Vol.1 – Chapter 20 – Teach the younger generation a lesson


In any Xuanwu clan, there are diligent clan members who contribute to the clan, and there are also some scoundrels among them. Fortunately, the Wang Clan of Ping'an has strict rules and the pressure of ancestor's glory and the clan's difficult survival, so most clan members abide by their duties.


On the contrary, the eighth generation of the clan produced a useless and unambitious guy.


"Fourth brother, you are the clan leader now, it's not convenient for you to get involved." Wang Shouyi said coldly, "Wait for a moment, I'll be back soon."


After speaking, he walked out angrily.


In a short while, Wang Shouyi dragged in a young man in his twenties. The young man was beaten up and cried, "Second uncle, I was wrong, I really know I was wrong. Please spare me this time, don't tell my father!"


"You little animal." Wang Shouyi was furious and kicked the young man to the ground, "You have fallen to this level and still refuse to reflect on yourself. You have the face to beg for mercy and want me to cover up for you?"




After the young man cried out twice, he was about to beg for mercy again, but suddenly looked up and saw a young man sitting upright, staring at him expressionlessly.


The young man trembled suddenly, as if struck by lightning, and his eyes showed a fearful expression like the end of the world, "F… Fourth Uncle! You…you…you…" He staggered and almost fainted. Even if he met his father, he didn't want to meet Fourth Uncle.


At most, his father would beat him up and lock him up for a few months before letting him out as a new man.


But this one…


"How much did you lose?" Wang Shouzhe said coldly.


"This little animal has been here for just over a month and owes the casino a full twenty Top Gold. Plus his mother's secret money and a small Peiyuan pill he sold without permission, he lost a total of forty Top Gold!" Wang Shouyi's anger was burning. The clan's fish stall business could only earn more than two hundred Top Gold a year with the hard work of twenty or thirty employees.


This guy lost forty Top Gold in gambling. This money could buy four "small Peiyuan pills".


"Fourth Uncle, I was wrong, I really was." The young man collapsed on the ground, kowtowing to Wang Shouzhe repeatedly, "Please give me another chance, Fourth Uncle."


"You've been given too many chances already." Wang Shouyi shouted, "The clan originally let you work with the eldest brother at Xinmao Silkworm Farm and learn some skills. But you preferred to hang out with bad friends all day and even dared to harass decent women! Later, your grandfather and mother pleaded with me to let you work on Sixth Uncle's ship. But you found it too hard and came to me secretly. I was wrong to take you in! The flashy world of Changning Wei has blinded you."


Wang Shouzhe pondered for a moment before saying slowly, "Zongwei, you are the eldest of the Zong generation. You should have set an example for your younger brothers and sisters in the clan, but you have turned out like this. Originally, your father, the eldest brother, should have educated you personally. But as the legitimate successor and clan leader, I have the power and obligation to discipline incompetent clan members.""Fourth Uncle!" Wang Zongwei was scared out of his wits. "For the sake of my father, my great-grandfather…"


"Well, since you like to gamble, Fourth Uncle will gamble with you." Wang Shouzhe said expressionlessly, taking out a gold coin and squeezing it in his hand. "Guess which hand the gold coin is in. If you're right, we'll forget about what happened today. If you lose, I won't make things difficult for you, but I'll take one of your hands. For the sake of your great-grandfather's face, you can just be a nobody in the clan from now on."


"What?" Wang Zongwei was so scared that he stopped crying. "Fourth Uncle, I won't gamble, I won't gamble."


"Four…" Wang Shouyi's face changed, and he was about to plead, but Wang Shouzhe waved his hand to stop him and said coldly, "Even if your grandfather Wang Xiahui, your father Wang Shouxin, and your great-grandfather Wang Dingchuan were all here, it wouldn't matter."


Wang Shouyi trembled and instinctively closed his mouth, not daring to plead anymore.


Although everyone in the Wang clan had the same surname and were brothers of the Shou generation, Wang Shouzhe was the legitimate heir of the Wang clan and the current clan leader. He had been favored by Ancestor Long Yan since he was young. How could they be the same?


To the Wang clan, even ten Wang Zongweis combined were not as important as one finger of Wang Shouzhe.


After intimidating Wang Shouyi, Wang Shouzhe continued to stare at Wang Zongwei and said coldly, "If you don't gamble, Fourth Uncle will consider it as you admitting defeat and you'll have to give me your hand."


"No, no, no, I'll gamble, I'll gamble." Wang Zongwei said excitedly, "I bet the gold coin is in Fourth Uncle's right hand."


"Hehe." Wang Shouzhe's eyes flashed with cold light as he slowly opened his empty right hand. "Zongwei, you lost."


"No, please! Fourth Uncle, give me another chance, just one more chance!" Wang Zongwei screamed hysterically, "It's in your left hand, the gold coin is in your left hand."


"Are you sure?"


"I'm sure, I'm sure!"


Wang Shouzhe slowly opened his left hand, which was also empty. He stared at Wang Zongwei like a sharp blade. "Zongwei, one should keep their word and accept defeat when they lose. Wang Zhong, Wang Yong!"


"Yes, Clan Leader."


The two clan guards responded and lifted the paralyzed Wang Zongwei. He was ashen-faced and shivering, only begging for mercy from Fourth Uncle.




Wang Shouzhe drew his sword, and a cold light flashed.


Wang Shouyi couldn't bear to watch and turned his head away.




Wang Shouzhe swung his sword, and in the next moment, the sword was back in its sheath.


"Ah~~~" Wang Zongwei screamed miserably, "My hand, my hand, it's gone, it's gone…" A strong smell of urine filled the air.


Wang Zhong and Wang Yong threw him down with disgust on their faces. How could the young master and the clan leader, who were both descendants of Ancestor Zhou Xuan, have such a huge gap in status? It was ridiculous that this Wang Zongwei was already twenty years old and two years older than the clan leader."Snap!" Wang Shouyi rushed forward and slapped him, cutting off his howling. Annoyed and disdainful, he said, "Stop howling, you embarrassing dog. Quickly thank your Fourth Uncle."


"My hand… it's still there, still there…" Wang Zongwei cried tears and snot, shouting in excitement, then repeatedly thanked Wang Shouzhe, "Thank you, Fourth Uncle. I will definitely, definitely be a good person, and start anew."


"Remember, you owe me a hand, and I reserve the right to take it back at any time. In addition, all your cultivation resources and salary are temporarily confiscated and transferred to… transferred to Wang Luotong for use." Wang Shouzhe didn't want to see him anymore and turned to leave, followed by two family generals.


"Thank you, Fourth Uncle, thank you, Fourth Uncle." Wang Zongwei didn't dare to argue and kept kowtowing.


Wang Shouyi glared fiercely at Wang Zongwei and hurriedly caught up with Wang Shouzhe, sighing, "Fourth Brother, I know you want to teach that little bastard Zongwei a lesson, but…"


"But what?" Wang Shouzhe sneered, "Is it possible that Grandpa or Big Brother will come to his rescue?"


"I'm not worried about Grandpa or Big Brother." Wang Shouyi looked helpless, "You know, Sister-in-law Xu is a direct descendant of the Xu family in Changning. She was spoiled since childhood and has a rather… You know, you confiscated Zongwei's resources, which he deserved, and she can't find fault with that. But if you transfer the resources to Luotong sister to use, I'm afraid Sister-in-law will make trouble."


"Regardless of whether Sister-in-law comes from the Xu or Liu clan, she is now a member of our Wang clan." Wang Shouzhe said calmly, "I believe that Sister-in-law, who comes from a big family, must be a knowledgeable and reasonable person. She will eventually understand my good intentions."


Wang Shouyi opened his mouth to say something but stopped. He knew that although Sister-in-law Xu was fierce, she might not really dare to confront Shouzhe. He felt relieved.

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