Chapter 6 – The one who had been by his side the longest

“You…you, what are you doing here!”

“Stay away from me!”

“Don’t come near me! Ah!”

Xie Shu stopped in confusion, then heard the screams of other girls.

“Qianyi, are you okay?”

“Who are you? Why are you hitting someone?”

“What’s wrong with you! Which class are you from? Are you crazy!”

“Hey! Stop it! Let go!”

“Get her away quickly!”

Xie Shu was confused for a few seconds, then immediately ran over.

Although he knew it would be awkward to face Su Qianyi again, or to let them misunderstand something, he couldn’t just ignore a situation where someone was being hit, right?

So, he quickly rushed over.

After coming out from behind the vegetation, he saw clearly what was happening at the scene.

Su Qianyi was being grabbed by the collar by a girl, and the girl’s other hand was clenched into a fist, ready to strike, but was being firmly held back by An Tian and the others.

“Who are you! What gives you the right to hit someone?”

“Let go of Qianyi!”

“Qianyi, don’t be afraid, we’re here.”

An Tian and the other two girls continued to hold back the girl’s fist, and someone tried to pry open the hand that was grabbing Su Qianyi’s collar.

Although they were outnumbered, it was clear that the girl was stronger than all of them, and it looked like the three of them wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer.

Xie Shu strode over, grabbed the girl’s wrist with one hand, and forcibly separated her from Su Qianyi.

“What are you…”

After separating the two, Xie Shu intended to reprimand the girl, but when he saw her face clearly, the words died in his throat.

Xie Shu stared blankly at the girl, still holding her wrist, his lips slightly parted, but unable to say a word.

At first, the girl had wanted to shake off Xie Shu’s hand, but when she saw his face clearly, her expression changed from surprise to fear. She stepped back, wanting to leave.

But Xie Shu didn’t let go.

At the same time, Su Qianyi, who had been rescued, also regained her composure from her previous shock.

She looked at Xie Shu and the girl in front of her, unable to control her anger: “Ruan Nianxi! Are you crazy!”

Su Qianyi said this to the girl.

“Qianyi, do you know each other?” An Tian was a little confused.

Su Qianyi’s face turned pale, not answering An Tian’s question, but continued to look at Ruan Nianxi, angrily scolding her: “You’re crazy!”

When Su Qianyi called out her name, Ruan Nianxi stopped trying to break free from Xie Shu’s grip and looked at her.

She had no expression, and showed no reaction to Su Qianyi’s angry face.

She just looked at her, not saying a word.

Su Qianyi became even more furious at being looked at like that. She straightened out her disheveled clothes and continued: “Don’t think this is the end of it, I will tell the counselor about this!”

Ruan Nianxi still looked at her expressionlessly, seemingly indifferent to what she said.

But Xie Shu’s eyebrows twitched at her words.

He tightened the hand holding Ruan Nianxi’s wrist slightly, then turned and pulled her towards the lawn.

He didn’t look at Su Qianyi from start to finish, and didn’t care about how she was doing, just pulling Ruan Nianxi away like that.

Ruan Nianxi didn’t want to follow him at first, but after being pulled a few steps by Xie Shu, she still went along with his pace and left the area.

Xie Shu led the people out of the lawn, and only let go of Ruan Nianxi’s wrist when they found a place with fewer people.

The two stood facing each other, and Xie Shu looked at her familiar face, with a momentary look of confusion.

Ruan Nianxi, who had been in the same school and class as him since elementary school, was the one who had been by his side the longest, compared to Su Qianyi.

In elementary school and junior high, she had always been with him, and their relationship had been quite good during that time.

In fact, they were also in the same school in high school, but then…

In her sophomore year of high school, for no reason, she had beaten up Su Qianyi, and it was in front of everyone. Many students and teachers had seen it.

So at the time, the situation had become quite serious, even the principal had come out.

He wasn’t by their side at the time, and didn’t know why Ruan Nianxi had beaten up Su Qianyi. After the incident, the teachers and the principal had taken turns asking Ruan Nianxi for the reason, but she didn’t say anything, so he didn’t know the specific reason.

At that time, he had unconditionally sided with Su Qianyi, so…he had reprimanded Ruan Nianxi for that incident.

Later, Ruan Nianxi’s parents had also come to the school, because it was indeed wrong for her to hit someone, and her parents had paid for Su Qianyi’s medical expenses. Even though Su Qianyi’s injuries were not serious, they still offered an apology fee.

Su Qianyi’s family was not short of money, and she had been beaten for no reason, so of course she refused to reconcile.

After that, as students, they didn’t know how the principal and Ruan Nianxi’s parents had handled it, but in the end…there was no resolution.Meanwhile, after that incident, Ruan Nianxi disappeared from school for a long time.

Rumors had it that she had dropped out, while others said she took a leave of absence. He wasn’t sure.

Although he knew Ruan Nianxi’s parents, he happened to be away for training during that time. He hadn’t returned to school for half a year and was out of touch with the specifics of what was happening there.

He only knew that when he came back from training, he saw Ruan Nianxi at school, but they had little interaction.

By then, half of the final year of high school had passed. He was preoccupied with his studies, focusing solely on learning. Even his interactions with Su Qianyi had diminished significantly, let alone with Ruan Nianxi.

High school passed by in the blink of an eye.

After the college entrance examination results were released, he and Su Qianyi deliberately chose the same university and the same major, and they continued their education at the same institution.

As for Ruan Nianxi, as far as he could remember, she never sought him out or contacted him.

Moreover, if it weren’t for his rebirth, he wouldn’t even know that Ruan Nianxi was at the same university as him.

In his previous life, close to their senior year, for some unknown reason, Ruan Nianxi beat up Su Qianyi again, uh… although Su Qianyi wasn’t injured.

It was then that he and Su Qianyi found out that Ruan Nianxi was at the same university as them.

However, at that time, they were more concerned about the assault rather than whether they were at the same school.

Back then, he had taken Su Qianyi’s side, and he had reprimanded her for the incident.

In the end, it was Ruan Nianxi’s fault. Su Qianyi was attacked for no reason and was extremely angry. The matter was taken to the dean’s office, and the dean intervened.

Just like in high school, the university dean couldn’t get a clear answer, and once again, Ruan Nianxi’s parents were called in.

In the end… the issue remained unresolved.

Ruan Nianxi disappeared from the school once more.

Until they graduated from university and officially started working, he never saw Ruan Nianxi again.

Until… just before he died.

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  1. Seems he was right to side with Su Nianyi both times, just because the Ruan girl seethes with femcel rage it doesnt mean she gets to beat up other women for rejecting pursuers

    • Yeah these types of stories… FMC(not really) rejects MC straight up and doesn’t lead him on at all, says she doesn’t like him romantically and still MC chases them. Somehow it’s the woman’s fault for rejecting someone she doesn’t like then the author will come up with all kinds of ways to make her turn out to be the bad guy.

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