Vol.1 – Chapter 19 – Legendary Fiancée


It was a sturdy adult man wearing a coarse linen robe who was working. He dropped the box of salted fish on his shoulder with a "clang" and happily greeted Wang Shouzhe.


Wang Shouzhe recognized him as the second eldest of the "Shou" generation, Wang Shouyi. He immediately greeted him with a smile and asked, "Second Brother, why are you dressed like this and still doing manual labor?"


Wang Shouyi smiled helplessly and said, "Sixth Uncle went crazy and sent all the salted fish in the Dingpu warehouse to us to sell. The assistants are too busy, so I have to do it myself. Look, we're unloading the goods now."


He pointed to several cargo carts lined up behind him, blocking the road.


Wang Shouzhe knew the reason why. It was because of his suggestion and idea that the fishing team had an absolutely bumper catch this year. If they didn't deal with the stocked salted fish quickly, they would be stuck with it when the next wave of fish came in.


"Wang Zhong, Wang Yong, help unload the goods together." Wang Shouzhe waved his hand.


"Yes, Master." The two family generals immediately unloaded the goods and went to help. One was at the fourth level of Qi Refining Realm, and the other was at the fifth level. Their strength and physique were far superior to ordinary people.


In addition, Wang Shouyi was also at the fifth level of Qi Refining Realm. With the three Xuanwu practitioners working together, the unloading speed increased rapidly.


Of course, Wang Shouzhe was already at the high stage of the sixth level of Qi Refining Realm, so he could be even faster. However, as the head of the clan, would it damage the clan's prestige if he went to move salted fish?


In less than a quarter of an hour, the fish and goods from the carts were all moved into the warehouse, and the road was clear again.


Later, Wang Shouyi, who had been cleaned up, originally intended to entertain Wang Shouzhe in the backyard. However, he was refused, and they found a place to drink tea and chat in the fish market.


"Fourth Brother, our fish market mainly sells salted fish, smoked fish, dried fish, fresh fish, and live fish." Wang Shouyi poured tea for them and said, "Most of the salted fish and dried goods are purchased in bulk by itinerant merchants and sold to the northwest."


"Fresh fish is mainly sold to the vendors in Changning Wei City. They come to our fish market to pick up the goods every morning. Secondly, we supply fresh and live fish to several restaurants in the city. We are responsible for the delivery, but the price is slightly higher."


"In addition, some aristocratic families, wealthy merchants, and others have a high demand for fresh and live fish every day. Therefore, from early morning until noon, our fish market is the busiest time."


In a few words, Wang Shouzhe understood the operation mode of the Wang's Clan fish market, which mainly maximized the output of the fishing team's catch and sold it at a good price. The net income that the family could bring in each year was only about two hundred Top Gold because the net income was not high. It was managed by the seventh-generation clan member, Wang Shouyi.


Wang Shouyi's aptitude was not too good, only at the level of a low-grade servant. Therefore, the family resources he had enjoyed since childhood were far less than those of Wang Dingyue, Wang Shouzhe, and others. He was only at the early stage of the fifth level of Qi Refining Realm at the age of 33.


Fortunately, Wang Shouyi was calm, hardworking, and had no complaints about the distribution of family resources. Instead, he took the initiative to undertake one of the family industries and made contributions to the family.


"Second Brother, you have worked hard in recent years." Wang Shouzhe arched his hand solemnly.


"What are you talking about, Fourth Brother?" Wang Shouyi quickly got up to return the courtesy. "As a direct bloodline member of the family, managing the family's assets is my duty. What hard work? As long as you can reach the Lingtai Realm one day, our Wang's Clan will definitely have a good life."


Lingtai Realm! Lingtai Realm!Wang Shouzhe sighed in his heart. Now, all the clan members have placed their hopes on him, Wang Shouzhe. It is this hope that makes them work hard without complaint.


"Don't worry, second brother. Our Wang's Clan will definitely get better and better." Wang Shouzhe said confidently, "By the way, I heard that Zongsheng's nephew has good aptitude, looks like he has the appearance of a low-grade C rank?"


At the mention of Zongsheng, Wang Shouyi's honest face showed joy. He scratched his head and said, "That kid is not bad. He is stronger than his father. It seems that my bloodline is still good."


"Hehe, second brother, that's because of second sister-in-law's bloodline." Wang Shouzhe joked with a smile, "I know, second sister-in-law was a famous beauty when she was in the Xu Clan in Jinsha. Many clans went to propose to her. But unexpectedly, you were able to win second sister-in-law's heart by breaking through the siege."


"Fourth brother, you still remember that. At that time, you were still a child, right?" Wang Shouyi recalled the matter with pride on his face, "Being able to marry second sister-in-law is the greatest victory of my life. By the way, you are eighteen this year, right? When are you going to marry Liu Ruolan from the Liu's Clan?"


Liu Ruolan?


Wang Shouzhe was taken aback. If Wang's Clan hadn't mentioned it, he would have forgotten that he already had a marriage contract with the eldest daughter of Liu's Clan.


In theory, it is difficult for the declining Wang's Clan to match the main lineage of the Liu's Clan. The relationship between the two sides is only maintained at the occasional intermarriage between the direct lineages. The last time the main lineages of Wang's Clan and Liu's Clan intermarried was more than a hundred years ago.


At that time, the eldest daughter of Liu's Clan married Wang Yuyou, the second son of Zhongxuan Ancestor, and Wang Zhuwei, the second daughter of Zhongxuan Ancestor, married into the main lineage of Liu's Clan.


It is worth mentioning that Zhuwei's grandmother gave birth to two sons and a daughter in Liu's Clan. The two living Spirit Platform realm ancestors of Liu's Clan are her son and grandson.


It is precisely because of this that the Liu's Clan in Shanyin has always had a soft spot for Wang's Clan.


But the most powerful person in the Liu's Clan is not the two Spirit Platform realm ancestors, but the daughter of Zhuwei's grandmother, Liu Xuanfu.


Thinking back to the past, Liu Xuanfu of Liu's Clan and Wang Longyan of Wang's Clan were both rare beauties, and they were both admitted to the Purple Mansion Academy, which shocked the entire Changningwei region.


They were called the Twin Beauties of Changning, whose fame was stronger than that of the Spirit Platform realm ancestors of ordinary clans. Moreover, they both developed well in the Purple Mansion Academy, with a bright future ahead.




After the disaster befell Wang's Clan, Longyan Ancestor had to give up her elite disciple status in the academy and return to the clan. She ended up with serious injuries and greatly reduced lifespan, and has never left Changning since then.


Liu Xuanfu has been developing in the Purple Mansion Academy, and her recent situation is not very clear. But seeing the increasingly prosperous Liu's Clan in Shanyin, it can be inferred that Liu Xuanfu should be developing smoothly in the academy.


Therefore, the marriage contract between Wang Shouzhe and the eldest daughter of Liu's Clan was personally arranged by Longyan Ancestor, and it was also her way of leaving a final guarantee for the clan.


Perhaps Longyan Ancestor paid some unknown price, or perhaps the Liu's Clan still remembered the old feelings, in any case, this marriage contract was settled.


"Fourth brother, what are you thinking about?" Wang Shouyi said with a grin, "Are you thinking about your fiancée who hasn't married yet, Liu Ruolan, Miss Liu?"


"Hehe~ Second brother, let's think more about how to strengthen the clan." Wang Shouzhe changed the topic, "If Sixth Uncle's fishing team can increase its annual output to twice that of previous years, can your fish stall handle it?""What, double?" Wang Shouyi's face lit up and he exclaimed, "Fourth brother, does the clan agree to expand the fishing boats? This is a good thing for the clan. If so, I guarantee I won't drag my feet."


"What about double that?" Wang Shouzhe said with a smile.


"Ah…" Wang Shouyi gasped in shock. "Fourth brother, don't tease your second brother."


Just as Wang Shouzhe was about to explain, a sinister laugh came from outside. "Wang Shouyi, is he here? I'm Ding Youde, the second-in-command of the Fa Cai Gambling House. Your nephew owes us money. When is he going to pay it back?"


Fa Cai Gambling House? Gambling debts? Nephew?


As Wang Shouyi's face changed drastically, Wang Shouzhe's smile froze, and his eyes became sharp.


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