Chapter 23 – There are thousands of regrets, each person is different

After eating the fried pancake fruit, He Ju and Si Hua finally arrived at the night market.

Perhaps it was a special time, Si Hua wanted to eat something spicy and cold, after all, the pain had just started, and now after a nap, Si Hua could already endure it.

Si Hua eagerly ordered a lot, but when the food was served, there was only a little bit of sesame sprinkled on all the beef skewers.

It smelled really good…

But Si Hua felt wronged, looking at He Ju with her big watery eyes, “I want to eat something spicy…”

He Ju shook his head seriously, “No, you can’t. You have to wait until that time is over.”

Si Hua felt sweet in her heart.

Who wouldn’t love He Ju like this?

Si Hua’s round and shiny black eyes seemed to sparkle like stars, nodding obediently, “Okay, then you have to take me to eat next time.”

He Ju suddenly smiled, his clear and angular features gradually softened, and his fine bangs swayed slightly with the evening breeze. His bright white teeth added a touch of youthful spirit.

Si Hua felt that the He Ju now and the He Ju who had just arrived in Yunnan two days ago were two different people, one was decadent, and the other was reborn.

She just didn’t know, what exactly healed He Ju, Yunnan, or her?

While eating the skewers, Si Hua curiously asked He Ju, “Do you mind telling me about your love history?”

He Ju’s hands, with distinct knuckles, trembled slightly when picking up the beef skewers.

Si Hua’s eyes dimmed a bit, “I’m sorry, I was being presumptuous.”

He Ju shook his head slightly, “It’s not presumptuous.”

He Ju slowly began to speak, “She was a girl who cried a lot, also a little princess, growing up like a star-studded moon. I don’t even know when I started to like her. When I suddenly realized it, I had been following her for a whole ten years.”

As He Ju spoke, he couldn’t help but smile, and even felt a bit indifferent. Was this considered completely letting go for He Ju?

He Ju said, “Following her for these ten years, I can’t even tell if I love her or if I’m just used to her.”

He Ju took a bite of the lamb skewer, “Actually, it’s not her fault. It’s me who knew it was a fiery pit ahead, but still flew into the flame like a moth. I didn’t recognize my own position. In fact, in this day and age, whether it’s love or marriage, it’s all about being well-matched. I really shouldn’t have delayed the girl. There’s nothing more to say about it.”

After speaking, He Ju fell silent, describing his extremely difficult ten years in just a few words.

The taste of unrequited love is not easy, but He Ju’s love for Su Ran is so obvious, almost everyone who knows them assumes that He Ju and Su Ran are a couple.

There is a saying: Can you not feel the heat when you stand by the fire?

In fact, it’s just that you can’t wake someone who is pretending to be asleep.

Si Hua asked, “So, what is she to you in the future?”

When Si Hua asked this question, her fingers under the table were slightly nervous and curled up.

He Ju smiled and picked up the beer on the table, taking a sip, his voice slightly hoarse, “She is a past acquaintance.”

An acquaintance is someone who shouldn’t appear in your future life.

There seemed to be a hint of nostalgia burning quietly in He Ju’s clear eyes, “I miss my past self very much. Although it’s a pity, although I miss it, I won’t cling to it.”

Si Hua’s eyes also seemed to be teary, her nose reddened by the wind, she said, “He Ju, the initial state of love is mutual affection. I always believe that love can overcome all obstacles.”

“If you end up parting, it’s because one person lied.”

The evening breeze, barbecue, beer, and a young man took out his guitar and started playing, and He Ju quickly recognized that it was the song “Time Torrent” by Cheng Xiang.

It’s a song he really likes.

People also nodded and swayed along, as if it was quite common for someone to sing while eating barbecue.

When the climax of the melody played:

“Clearly unwilling

Clearly still waiting

But pretending

It doesn’t hurt anymore

Clearly longing

For you to be moved again…

I also want to smile freely

Saying that life is so long

Love and you are not important…”

Through the crowd, He Ju saw some buddies singing along and shedding tears, and also saw some people with regret and tears in their eyes, and of course, some people hurriedly wiped away the tears at the corners of their eyes and continued to chat and laugh with their friends.

There are thousands of regrets, each person is different.

He put his whole heart into this relationship.

Whether in the past or now, he is completely guilt-free.He Ju chuckled, “Sister Si Hua, you’re right. Despite everything we’ve been through, I still hope that everyone can find their true love and live happily ever after. Life in chaos is just too bitter.”

Si Hua’s eyes tinged red at the corners, “Yeah, He Ju, I hope that next year, you can come back to Dali with the girl you like.”

As she spoke, Si Hua picked up the hot water from the table and smiled at He Ju.

That smile made the surrounding scenery pale in comparison, and He Ju’s heart inevitably skipped a beat.

He Ju picked up his beer, and as their glasses clinked, Si Hua seemed even more beautiful.

He Ju said, “I hope the same for both of us.”

Si Hua just smiled without a word, took a sip of hot water, and then said, “Let’s wander around for a couple more days, then head to Lijiang and climb Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, how about that?”

He Ju puzzled, “Why go so far?”

Si Hua replied, “I have a friend who made a wish at the summit of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, hoping that someone would accompany her back the following year. She’s married now.”

He Ju raised an eyebrow, “Sister, are you… hoping to pray for a marriage?”

Si Hua propped her chin in her hand, her eyes somewhat dreamy, and whispered back, “Yes, is that not okay?”

He Ju replied, “Of course, it’s okay. Since we’re out to have fun, let’s do it all. But Sister, your health…”

Si Hua waved her hand dismissively, “It’s just the first day that’s tough, I’ll be fine after a couple of days.”

He Ju nodded, “What about your work?”

Si Hua thought to herself: I pushed all my work aside just for you, naturally, I want to accompany you properly.

Si Hua said, “I took leave.”

He Ju nodded, “It’s good to relax and unwind.”

With a satisfactory answer, Si Hua finally felt at ease.

He Ju drank and sang along with the crowd, enjoying a state of relaxation he hadn’t felt in a very long time.

Si Hua picked up He Ju’s camera from the table and took many photos of him.

He Ju noticed and cooperated by looking at her and smiling.

That gentle, water-like gaze of He Ju made Si Hua feel a moment of daze.

As if He Ju really was her boyfriend.

It was as if they were a deeply in love couple out to relax and unwind.

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