Chapter 3 – He too was once an unforgettable presence in someone’s heart

Xie Shu didn’t explain much to his roommates in the end. He casually found a movie to watch and prepared to go to bed after finishing it.

In his previous life, a large part of the reason he got sick was due to his irregular schedule. This life, he cherished his body and went to bed early.

As for his roommates, he just casually told them to rest early and didn’t say much else. After all, he knew they wouldn’t listen.

Who doesn’t know that staying up late is bad for the body?

But there are still many people who stay up late, right?

It’s just that some bad things haven’t happened to oneself, so it doesn’t matter.

Before going to bed, he habitually glanced at his phone and found that Su Qianyi had called him several times over an hour ago. Because he was playing games at the time, he deliberately turned on the Do Not Disturb mode, so there was no sound reminder for incoming calls. He didn’t notice the calls because he was watching a movie at the time.

For the first time, Su Qianyi took the initiative to call him so many times. He no longer felt the excitement and joy he used to feel. Now, he was as calm as water, not even a hint of emotion on his face.

After looking at the call records expressionlessly, he clicked on the WeChat icon with a red number 10+.

Upon clicking in, he found that all the messages were from Su Qianyi.

His expression remained unchanged. He didn’t click into the chat box and just glanced at the content of her last message: “Why haven’t you arrived yet?”

Looking at the time the message was sent, it was a few minutes after she called him, and it had been over an hour since then.

Because Xie Shu didn’t click into the chat, Su Qianyi’s profile still showed the red 10+ symbol, which was a bit glaring, but Xie Shu still didn’t click in.

He didn’t want to know what Su Qianyi had sent him before.

After checking WeChat and QQ, and confirming that no one was looking for him, Xie Shu put down his phone, closed his eyes, and went to sleep.

On the other side.

In the girls’ dormitory.

Su Qianyi, who had been soaked in the rain on her way back to school before it closed, had already taken a shower at this point. She blow-dried her hair and packed the princess dress she had changed out of in a plastic bag, ready to take it to the dry cleaner’s tomorrow.

At this point, she had changed from her bedraggled appearance when she first returned to her usual goddess image.

She sat in her seat, pursing her red lips tightly, with a somewhat cold expression, staring at her phone intently.

She was angry!

She was really angry!

What did Xie Shu mean?

Why didn’t he reply to her messages?

Why didn’t he answer her calls?

Why didn’t he come to give her an umbrella?

He made her run back in such a sorry state, and she almost got locked out by the security guard!

Also, why did he let her search for that inexplicable video?

As she thought about it, she felt wronged.

In the past, whenever she messaged Xie Shu, he would reply instantly.

Why didn’t he reply to her today?

In the past, he would send her many messages, and she would occasionally reply to him, and he would happily send her many more messages. But today, she had sent him over a dozen messages, and so much time had passed, why hadn’t he replied to her messages!

Her phone screen had been stuck in Xie Shu’s chat box, but she still hadn’t received his message.

After a long time, she exited the page, edited a dynamic post in her friend circle: “I didn’t expect it to rain when I came back from the fellowship event, I didn’t bring an umbrella, so I came back in the rain, I hope I won’t catch a cold.”

As soon as the dynamic was posted, people liked and commented on it.

But not Xie Shu.

Su Qianyi waited for nearly ten minutes, and her dynamic had been liked and commented on by many friends, but not by Xie Shu.

Was he busy with something?

Why hadn’t he shown up yet?

“Qianyi, what’s wrong? Why are your eyes red?”

An Tian, who had finished blow-drying her hair after packing her dress in her pocket, sat down and immediately asked Su Qianyi with concern when she saw that her eyes were a little red.

Su Qianyi controlled her slightly sore eyes as soon as she heard the voice.

She shook her head and explained, “My eyes hurt, so I rubbed them.”

With that, she put down her phone, pretended to be fine, tidied up the table as if nothing had happened, then picked up her phone and got into bed, hiding behind the bed curtain to continue staring at Xie Shu’s chat page.


The next morning.

When Xie Shu woke up, his roommates were still asleep.

He glanced at his class schedule and saw that there was a class this morning.

But it was only a little past six o’clock, and their first class in the morning was at eight o’clock.

It was still early.

He was worried that if he made too much noise while getting ready, he would wake up his roommates, so he didn’t rush to get up and just picked up his phone to pass the time.

When he unlocked his phone, everything was the same as it was before he went to bed yesterday, with no new messages.

Oh, the ones he didn’t read yesterday didn’t count.

After a night, Xie Shu still didn’t have the intention of clicking into Su Qianyi’s chat box to read her messages. Bored, he took a look at his friend circle and saw the dynamic Su Qianyi posted yesterday.

After reading her dynamic, he realized that it had rained last night.

Yesterday, he was so focused on the game at first, then took a shower and watched a movie, and finally went to bed. He didn’t pay attention to the situation outside, and he didn’t hear the rain, so he didn’t know.

So, it seemed that when Su Qianyi called him yesterday, she wanted him to bring her an umbrella?

Thinking back carefully, what did he do yesterday in his previous life?

It seemed… when Su Qianyi asked him to leave, he chose to stay.After the mixer had ended, Xie Shu called a taxi for Su Qianyi just to prevent her beloved princess dress from getting wet in the rain, even though it was only a two or three-minute walk…

The distance was short, yet the fare still included a base charge.

At the time, he didn’t think much of it, but now he feels foolish in retrospect.

Couldn’t he have spent those few bucks on some street food instead?

But that was all in a past life; in this life, he hadn’t wasted his money in vain.

In this life, he wasn’t by her side, so instead of accompanying her, he was supposed to send her an umbrella, right?

How come she finds him annoying when there’s nothing wrong, but the moment there’s trouble, he’s the first one she thinks of?

Su Qianyi, oh Su Qianyi, how can you take for granted the kindness others show you?

In this world, apart from one’s parents, who would love you unconditionally forever?

With this thought, Xie Shu’s mind suddenly paused.

He remembered the person from his past life who, just before he closed his eyes for the last time, was crying inconsolably for him.

His expression suddenly turned somber; it seemed like they hadn’t been in contact for several years in his previous life. He had thought she had long forgotten about him, but to his surprise, she still remembered him. Moreover, she had managed to find him without anyone informing her of his whereabouts.

And then there were those last words she said to him…

It turns out, he too was once an unforgettable presence in someone’s heart.

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