Vol.1 – Chapter 7 – Capture red eel


"Sixth Uncle, these are all secrets for the rise of the clan, and secrecy is the top priority." Wang Shouzhe temporarily gave up his plan to popularize lure fishing with him and said solemnly.


"I understand. I will be extra careful in doing all this, and I will ask the clan to allocate two guards for me when the time comes." Wang Dinghai was so excited that he was trembling all over. "In addition, I have some ideas about that piano mover. Using a fishing net can quickly transform a piano mover. Let's try the effect first. If it works…"


His eyes lit up and he couldn't wait to experiment.


From Dingpu Ferry to Luanshi Beach, it was all Wang's Clan's territory, and ordinary people would not and dared not approach the river bank. After all, the river bank had not been developed and only cleared simply, with various inadvertent dangers.


Moreover, this section of the river twists and turns, with many secluded places, inspired by Wang Shouzhe, Wang Dinghai, who is familiar with fishing, has already burst out with many plans and ideas.


After Wang Shouzhe agreed, Wang Dinghai took the boat all the way to a hidden small pier on this section of the river. Every small pier here is a secret base that can have multiple uses, like rabbits have three burrows, let alone Wang's fishing fleet.


There is also a hidden wooden house built next to the small pier, which is a place to rest when avoiding wind and waves. Wang Dinghai arranged Wang Shouzhe and Gongsun Hui in this simple place, leaving Wang Goudan to serve the two people, and then he hurried away.


"It's the first time I've seen Sixth Uncle so excited." Gongsun Hui sighed and said, "It seems that your fishing ideas will be very effective."


"They are all seen in ancient books, and they cannot be certain without actual combat. I hope they will be useful to the clan." Wang Shouzhe smiled lightly and then asked Wang Goudan, "Goudan, can you grill fish?"


"I can." Wang Goudan nodded cleverly, "Master, I will go grill the fish." After speaking, he ran out like a wisp of smoke.


When only Gongsun Hui and Wang Shouzhe were left, Gongsun Hui carefully looked at Wang Shouzhe, and it made him feel a little uneasy before she sighed and said, "Zhe'er, you have changed. You have become free and confident. In the past, you only knew how to practice hard with heavy burdens, and you didn't care about anything else. If it weren't for Madam watching you grow up, I would really suspect that you were switched at birth."


"Madam is joking. In the past, I had my father to rely on, so naturally, I could ignore everything." Wang Shouzhe's expression was calm, and he sighed, "But now that my father has passed away, and the clan situation has become so bad, if I don't step up, where will Wang's Clan go? Madam, let's not talk about this. You have traveled a long way, so rest for a while and look forward to Sixth Uncle's surprise later."


Wang Shouzhe took control of the situation, proactively ended the topic, and led the way to rest with his eyes closed.


Half an hour later, Wang Goudan brought back several golden grilled fish, which smelled delicious. Wang Shouzhe took out two large copper coins and threw them to him, saying, "This is your reward. You can wait outside."


"Thank you, Master. Thank you, Master." Wang Goudan ran out happily.


Wang Shouzhe and Gongsun Hui ate the grilled fish separately. Although Wang Goudan's craftsmanship was average and he only sprinkled some coarse salt, the ingredients were fresh and of high quality, and Wang Shouzhe praised it with relish.Gongsun Hui also tasted such rough food for the first time. After a few bites, her beautiful eyes kept flashing, as if it was very delicious.


After finishing a few grilled fish, Wang Dinghai's excited shout came from outside: "Shouzhe, Wu Sao, come out and take a look."


Wang Shouzhe and Wu Sao went out to the small pier and saw that Wang Dinghai had already set up a simple carrying zither as planned. Goodness, the carrying zither made Wang Shouzhe's eyebrows jump straight up. All four supporting poles were round logs as thick as arms, and the main pole was even thicker than a thigh.


This thing was too heavy, probably two or three hundred catties. Earthlings would certainly not be able to lift it.


Wang Dinghai stood on the wooden pier, only slightly exerted force on the cable rope, and the heavy carrying zither was easily pried out of the water.


Ha ha, forgot that guy was a fifth-level Qi Refining Realm Xuanwu practitioner, with strength ten times greater than that of an ordinary earthling.




A big fish was caught in the net of the carrying zither. The big fish splashed water fiercely, but was blocked by the net and was pulled out of the water before it could react for the second time. It lay in the middle of the net and was ready to be slaughtered. In addition, there were several small fish weighing one to two or three catties lying quietly beside it.




The surrounding fishermen cheered excitedly and used simple fishing rods to lift the catch. Although it was a worthless red carp, weighing six or seven catties, it could be sold for dozens of angles. It also proved the effectiveness of the carrying zither.


Later, under Wang Shouzhe's personal guidance, Wang Dinghai further improved the carrying zither by installing a lever and counterweight.


The principle was very simple, it was like a seesaw on Earth. However, this seesaw was a triangle, with two ends connected by a cable rope. A suitable counterweight was arranged at the other end of the seesaw. As long as a little pressure was applied, the carrying zither and net could be lifted out of the water in the form of a seesaw.


After two hours of tinkering, everything was finally finished when it was already dark. However, everyone's enthusiasm was very high. They could cast the net once in less than half an hour, and it was effortless.


Of course, it was impossible to avoid empty nets. But at this time, many fish began to quietly approach the shore, searching for food along the shore. The food near the shore was far more abundant than in the center of the river.


"Boom!" "Splash!"


After a few empty nets, there would always be a big fish caught in the next one. Occasionally, there would be two or three fish caught in one net. This made those fishermen and Wang Dinghai extremely excited.


"Shouzhe, we're getting rich!" Wang Dinghai, holding a torch, reported excitedly, "We caught thirty nets in an hour, lost five, and caught nine big fish, not to mention the countless small and medium-sized catches. We've caught over a hundred catties of fish in just an hour, which is worth about ten big coppers."


Such a terrible harvest made Wang Shouzhe a little stunned. This was indeed the Xuanwu world, where resources were much better than on Earth. However, Wang Dinghai also said that it was currently the peak season for fishing, and night was the best time for fishing, so this harvest was reasonable."This thing is much more powerful than casting a net." Wang Dinghai exclaimed, "Casting a net can also catch a lot of fish, but a fisherman with a lot of physical strength can only cast a hundred nets at most in a day before losing his strength. But this new tool doesn't require too much physical strength or technique. Two fishermen can take turns working for twelve hours, and it's also relatively safe. After all, it's less dangerous on the riverbank than in the middle of the river."


"Not bad, but you've overlooked one advantage, which is replicability." Wang Shouzhe was also in a great mood, "Sixth Uncle, tomorrow you can find some skilled craftsmen from the family and refine this crude thing, and then gradually promote it. Take advantage of this year's fishing season to catch more fish."


"The most important thing is confidentiality." Gongsun Hui added on the side, "Sixth Uncle, don't blindly expand the workforce. Try to find reliable helpers from the peripheral family members."


Everyone was adding their own opinions.




A loud explosion of water.


Wang Goudan shouted over there, "Hai Ye, come quickly."


The three of them looked over and saw a huge serpentine creature caught in the net in the carrying frame. Its explosive power was extremely fierce. Even though two adult fishermen were pressing down on the carrying frame and lifting it out of the water, it was still struggling frantically in the net, shaking the entire frame.


"It's a Red-Scaled Eel!" Wang Dinghai's face was full of joy, but in an instant, his expression changed, "Not good, it's going to break the net."


The sharp teeth of the Red-Scaled Eel bit into the mesh, and its body twisted and turned wildly. In an instant, it tore a big hole in the fishing net and was trying to squeeze out through the gap.


Without a word, Wang Dinghai plunged into the water, swimming quickly towards the fishing net. Just as the Red-Scaled Eel was about to escape, he reached out and grabbed its neck, drew the waist-length water-splitting sword from his waist, and fiercely stabbed it into its head, stirring it back and forth with his left and right hands.


But even so, the Red-Scaled Eel still clung to him, struggling desperately. It was obviously extremely vigorous. After a full hour, that thing finally breathed its last breath.


Wang Dinghai dragged it onto the shore and laid it on a makeshift pier. The creature was over two feet long, and the thickest part was thicker than a thigh. Its whole body was covered in red scales.


"A first-order aquatic beast, the Red-Scaled Eel. Sixth Uncle, this one should be an adult Red-Scaled Eel, weighing over a hundred pounds, right?" Wang Shouzhe and Gongsun Hui were also curiously watching.


"Hahaha, not just that, this one is at least one hundred and fifty pounds, worth at least thirty to fifty Top Gold." Wang Dinghai sat on the ground panting, his eyes shining with excitement. "If this monster had been let back into the water, you, Sixth Uncle, might not have been able to handle it. But this Red-Scaled Eel is full of treasures. Family head, I'm leaving all the good fortune to you today. Hahaha~ Let's go to Dingpu Ferry tomorrow to show off."

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