Chapter 5 – What does it have to do with me?

The class bell rang soon, and the teacher entered the classroom on time.

The teacher first took out the roster and called the names, and after confirming that everyone was present, he said, “Did everyone bring the things we need for today’s class?”

“We did,” everyone answered together.

“Good, today our task is to draw a landscape sketch of the school. You can work in groups or individually, it’s up to you. I will take you out later, but be careful not to run around. Even though we’re not in the classroom, it’s still class time, understand?”

“We understand!”

“Good, when we go downstairs later, keep your voices down and don’t disturb students in other classrooms.”

After that, the teacher walked out of the classroom, and the students in the front row got up one after another to follow.

Xie Shu sat in the last row and was the last to leave.

When they came out, he didn’t forget to close the classroom door.

Usually, they wouldn’t return to the classroom for this kind of class.

Their teacher often took them out of the classroom for class when there was time, combining textbooks with practical experience.

Soon, they arrived at the bottom of the teaching building. The teacher reiterated the requirements verbally and then let everyone start working separately. Then everyone took out their sketch pads and began to look for their target for this session.

Xie Shu naturally followed his roommates to find their target.

In the end, they chose a pergola as their target.

After choosing the target, everyone started to work on their respective tasks.

They placed their sketch pads on the flower bed, and someone took out a tape measure from inside, while someone else took out paper and a pen.

Xie Shu took the tape measure and flexed his arm a little. “Let’s get to work!”

Then Xie Shu and two other roommates with tape measures began to measure the pergola.

Zhao Lin took out a sketch pad from his pocket and skillfully clipped the paper onto it. Holding a pencil, he walked to a slightly farther place.

While Xie Shu and the others were measuring the pergola, he had already drawn a rough sketch of the pergola. Once the basic structure of the pergola was in place, he walked over to Xie Shu and the others.

As he approached, they began to report the measurements.

“7 meters long.”

“5 meters wide.”

“Height… let’s round it to 3 meters.”

As they spoke, Zhao Lin marked the data on the sketch.

In addition to the basic data of length, width, and height, there were many other data points, such as the length, width, and height of each column, the distance between them, and the benches inside…

Xie Shu’s major was environmental design, and they had recently been studying landscape sketches. In addition to teaching them the basic knowledge, the teacher also took them out to draw on their own.

Of course, their sketches were not random. They had to measure the original data of the landscape sketch first, and then draw it on paper according to the proportions.

Because they had come out to draw several times before, their cooperation was quite tacit.

Soon, the measurements were completed, and Zhao Lin took a photo of the sketch and sent it to their dormitory group chat. Then the remaining people also took out their sketch pads and prepared to start drawing in earnest.

Xie Shu made a few strokes but accidentally made a mistake. He couldn’t find an eraser in his pocket, so he asked his roommates, but they didn’t have one either.

In the past, they would team up with Su Qianyi and her sisters for this class. At that time, the boys were responsible for measuring the data, which was a very important task, so if they forgot something, the girls would generously lend it to them.

This time… there was no one to ask.

Xie Shu fell silent for a few seconds, looked around, and saw some classmates not far away. He was about to go over and ask them for an eraser.

In fact, the two teams were not far apart, but there was a large lawn in between, so Xie Shu had to take a detour.

On the other side of the lawn was a small path, and Xie Shu went over there, preparing to take the path to get there.

However, halfway through, he regretted it.

Because he saw Su Qianyi.

At this moment, Su Qianyi was measuring a sculpture with a tape measure in front of it with her sisters. Because there were many plants around and due to the angle, they didn’t see him.

The school’s landscaping was very well done, and Xie Shu only saw Su Qianyi and her sisters after he got closer and saw that they had been blocked by the plants.

There were no plants blocking the area directly in front of the sculpture, so if he walked over like this, they would definitely see him.

…Wait, why was he afraid to walk this path?

He hadn’t done anything wrong.

Xie Shu was about to walk over, but then he heard the people over there start talking about him, and unconsciously, he retracted his foot.

“Qianyi, I was just wondering, why isn’t Xie Shu in your group this time?” a girl asked her.

“Yeah, this morning I thought it was strange that you two didn’t sit together. What’s going on? Did you guys have a fight? No, how could Xie Shu possibly fight with you? He likes you so much,” another girl chimed in.

“Sigh, Xie Shu is acting really strange. What’s going on?”

“I was with Qianyi at the mixer yesterday, and it rained later. Qianyi called Xie Shu to ask him to bring an umbrella, guess what, Xie Shu didn’t come. Qianyi and I had to come back in the rain, and our clothes got all wet.”

“Huh? No way, Xie Shu must have been busy with something, right? In that situation, he wouldn’t not come.”

“I thought he must have been delayed by something at the time, but that was in the classroom…” An Tian paused for a moment and then continued, “You all saw it too, Xie Shu didn’t sit with Qianyi. He would never have done that before.”

“I saw it, and I was a little shocked, but I didn’t think much of it at the time. I thought he was sitting with his roommates because they had something to do.”

“More than that, he didn’t buy breakfast for Qianyi this morning. Qianyi is hungry now, but luckily I was in a hurry and didn’t go to the cafeteria. Qianyi, let’s go to the cafeteria later and get something to eat.”

“I’m not hungry,” Su Qianyi’s voice was calm as ever. “Don’t worry, let’s eat something in the morning, whether you’re hungry or not, your health is important.””I’m really not hungry, I don’t feel like eating. I’ll go with you later, you can eat by yourself.”

An Tian sighed and continued, “I really don’t know what’s going on with Xie Shu. Could it be because Su Qianyi rejected his confession yesterday, and now he’s being petulant?”

“Did he confess to Su Qianyi again yesterday?” another girl inquired.

“Yeah, but Su Qianyi didn’t agree. She asked him to leave, and then he left. It’s been like that since. I guess he’s just being sulky,” An Tian shrugged helplessly.

“Maybe, everyone knows how much Xie Shu likes Su Qianyi. He’ll probably come back in a few days. But Su Qianyi, Xie Shu is really a good guy, you know how much we envy you? Why won’t you agree to date Xie Shu? He’s tall and handsome, and he treats you so well, don’t you feel anything for him at all?” the girl suddenly asked Su Qianyi.

Su Qianyi responded in her usual tone, “No, I’ve said it before, I don’t like him.”

“Actually, I think Xie Shu is quite pitiful. He’s so devoted, yet many people call him an arse-kisser.”

“It’s not like I asked him to do that. He does it voluntarily. What does it have to do with me if others call him an arse-kisser?”

Xie Shu didn’t want to listen anymore.

He turned around, planning to take the main road instead. Mainly because if he walked past them now and they saw him, it would be awkward.

But he hadn’t gone far when suddenly he heard Su Qianyi cry out in alarm.

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  1. Shes right though, shes been quite open with not liking him that way, its on him that he keeps simping after that, blaming her is unfair

    • I agree with you but he is still quite pitiful but no one is hating on her. But people are just commenting on her stone-cold heart. I don’t blame her for getting used to using him like a dog. This type of dedication would clearly melt away a women heart if this was a century ago but in this era liking a women and pursuing her for years makes you a simp and pathetic in both males and females eyes. Truly unfortunate

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