was silent for two seconds: “Su Ran, a person’s passion can be exhausted. You never choose me first, how can I continue…”

“Su Ran, I’m already wounded all over, won’t you let me go? What are we now? What do you take me for? A dog that comes when called and is dismissed at will?”


Su Ran had never really thought about what she considered He Ju to be.

If he was really just a brother, why did her heart ache so much?

But if he was a boyfriend…

Su Ran cried a mess, unable to utter a single word.

For a moment, He Ju didn’t know what to say. He wanted to ask Su Ran: Will you one day regret not loving me properly?


In the end.

He Ju didn’t ask, because he knew he wouldn’t get an answer.

Waiting for someone is too exhausting.

Let it end here.

This absurd farce.

He Ju rubbed his temples with a headache, his voice hoarse: “If it’s nothing important, don’t call me anymore, it affects my life.”

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