Chapter 15 – Sincerity? How much is sincerity worth?

He Ju didn’t find anything wrong in the end, because the boss quickly served the dishes.

A table full of delicious food, sticky trotters, sizzling beef skewers, lemon-flavored Dai-style chicken feet, and steaming preserved egg and lean meat congee.

Si Hua’s eyes lit up, “Wow, it looks so delicious.”

He Ju’s mood was also infected by Si Hua, “Let’s dig in!”

Si Hua took out her phone, “Wait! I’ll take a picture.”

He Ju obediently waited, and Si Hua didn’t miss the opportunity, she took a picture of the food on the table and then said, “Come on, let’s take a group photo!”

So, He Ju took out his “scissors” hand and took a photo with Si Hua.

Si Hua sent all the photos to He Ju, “How can we relax without posting on Moments? Post one.”

He Ju thought about it and posted all the photos Si Hua sent to Moments with a simple caption: Hanging out at the night market with friends.

Si Hua also posted one, and then the two of them started to eat heartily.

When Bai Yan saw that Moments post, he felt a tingling sensation on his scalp, “Sis, are you really afraid that your rival won’t see it!?”

So Bai Yan, Fatty, and Motor dared not sleep and squatted in the building opposite Su Ran’s house.

As it turned out, Bai Yan’s worry was not unfounded.

After the exam, and after submitting the application to leave school, it was finally summer vacation. Su Ran saw He Ju’s Moments post today and couldn’t help but send a message, but He Ju never replied.

Su Ran’s mood had been very unpleasant today. She didn’t even go out with Fang Yuxue to do her nails and eat at Hai Di Lao. She didn’t even have dinner and had been waiting for He Ju’s message.

She admitted that she had been a bit harsh in her words, but wasn’t it because she was afraid that He Ju, alone, wouldn’t be able to handle Qiu Shaoze and his gang?

When did He Ju become so petty?

Su Ran waited and waited, but didn’t get a message from He Ju. Instead, she saw He Ju’s Moments post.

Originally, there was nothing special, just some photos of scenery and food, but when Su Ran looked at all of them, she found the last group photo.

A girl’s intuition has always been very keen.

Su Ran immediately got up from the bed. Wasn’t He Ju going to Yunnan alone?

This girl was too beautiful and had too much temperament, which made Su Ran feel a sense of crisis.

What made Su Ran even more unhappy was seeing the comments under the Moments post. She and He Ju had always been classmates, from elementary school to university, and even sat together in junior high and high school, so they had many mutual friends.

Su Ran saw that many old classmates who hadn’t been in contact for a long time were all commenting:

—Wow! Is this He Ju’s sister-in-law? How did you, kid, manage to find such a beautiful wife?

—Today the sun rose from the west. He Ju’s Moments actually included another girl?

—Oh? Official announcement? 99

—Brother, congratulations, 99

—Wishing you 99


Looking at the long string of comments, Su Ran’s eyes turned red.

He Ju liked to share his daily life, and his daily life was almost always related to Su Ran, sometimes it was something Su Ran liked, sometimes it was tagging Su Ran to watch the sunrise and sunset…

This was the first time that the content had nothing to do with Su Ran.

Su Ran was very anxious.

She picked up her phone and called He Ju. The phone rang for 52 seconds, and then she hung up herself.

He Ju didn’t answer Su Ran’s call, which made her even more anxious.

This had never happened before.

Su Ran went downstairs in slippers and saw her father, Su Zhen, and her mother, Shen Yan.

Shen Yan rarely saw panic on Su Ran’s face, so she immediately got up and pulled Su Ran to sit on the sofa, worriedly asking her, “What’s wrong, sweetie? What happened?”

Su Zhen also put down the newspaper and looked over, “Tell Dad, what happened?”

Su Ran was really aggrieved. Before she could speak, tears fell from her eyes.

Shen Yan panicked and quickly wiped her daughter’s tears, feeling very distressed, “What’s wrong with you, dear? Who bullied you?”

Su Ran shook her head and handed her phone over.

Shen Yan and Su Zhen looked at it with confusion.

After reading it, Su Zhen snorted, “You looked down on He Ju, didn’t you? Now he has a girlfriend, what’s there to cry about?”

Su Ran felt even more aggrieved. Shen Yan gave Su Zhen a glare, “He Ju may look good, but his family background is worlds apart from our Su family. Ran Ran’s future husband will inherit the Su Group, while He Ju has no business experience at all. How can we entrust Ran Ran to him?”

Su Zhen took off his glasses and looked at Shen Yan in disbelief, “Even if He Ju’s family is not wealthy, his parents have regular jobs, and they are both teachers. Their family education is excellent, and they will have a pension after retirement. He Ju and Ran Ran won’t need to support them in their old age. He Ju is young, hardworking, and willing to endure hardship. He sincerely cares for your daughter. How can you say he’s worthless?”

Shen Yan patted Su Ran’s head, “Sincerity? How much is sincerity worth? We only have one daughter…”

Su Zhen was so angry that he was fuming, “It’s because we only have one daughter that we want her to be happy. How many boys can be as devoted to Su Ran as He Ju?”Shen Yan gave Su Zhen a disdainful look: “There are plenty of good men in the world. He Ju, with his poor and shabby appearance, even if you give him another ten years, he might not become wealthy.”

Su Zhen: “Money, money, money, that’s all you know. Have you become obsessed with it?”

Shen Yan: “You know nothing. A girl can’t marry beneath her, no matter how outstanding He Ju is, that’s his business. What does it have to do with our Ran Ran?”

Fuming, Su Zhen turned around and left.

Only then did Shen Yan start to comfort Su Ran: “Ran Ran, tell Mom honestly, have you fallen for He Ju?”

Su Ran didn’t dare to look up and remained silent.

Shen Yan sighed: “He Ju is a decent person with a good appearance. It’s normal for you to like him.”

Su Ran suddenly looked up: “Really, Mom?”

Shen Yan nodded: “But that’s as far as it goes, just liking him. Su Ran, our family is a prominent clan. The husband you find must be your equal. Ran Ran, you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you’ve never washed dishes or done housework. Mom has raised you to be a delicate little princess. You can’t lower your own value for a man…”

Su Ran: “But Mom, how can you be so sure that He Ju won’t achieve anything in the future?”

Shen Yan chuckled: “No matter how successful He Ju becomes, he can’t compare to three generations of the Su family’s business. Marrying He Ju, you’ll have to do laundry, cook, take care of the household, and you might even have to live under the same roof as his parents. Ran Ran, can you bear such humiliation?”

Su Ran shook her head in tears: “I can’t bear it…”

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  1. Is her mom retarded?
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