Chapter 16 – Wasn’t that decade of youth also He Ju’s fearless youth?

Shen Yan smiled and touched Su Ran’s head, “Okay, Ran Ran, you need to broaden your horizons. Since he has found someone, it means he’s not the only one for you. Don’t foolishly go after him.”

Shen Yan wiped Su Ran’s tears with a tissue, “The little princess of the Su family can’t be treated unfairly. Dry your tears, Mom will take you out to buy some nice clothes and bags.”

Su Ran immediately smiled and nodded, “Thank you, Mom. Mom is always the best to Ran Ran.”

Shen Yan: “You are my daughter. If I’m not good to you, then who else? Go on, then.”

So Su Ran happily went to change her clothes.

Just as Su Ran changed into a princess dress, there was a knock on the door, followed by Su Zhen’s voice, “Ran Ran, can Dad come in?”

Su Ran hurriedly ran to open the door, “Dad?”

Su Zhen walked in, “Dad rarely has the chance to talk to you. Today, I want to talk to you about your lifelong matters. Can Ran Ran give Dad some time?”

Su Ran nodded, and the father and daughter sat face to face.

Su Zhen sighed and asked Su Ran, “Ran Ran, aside from the fact that He Ju is a poor boy, how do you think he has treated you all these years?”

Su Ran, who was just happy, suddenly felt a little down.

Su Ran lowered her head, “He has been extremely good to me.”

Su Zhen: “How good?”

Su Ran’s eyes were a little lost for a moment, then she said, “He remembers all my preferences, knows that I like sweet things and don’t like spicy food, remembers that I’m allergic to mangoes. Although all the gifts he gives are cheap, they are the best he can give within his ability. Because of He Ju, my stomach illness has hardly acted up in so many years…”

As she spoke, Su Ran fell silent. She suddenly thought of He Ju’s friend circle today.

Su Zhen: “Ran Ran, Dad asks himself, even Dad can’t remember all of Ran Ran’s preferences, but He Ju does. He is the child Dad has watched grow up. To be honest, He Ju is a child with potential, and he is the only son-in-law Dad has approved of all these years…”

“Nowadays, young people’s relationships are like fast food, changing partners every few days. It’s rare to find someone as devoted as He Ju, and even rarer to find someone who can be as consistent as him. Dad has never seen it.”

Su Zhen took a sip of tea and lamented, “Your mom’s original intention was for you to marry well, but Ran Ran, have you ever thought, would marrying He Ju really make your life worse?”

Su Ran fell silent for a while before asking Su Zhen, “Dad, but He Ju has nothing…”

Su Zhen: “What do you expect from a boy in his early twenties?”

Su Ran felt a little ashamed. Yes, in his early twenties, he was just an ordinary college student, and he hadn’t even really entered society. What could he have?

Su Zhen smiled, “Ran Ran, don’t forget, your maternal grandfather also started from scratch before he built the Su Group.”

“That boy, He Ju, is practical and capable. Dad’s judgment won’t be wrong. Give him ten or eight years to struggle in society, and he might not necessarily be worse off than your dad.”

Su Ran hesitated, “But Dad, how many ten or eight years does a girl have? If I wait for him for so many years, I’ll be old and my youth will be gone.”

Su Zhen disagreed, “Ran Ran, you’re wrong. Is youth only for girls?”

“He Ju’s meticulous care for you over the past ten years, isn’t that his youth?”

“Ran Ran, we can’t enjoy the good things others give us while rejecting what they offer. Dad has allowed He Ju to pursue you for so many years because Dad thinks He Ju is worth it. Ran Ran, don’t give up on someone who has pampered you in every way just because of a moment of stubbornness.”

Su Ran’s eyes grew warm. Yes, without He Ju around, she wouldn’t be doing well in any aspect.

No one would bring her favorite cakes every day, and the chat box with He Ju would always end with her words. She thought He Ju was just sulking with her.

But why did Su Ran have a vague feeling that… it wasn’t just sulking?

Su Ran: “Dad, I will consider it.”

Su Zhen finally nodded in relief, “Daughter, you have to know, you are the person He Ju has liked for ten years. As long as you are willing to lower yourself and be with him, no one can compete with you.”

Su Ran’s heart finally settled a bit, “I understand, thank you, Dad.”

Su Zhen then left, and Su Ran didn’t go out shopping again. Instead, she took a shower, lay on the bed, and stared at her and He Ju’s chat records over the years.

She didn’t realize it until she looked at it, but her eyes couldn’t help but turn red.

For so many years, He Ju had always reminded her every morning about the weather, reminding her to wear sunscreen on sunny days and to bring an umbrella on rainy days, almost taking care of every detail.

Now it was different. He Ju hardly replied to her messages anymore.

After reading the chat records, it was already past one in the morning. Somehow, she really wanted to call He Ju, just like countless times before. Whenever she had a nightmare or couldn’t sleep, she would call He Ju.

No matter when, He Ju would always answer her call and quickly come to her building, staying with her all night.

So this time, Su Ran called He Ju.

To Su Ran’s surprise, at this late hour, He Ju was still on the line, something that had never happened before.

Su Ran sat up from the bed, holding the phone, feeling incredulous.

At this moment, Si Hua was having a long phone conversation with He Ju.Si Hua: “I heard that there are many fun places in Dali, and it just so happens that I’m done with work. If you’re free tomorrow, how about you join me for a stroll?”

He Ju chuckled: “Sure, I’ll wait for you downstairs at eight o’clock tomorrow morning.”

Si Hua: “Great, since that’s settled, you should go to bed early and get plenty of rest. Goodnight.”

He Ju: “Goodnight.”

He Ju had just hung up the phone when he noticed the missed call from Su Ran.

For a moment, He Ju thought he had seen it wrong, even checking several times.

A call this late could only mean that Su Ran couldn’t sleep or had a nightmare.

It was only at times like these that Su Ran would remember him, the one she had wronged.

Just as He Ju was about to put down his phone, Su Ran’s call came through again.

He Ju frowned immediately, feeling none of the previous joy or excitement, even a bit impatient.

Su Ran waited for a long time, but He Ju didn’t answer the call. Just when Su Ran thought He Ju wouldn’t pick up, the phone suddenly connected, and He Ju’s slightly deep voice came through: “Hello?”

Su Ran hadn’t expected He Ju to answer and was momentarily stunned.

He Ju waited for a while, but Su Ran didn’t speak, prompting him to sigh: “If there’s nothing else, I’m hanging up.”

Su Ran immediately became anxious and started to speak with a stutter: “Wait… wait a moment…”

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