Vol.1 – Chapter 5 – Long Yan Ancestor! Our side has a royal flush


"Zhe'er, how could you say something like this?" Gongsun Hui was surprised that Wang Shouzhe, who had always been obedient, would say something so shocking.


"Aunt Wu, I think Zhe'er makes sense." Wang Dinghai was impressed with Wang Shouzhe today and immediately agreed, "How long can Ancestor Long Yan support the clan? It's better for us to be mentally prepared."


Gongsun Hui's expression changed a few times, and finally said, "This is a clan secret. When I reported to Ancestor Long Yan a few days ago, she told me personally that if she doesn't take action, she can still hold on for twenty years. If she does take action…I'm afraid it's hard to say."


Twenty years? Wang Shouzhe thought to himself, it was much longer than he had imagined. There might be a chance to turn things around.


"Zhe'er, you are the clan's only hope." Gongsun Hui's expression was solemn, "Our Wang clan should continue to endure and assist you in breaking through the Lingtai realm within twenty years with the full strength of the clan. Don't cause any trouble!"


"Yes, yes, Sixth Uncle will find a way to catch more spirit fish and sell them for money to provide resources for you." Wang Dinghai also agreed, "As long as you can break through to the Lingtai realm, our Wang clan will truly be saved."


"I break through to the Lingtai realm? And then what?" Wang Shouzhe sneered, "Let's not talk about whether I can break through, even if I have the chance to, will the Liu and Zhao clans just watch me do it? Will they give me twenty years? Moreover, even if I am lucky enough to break through, I will just become another Ancestor Long Yan!"


As a transmigrator, Wang Shouzhe could naturally break free from the Wang clan's conventional thinking.


His words made Gongsun Hui and Wang Dinghai's hearts cold. They had been living under the protection of Ancestor Long Yan, thinking that the Liu and Zhao clans wouldn't really tear their faces apart.


But if Wang Shouzhe, whom they had placed all their hopes on, really had a chance to break through to the Lingtai realm, would the Liu and Zhao clans just sit idly by?


"Alright, I deliberately hinted that Ancestor's life is not long just now. I believe that with Liu Shengye's cunning, he wouldn't choose to confront our Wang clan at this time. Therefore, I will continue to release information secretly, giving the Liu and Zhao clans a countdown of about five years." Wang Shouzhe snorted, "Whoever dares to provoke us within five years, we will fight them to death, catch them and beat them to death. At a critical moment, we can release…um~ Ancestor Long Yan to stabilize the situation."


In Wang Shouzhe's view, Ancestor Long Yan was like a trump card. The greatest usefulness of a trump card was not when it was played, but the deterrent power before it was played.


"Excellent." Wang Dinghai slapped his thigh, "The clan leader is so calculating. We are now like a dying beast, and they are afraid that we will fight back before we die. In this way, they not only dare not bully us, but also have to find ways to please us. No wonder Liu Shengye, that old fox, obediently gave us thirty Top Gold as compensation.""Not only that, now that our Wang Clan has a clear 'deadline', with such a tempting piece of fat in front of us, do you think the Liu Clan and Zhao Clan, who formed an alliance with us before, won't have other ideas while waiting in silence?" Wang Shouzhe grinned, "You know, greed and dissatisfaction are the most basic human nature. The situation will definitely become very interesting next. If we can find a way to secretly stir up trouble… hehe."


After listening to Wang Shouzhe's analysis, Gongsun Hui and Wang Dinghai both took a cold breath and looked at each other, feeling a little scared. However, they both had a glimmer of hope, a hope that the clan had a chance to turn things around!


"Madam, Sixth Uncle, this matter is a big secret for the survival of the Wang Clan." Wang Shouzhe solemnly bowed, "Firstly, I hope you can keep this secret, and secondly, I hope you can trust and support me unconditionally."


This was Wang Shouzhe's purpose. His body was too young, and even with the identity of the Clan Leader, he was still vulnerable to criticism. He could only throw out some amazing ideas to convince some key figures and win allies.


Gongsun Hui was his stepmother, and he was also Gongsun Hui's future reliance, while Wang Dinghai's character was straightforward and easy to win over.


Gongsun Hui and Wang Dinghai both took a deep breath and made a solemn oath.


During their conversation, the medium-sized fishing boat had already left the deep-water wharf and entered the center of the turbulent An River.


The width of the An River far exceeded Wang Shouzhe's imagination. At first glance, the waves were vast and endless, and the Dingpu Ferry gradually became smaller and less visible.


As they went further into the depths of the An River, the wind and waves grew stronger, and the ship swayed more and more violently. Even Wang Shouzhe, who was at the peak of the sixth level of Qi Refining, felt a little nauseous.


Gongsun Hui, who was used to a pampered life, also had a pale face and felt uncomfortable.


"Haha, Fifth Sister-in-law, Shouzhe, fishing boats are not as stable as ferries. When the boat is rocking, don't resist with your body, but go with the flow like a Weeble." Wang Dinghai patiently taught them how to deal with the turbulence.


Wang Shouzhe and Gongsun Hui were both Xuanwu practitioners, with their Xuan Qi and physical fitness, they quickly adapted to the turbulence. Especially Wang Shouzhe, who learned from Wang Dinghai and planted his feet on the deck like stakes, his body swaying rhythmically with the waves, gradually becoming relaxed and comfortable.


"Shouzhe really has great talent. Sixth Uncle, show him how you usually catch fish." Wang Dinghai was eager to show off, as there were few people in the clan who liked to watch him fish on his flagship fishing boat.


"I believe Sixth Uncle's skills are extraordinary, but let the ordinary fishermen try first." Wang Shouzhe suggested.


Wang Dinghai was taken aback, but then he smiled, "Shouzhe, you're here to assess the level of the fishing boat. Alright, the fishermen on your Sixth Uncle's flagship fishing boat are all experts. Wang Goudan, come and demonstrate for the Clan Leader.""Yes, Captain Hai," a young man in his twenties climbed down from the mast, moving like a monkey. He picked up a fishing net and after arranging it, twisted and flung it overboard. The net, heavy with weights, sank quickly into the water.


"Great!" The other fishermen around him praised.


Wang Shouzhe was quick to recognize what was happening. Before he transmigrated, he was just an ordinary office worker who occasionally went fishing with friends. He had watched fishing videos and live streams of net casting experts on social media platforms. Although he didn't know how to fish himself, he could still tell if the technique was good or not. He had to admit that this young man named Gou Dan had good skills.


Once the net had sunk to the bottom, Gou Dan carefully pulled the rope, gathering the net and slowly pulling it up. Suddenly, he gave a strong tug, and the entire net was pulled onto the boat.


Caught! The net had captured a large white-spotted fish. Gou Dan took the fish out of the net and showed it off to everyone. "Captain Hai, it's a nine-starred perch, and it weighs about five catties."


"Not bad, kid. Put it in the live tank," Captain Wang Dinghai patted him on the shoulder and praised him. Turning to Wang Shouzhe, he explained, "Although the nine-starred perch is not a spiritual fish, it has a smooth and tender texture and tastes delicious. Even if we sell it to a fishmonger, we can get a lot of money for it. But our clan has a fish shop in Changning City, and we produce and sell our own fish. This way, we can earn a few more coins."


Wang Shouzhe nodded in approval. The currency in Daqian was calculated in coins, large coppers, and Top Gold. Generally speaking, a catty of rice was only worth five to ten coins, and it took one hundred coins to exchange for a large copper. Therefore, this fish was worth a large copper, which was quite valuable.


Gou Dan put the catch in the live tank in the center of the boat. This tank was connected to the outside water flow, which could keep the fish alive as much as possible. However, according to Wang Dinghai, only the more valuable catches were treated this way. The live tank was also divided into several areas, each for storing different types of fish.


With Gou Dan's expertise, the other fishermen also showed off their skills. They cast large and round nets, but the catches were not always good. Most of the nets they pulled up were empty, and occasionally they would get a surprise.


After more than an hour, various catches began to pile up. They had caught three nine-starred perches and a more expensive surge leopard-patterned loach, which weighed only two catties. However, Wang Dinghai said that this fish was worth at least 1 large copper and 60 coins, and it was reserved for the clan leader to enjoy.Wang Shouzhe smiled on the surface, but he was constantly calculating in his heart. This thirty-mile fishing ground was the fishing range of the Wang's Clan of Ping'an, and the clan attached great importance to it as one of the important sources of financial income.


As time passed, Wang Shouzhe became a little impatient and said directly, "Sixth Uncle, we have performed enough. The net casting skills of the fishermen are all very strong. Can we quickly move on to the real fishing operation?"


Wang Dinghai's originally radiant expression froze instantly, and he was a little puzzled. "Shouzhe, aren't we already demonstrating the real fishing operation? Do you want to see the capture of spirit fish? Some of the smaller spirit fish are caught by luck, while some larger ones are very fierce and need to be dealt with using fishing arrows."


Is this what professional fishing is like?


Wang Shouzhe's face turned a little dark. In his previous life, out of curiosity, he had gone on a colleague's relative's professional fishing boat to experience professional fishing. In the end, the catch from that one net was over forty thousand catties, and it was even considered a poor harvest…


As for net casting, on Earth, it was purely a recreational tool for fishing, slightly better than fishing, and players were all for leisure and entertainment. If anyone really used net casting as a means of making a living, their whole family would starve to death.

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