Chapter 4 – Even her preferences can be forgotten?

Xie Shu didn’t get up to wash until all his roommates woke up.

After washing up, he started packing the things he needed for class according to the teacher’s notice in the group. After packing up, he sat and waited for those slow roommates.

“Xie Shu, aren’t you… aren’t you going to the cafeteria first today?” Zhao Lin, who had just finished washing up and came in from the balcony, looked at Xie Shu as if he was waiting for them, feeling somewhat incredulous.

In the past, Xie Shu had always been the earliest to leave among them, just to go to the cafeteria and line up to buy breakfast for Su Qianyi.

Xie Shu looked at Zhao Lin and explained concisely, “I’ll go with you guys.”

After that, he added, “From now on, I’ll be with you guys.”

As soon as he said that, the others remembered that Xie Shu had said last night that he would no longer like Su Qianyi.

They all thought that he had said those things and acted that way because he was in a bad mood after being rejected last night, and they didn’t take it to heart. They all thought that Xie Shu would recover after just one night, but Xie Shu’s behavior now really surprised them.

“Bro, are you serious?” Li Da heard what Xie Shu had just said outside and walked in, looking at Xie Shu in shock.

“Could it be that you can only hold out for a day and a night before reverting back?” Liu Ping was also somewhat shocked.

Xie Shu was speechless, “Do you guys really not believe me? What I said is true. I really won’t like Su Qianyi anymore. Since I don’t like her anymore, there’s no need to buy her breakfast, and whatever she does in the future has nothing to do with me.”

“Alright! Good brother, if that’s really what you want, the brothers will definitely support you!” Zhao Lin came forward and slapped Xie Shu’s shoulder heartily.

“Yeah, usually we see you as quite humble, we can’t persuade you, we can only comfort you every day.” Li Da added.

“To be honest, it’s been three years in college. From freshman year to now, senior year, you’ve been pursuing Su Qianyi for three years. Your dedication to her over these three years has moved me, a guy. Even the coldest heart should have been warmed by it, but she still doesn’t agree to your pursuit. Sigh, brother, just let it go. There are plenty of other good girls waiting for you. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go out!” Liu Ping said, picking up the tools in his pocket and leaving first.

Xie Shu and the others followed one after another and went to the cafeteria together.

On the way, Xie Shu’s mood was actually quite complicated.

Three years…

He pursued Su Qianyi for three years…

In their eyes, he pursued her for three years, but in reality, he pursued her for six years.

He and Su Qianyi were in the same high school. He started liking her from the first year of high school, and he had been pursuing her since then.

He had never told anyone about this, and Su Qianyi had never told anyone about their high school days, so in the eyes of his college friends, he had only pursued Su Qianyi for three years.

In the beginning, he worked hard to study and entered the same university as her, applied for the same major, and ended up in the same class as her. Now, three years of college life had passed.

What did he get in return for his hard pursuit?


In his previous life, he pursued her for ten years and still got no results.

Three years in high school, four years in college, three years in society… no results.

He was tired.

In this life, his pursuit of her ended in his third year of college.

From now on, he really wouldn’t like her anymore.

Because he had decided to like someone else who would like him back.

Later, because they were in a hurry and the teaching area was far from the living area, Xie Shu and the others didn’t have time to eat in the cafeteria, so they bought breakfast and went straight to the teaching area.

When they entered the classroom, Xie Shu saw that Su Qianyi was already sitting in her usual seat, with An Tian sitting next to her.

There was still an empty seat next to Su Qianyi, and everyone in the class knew that it belonged to Xie Shu, so under normal circumstances, no one would sit in that seat.

Su Qianyi saw Xie Shu come in, and her face, which had just been laughing and joking with An Tian, instantly turned cold.

She had sent him so many messages yesterday, and he didn’t reply to a single one!

She had waited for so long, and even fell asleep waiting. When she woke up in the morning and saw that he still hadn’t replied to her messages! He didn’t even like or reply to her posts!

He clearly didn’t care that she got caught in the rain last night!

He had to give her a reasonable explanation!

Otherwise, she wouldn’t talk to him today!

Su Qianyi was angry, and then she saw that Xie Shu was holding a cup of soy milk in his hand, and she couldn’t help but frown.

Why did he buy this for her today?

She didn’t like soy milk, did he not know that?

What’s wrong with him?

After so many years, can he still not get her preferences right?

As Xie Shu got closer, she was about to speak, but before she could say the first word, she saw Xie Shu walk past her and go to the back of the classroom.

This scene left Su Qianyi dumbfounded.

Not only her, but everyone in the class also looked at Xie Shu in astonishment.

Wasn’t he supposed to sit next to Su Qianyi? How did he end up at the back of the classroom?Everyone in the class looked curiously at Xie Shu, but he calmly sat down with his roommates. They placed their class materials on the table and then started to eat breakfast before the teacher arrived.

Xie Shu took a sip of soy milk as if no one else was around, then picked up a meat bun and took a bite, savoring it with relish.

Meanwhile, Su Qianyi, who was sitting in the front rows of the classroom, was as stiff as if she had been struck by lightning.

Even without moving, she could feel the scrutinizing gazes of her classmates coming from all directions.

Embarrassment, grievance, confusion, and discomfort—countless emotions suddenly surged in her heart.

At that moment, she was like mute, unable to utter a word. She even felt the air around her becoming thin, making her breathing difficult, almost suffocating…


An Tian, sitting beside her, called out softly.

Su Qianyi instantly snapped back to reality. She composed her somewhat chaotic breath and turned to An Tian with her usual gentle tone, “What’s wrong?”

“Um, are you… okay?”

An Tian turned around, shifting her gaze from Xie Shu to Su Qianyi. She had a lot to say, but upon seeing Su Qianyi looking somewhat off, her words turned into a cautious probe.

Yesterday, Xie Shu didn’t answer Su Qianyi’s call, and according to her, he hadn’t replied to her messages either. An Tian thought that Xie Shu would probably have a lot of nice things to say and apologize to Su Qianyi today in class, but unexpectedly, he completely ignored her.

This made her feel somewhat unreal.

“What could possibly be wrong with me?” Su Qianyi’s expression was calm, seemingly unaffected by Xie Shu’s recent behavior.

“Xie Shu… he didn’t sit with you today…”

“That’s great, it seems he took my words to heart yesterday. After all, him following me around every time is really annoying, so him not doing so is exactly what I want.”

Su Qianyi ignored the twinges of pain in her heart, speaking as if she didn’t care at all.

Her expression was serene, her tone light, and none of the onlookers who were sizing her up could detect anything amiss.

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