Chapter 20 – This was a bit outrageous

He Ju carried the person to the door of the bathroom: “Are you okay?”

Si Hua nodded, and then covered her abdomen and went in.

Then He Ju’s phone rang again, and He Ju glanced at it, it was Su Ran.

For no reason, He Ju felt annoyed for a moment.

He Ju hung up directly, and then realized that there were two missed calls, both from Su Ran.

He Ju frowned slightly, couldn’t help but sneer: “Su Ran, what do you want?”

He Ju put the phone back in his bag, and then it rang again after two seconds. He Ju answered without looking: “Su Ran, what do you want to do?”

There was silence on the other end for a few seconds, and then a hesitant voice: “Classmate He Ju, it’s me.”

He Ju quickly looked at the caller ID, it was Liu Jia.

He Ju suddenly felt a little embarrassed: “Sorry, Jia Jia, I didn’t see the caller ID.”

Liu Jia: “It’s okay, I just wanted to ask if you’re having a good time in Yunnan? Are you feeling better?”

He Ju: “It’s good, thank you.”

Liu Jia was silent for two seconds: “When are you coming back?”

He Ju: “Probably in a week, is there something wrong?”

Liu Jia: “No, I just want to return your key when you come back, so you can get into the house.”

He Ju suddenly felt that Liu Jia was really kind-hearted.

He Ju smiled: “Thank you, you’re really kind.”

Listening to this, the dimples on Liu Jia’s face became even sweeter, and her voice became much lighter: “Then when you come back, let’s meet and have a meal? I’ll make the reservation, okay?”

If He Ju remembered correctly, Liu Jia had said this before, right?

But He Ju didn’t have time to think, because Si Hua had just come out. He Ju answered, “Okay, I’ll contact you when I get back.”

After that, He Ju said goodbye and hung up the phone, then went to support Si Hua: “How are you feeling? Is it better?”

Si Hua’s face was still very pale, and her delicate little face looked a bit tired. Si Hua’s voice was slightly hoarse: “Much better.”

He Ju sighed and turned around, squatting down and patting her shoulder: “Come on, Young Lady Si Hua.”

Si Hua was slightly stunned, then smiled brightly and obediently climbed onto He Ju’s broad back.

He Ju wasn’t the first to carry a girl. He had carried Su Ran before, but when he carried Su Ran, he was so nervous that he was almost tense all over and didn’t dare to breathe, so he naturally didn’t feel anything.

But Si Hua… gave He Ju a different feeling. He Ju could feel Si Hua’s breath, feel Si Hua’s soft body, feel Si Hua’s slightly faster heartbeat, and even smell a sweet scent that he couldn’t describe.

Si Hua hugged He Ju’s neck, her ears burning, and even spoke more softly than usual: “He Ju, I’m sorry to trouble you.”

He Ju smiled slightly: “No trouble, you should have taken the hotel money in Yunnan this time, right?”

Si Hua: “How did you know?”

He Ju smiled: “How could such a coincidence happen in the world?”

He Ju was silent for two seconds. Although he came to relax, in fact, Si Hua had been accompanying him all the way.

Although it was only a short two days, He Ju was already very grateful.

He Ju: “Sister Si Hua, I should thank you.”

He Ju didn’t see that Si Hua’s face turned even redder, and she even felt that her stomach wasn’t as painful as before.

It wasn’t in vain for her to wait for He Ju for so many years of being single.

To get the moon near the water, Si Hua heard from her spy brother Bai Yan that when He Ju confessed and was rejected, he directly gave up the project worth ten million and returned to China, then took over the Starshine Group decisively, bought two single apartments… and then tried every means to get He Ju to live next door to her.

She was a little sorry for the project worth ten million abroad, but now…

Si Hua lay on He Ju’s back and still felt that He Ju was more important than the so-called ten million.

She really liked Ju Ju Ju.

Si Hua’s mind was wandering, but He Ju had already carried her back to the hotel: “Which room are you staying in?”

Si Hua answered softly and tenderly: “5204.”

He Ju was slightly stunned, wasn’t that next to her room?

He Ju was a little puzzled, but still carried Si Hua back to the room.

Back in the room, He Ju carried Si Hua to the sofa, then said, “I’ll go boil some hot water for you.”

But Si Hua suddenly grabbed his wrist, tears welling up in her eyes: “I still want to eat barbecue tonight…”

He Ju’s face hardened: “It’s a special time, you can’t.”

Si Hua looked at him with a look of grievance: “Just a little bit, just a little bit…”

He Ju couldn’t help but smile wryly: “I find that the description of you by Bai Yan seems to be different.”

Si Hua suddenly smiled sweetly, as if she hadn’t been the one asking for barbecue just now.

Si Hua blinked at He Ju: “That’s called suppressing my true nature!”

He Ju was amused by Si Hua, and helplessly said, “I’ll take you to eat at night, so have a good rest in the afternoon.”

Si Hua smiled: “Okay.”

He Ju went to boil the water.

He Ju sighed slightly. Fortunately, Bai Yan returned the ring that Su Ran didn’t want and got a refund of forty-two thousand. Now, after deducting living expenses, rent, and various other expenses, there were still three thousand left.

In addition to He Ju’s habit of saving money from part-time jobs in the past, two-thirds were spent on Su Ran, and one-third was saved. So currently, there were still two thousand in savings. Altogether, He Ju still had five thousand in hand.

Although, in Su Ran’s eyes, this amount of money was just a drop in the bucket, not worth mentioning at all.He Ju gave a bitter laugh, his mind inevitably conjuring up the ten years that had been completely overlooked. Suddenly, He Ju wondered, what role had he played during those years?

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that he had been nothing but a buffoon.

It wasn’t Su Ran that he couldn’t let go of; it was the pity for himself during those ten years.

In that decade, there wasn’t a single day he had lived for himself.

He Ju, oh He Ju, from now on, you should really live for yourself wholeheartedly.

After heating the water, He Ju carried it back to Si Hua, only to find that she had already fallen asleep on the sofa from exhaustion.

He Ju had no choice but to put down the hot water, pick her up, and carry her into the bedroom, where he gently laid her on the bed and took off her shoes.

He Ju swore, he really had no intention of taking advantage of Si Hua!

But Si Hua seemed to be in a daze, suddenly grabbing onto He Ju’s collar. He Ju lost his balance for a moment and sat down on the bed, only to have Si Hua wrap her arms around his waist and rest her head on his thigh.

This was a bit outrageous…

He Ju’s face flushed red. Looking down, he saw Si Hua lying on his lap, sleeping soundly with her cheeks flushed, looking tempting and beautiful.

He Ju patted Si Hua’s shoulder: “Sister Si Hua?”

Si Hua didn’t react at all, instead holding on even tighter, her breath warm on He Ju’s abdomen.

This made He Ju feel quite uneasy.

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