Vol.1 – Chapter 6 – Prohibited fishing gear, take a look


"Um… Shouzhe, do you have any dissatisfaction with our fishing team?" Wang Dinghai asked with some uncertainty.


Dissatisfaction? Wang Shouzhe thought to himself, this is more than just dissatisfaction. His expression turned serious as he asked, "Sixth Uncle, how much do our hunting and fishing teams produce each year? What are the expenses and profits?"


As soon as he asked, Wang Dinghai looked at him in shock. How could he answer such a question?


"Let me answer that, Shouzhe." Gongsun Hui spoke up. "I have been managing the clan's accounts in recent years. The hunting and fishing team has a total of nine small fishing boats and one medium-sized fishing boat. The average annual catch of ordinary fish in the past five years was about 67,000 pounds, with a profit of 486 Top Gold. The average annual catch of spirit fish in the past five years was 400 pounds, with a profit of 120 Top Gold. The average annual total profit is 606 Top Gold."


Wang Shouzhe was surprised to hear this. Although he knew that Madam was in charge of managing the accounts, he did not expect her to be so familiar with the data.


"Why do you look so surprised, Shouzhe?" Gongsun Hui said calmly. "Although I do not have strong talent in Xuanwu cultivation, as the legitimate daughter of the Gongsun Clan in Shanyang, the Nine Chapters Calculation is a must-learn skill. As the Clan Leader's wife, I naturally should assist him in managing the accounts."


At this point, Gongsun Hui's eyes were a little sad. She had made the accounts very clear in recent years, and she knew every piece of data by heart, but her husband Wang Dingyue did not seem to appreciate it.


Thinking of this, Wang Shouzhe remembered the common sense of the Xuanwu world. The intermarriage of the Xuanwu clans was always between legitimate descendants. As the legitimate daughter, Madam Gongsun Hui would inevitably marry the young Clan Leader of another clan in the future.


Just like him, Wang Shouzhe, who would marry a legitimate daughter of another clan in the future.


But getting off topic, since Gongsun Hui was so clear about the accounts, Wang Shouzhe became interested. "Uncle Six previously introduced me to the value of those catches. Why is it that with an annual production of 67,000 pounds, the total value is only 486 Top Gold?"


"Your Sixth Uncle pointed out those high-value catches to please you, which are favored and enjoyed by various noble people of the clans. However, most of the catches are not that valuable. In addition, we also have a fish market business within the clan, where they process and sell the catches through different methods such as refrigeration, pickling, smoking, etc. This part of the profit needs to be calculated separately. This is another matter altogether," Gongsun Hui explained clearly. "The clan's internal consumption will also flow into the accounts through the purchase of Top Gold."


"Please continue, Madam," Wang Shouzhe said respectfully. "For example, the expenses and net profit."Gongsun Hui felt uplifted by being valued for her accounting skills for the first time. "In terms of expenses, based on the current 46 fishermen, the annual expenditure and monthly expenditure are 151 Top Gold. The maintenance of ten fishing boats each year, including the cost of repairing and maintaining various tools, is 92 Top Gold. In addition, the average annual tax revenue is 72 Top Gold, and the average annual relief fund is 60 Top Gold. After deducting all expenses, the comprehensive average annual net income is 221 Top Gold. This does not include the clan's offerings that Sixth Uncle should have, which is another set of accounts."


Hearing this, Wang Dinghai's face turned red and he said embarrassedly, "How can the net income be so low? I thought it could bring at least four to five hundred Top Gold to the clan every year."


"If Sixth Uncle has any doubts about the accounts, he can come and check them at any time," Gongsun Hui said calmly.


"No, no, no, I didn't mean that, Wusao," Wang Dinghai quickly waved his hand and said, "I'm just a rough fisherman. Shouzhe, these boring accounts are not interesting. Sixth Uncle will show you his skills personally."


"Don't worry, Sixth Uncle," Wang Shouzhe reassured him, then frowned at Gongsun Hui and asked, "Two questions, first, what is the basis for the tax revenue? Second, what is the relief fund?"


"Shouzhe, the An River has strong winds, rough waves, and many hidden currents. Occasionally, there are some difficult aquatic beasts to deal with," Wang Dinghai hurriedly explained, "Even if Sixth Uncle is careful, it is inevitable that some boatmen and fishermen will die in the An River. Without the high monthly and relief funds, no one will be willing to join the fishing team."


"As for the tax, it is calculated based on the size of the fishing boat. Small fishing boats need to pay 6 Top Gold annually, and medium-sized fishing boats need to pay 18 Top Gold annually," Gongsun Hui also gave an explanation.


Fixed tax.


But Wang Shouzhe also understood that in this world with a very backward economic system, fixed tax is the best way.


After understanding all the information, Wang Shouzhe clasped his hands and said to Wang Dinghai, "Sixth Uncle, I didn't expect the An River fishing industry to be so dangerous. You have made such a contribution to the clan in these years."


Wang Dinghai felt relieved and laughed awkwardly, "Don't blame the fishing team for earning too little. To be honest, when Wu Ge was the clan leader, I also proposed to expand the fishing fleet. I can manage ten boats or more. I can also find a way to recruit fishermen, which can earn more Top Gold for the clan. Anyway, the An River can accommodate more than twenty fishing boats in thirty miles of river surface. By the way, Liu's Clan has more than twenty boats."


"Ten more boats?" Wang Shouzhe was interested and asked, "Can you tell me more?" Top Gold was the most important resource for the clan to grow.


"Let me tell you," Gongsun Hui knew that Wang Dinghai was not good at accounting data, so she said, "I also know about Sixth Uncle's plan. He wants to add two medium-sized fishing boats and ten small fishing boats. The cost of each medium-sized fishing boat is 120 Top Gold, and the cost of each small fishing boat is 45 Top Gold. A total of 690 Top Gold needs to be invested, as long as the corresponding fishermen can be recruited, the accounts will be able to break even after three years.""We can make a profit in three years with this investment. It's feasible," Wang Shouzhe agreed, "Even if we don't continue, we won't lose money by selling those fishing boats."


Wang Dinghai's face lit up with a look of finding a kindred spirit. He slapped his thigh and said, "I knew it was doable. I just don't understand why my brother doesn't agree when I'm willing to contribute more to the clan."


Gongsun Hui's face suddenly became embarrassed, "Sixth Uncle, you don't know that the Wang Clan has been short of money in all aspects in recent years." She sighed inwardly. She actually agreed with expanding the fleet, but Wang Dingyue was not willing. Moreover, her plan to borrow money from her family had been firmly rejected by Wang Dingyue.


"Shouzhe, do you agree to expand the fleet?" Wang Dinghai probed.


"Hui'er, if you need to expand the fleet," Gongsun Hui hesitated for a moment before saying, "Madam can go to Shanyang to raise some dry gold." Borrowing money from her family was a shameful thing, but she couldn't care less about it for the sake of the clan's development.


"No, I don't agree," Wang Shouzhe said after thinking for a while.




Wang Dinghai's face turned black.


Even Gongsun Hui looked at Wang Shouzhe inexplicably. Wasn't it just said that it was feasible? Was he, like his father, too proud to let her raise money?


"Things change with time," Wang Shouzhe frowned and said, "The clan cannot develop without dry gold. To get more dry gold, we must expand the efficiency of our clan property."


"That's not right. How can we increase efficiency without expanding the fleet?" Wang Dinghai looked at Wang Shouzhe expectantly.


But Wang Shouzhe smiled mysteriously and said, "Sixth Uncle, you are an expert in fishing. I have a few ideas to discuss with you. Have you ever thought of a fishing method called trawling? It's a way for two ships to work together to catch fish."


Then, Wang Shouzhe squatted down with Wang Dinghai and drew a sketch on the deck.


Trawling was a very conventional fishing operation on Earth. It was a professional fishing method, and its efficiency was far beyond that of recreational tools like casting nets.


If it weren't for the excellent natural ecology of the An River, Wang Dinghai's extremely unprofessional fishing method would have surely resulted in a loss.


Of course, trawling was too powerful and caused great harm to the natural ecosystem. Wang Shouzhe was quite resistant to this. But now, the clan was facing a situation where it would be eliminated if it didn't develop.


After the clan grew and developed, they could abandon natural fishing methods.


"Shouzhe, your idea is wonderful," Wang Dinghai, also a professional, quickly understood the principle, but he frowned and said, "But such a huge net is difficult to make, not to mention our fishing boats won't be able to tow it."


Can't tow it!


Okay, Wang Shouzhe suddenly understood where the problem was. Sailing ships were not like diesel-powered motor boats. They didn't have the strength to tow a huge net.


"Then let's start with a smaller one that can be towed," Wang Shouzhe said, "Let's make a cone-shaped trawl net that is three or four zhang wide and six or seven zhang long. It should be like a big bag with inverted tassels on the sides to prevent fish from escaping…""This can be tried." Wang Dinghai's eyes lit up. "I'll go back and find twenty net weavers to work together. It should take about two months to complete."


Twenty people, two months…


Wang Shouzhe was quite helpless about this. The productivity in this Xuanwu world was indeed very low. But it was also because of this that the natural resources of this world were so well protected.


Unlike the world where Wang Shouzhe was from, the nearby waters were almost flattened by trawling nets, to the point where the country had to introduce various fishing bans. The power of trawling nets was no joke.


"Sixth Uncle, don't worry. Take a look at this fishing tool. Although it's not as good as a trawling net… it's easier to operate. Even an ordinary person can operate it once it's done."


Then, Wang Shouzhe drew another fishing tool for Wang Dinghai, called the Ban Zheng. This fishing method was similar to casting nets, but instead of casting down, it lifted up to catch the fish.


The Ban Zheng was much more complex than casting nets, but once it was fixed and leveraged, it was more labor-saving and simple than casting nets. Its advantage was that once it was done, any ordinary labor force, even minors, could operate it.


In addition, the Ban Zheng had an even more powerful evolution, which was the river-blocking net. If that thing could be made, its destructive power would be stronger than that of a small trawl net.


"Shouzhe, where did you come up with these ideas?" Wang Dinghai was so excited that he was trembling. "If they can all be realized, we'll make a fortune."


"I came across them in a certain ancient book when I had nothing else to do." Wang Shouzhe said again. "Sixth Uncle, let's take a look at the trap and the mesmerizing formation."


These two fishing tools were naturally powerful and had been so powerful that they were included in the list of prohibited fishing gear by the country. Their power could be seen, and both were passive fixed fishing gear.


After installation and deployment, all that was needed was to check it at regular intervals, similar to playing a game on autopilot… just set the time to harvest.


Wang Dinghai was about to go crazy. As a Xuanwu "professional fisherman," Wang Shouzhe seemed to have opened up a whole new world for him.


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