Vol.1 – Chapter 21 – Open the door to a new world for Second Brother


Wang Shouzhe didn't pay too much attention to these small episodes and turned the topic to the main point: "By the way, Second Brother, the live fish in your fish stall has the highest value, right?"


"Yes, besides the spiritual fish, some of the best live fish have the highest value. The perch, catfish, mandarin fish, yellow croaker, bighead carp, and crucian carp are all known for their freshness and are popular among aristocrats, wealthy merchants, and others. The only requirement is that they must be alive." Wang Shouyi frowned and said, "Sixth Uncle's fishing boat has a live water tank, and after it is brought ashore, it needs to be transported to Changning Wei city by a dedicated carriage overnight. We also need to deliver it to the buyer as soon as possible. Even if it takes a very short time, there will be many mistakes, and six or seven out of ten will die. Once they die, their value drops by half and can only be sold as fresh fish."


After thinking for a moment, Wang Shouzhe said, "So, the cost of transportation and the mortality rate of live fish are two key issues. If we can solve these two problems, even if the catch doesn't increase, we can earn a lot of extra money every year."


He traveled to various industries in the family to inspect every aspect of production. If he could use his modern Earth thinking to make some optimizations, he could increase the output of the family's industries.


"If Fourth Brother can find a way to solve the problem of live fish mortality, I conservatively estimate that we can earn an additional seventy to eighty thousand Top Gold per year." Wang Shouyi couldn't help but feel heartbroken. "Those dead fish are all pure profit."


"It's hard to say now. I have to see your original plan, Second Brother."


"Follow me, Fourth Brother." Wang Shouyi led Wang Shouzhe to the backyard of the villa, where two carriages were parked. Unlike ordinary carriages, they didn't have passenger compartments, but each had a large wooden barrel. He said, "One carriage is for live water and fish, and the other carriage is only for live water. Every hour, we need to change some of the water in the fish barrel. But even so, when there are too many live fish, there will still be deaths. I'm already considering whether to add another carriage for live water, but the cost will increase significantly."


As soon as Wang Shouzhe saw Wang Shouyi's method of transporting live fish, his eyelids twitched. Sixth Uncle could only catch a small amount of valuable live fish every day, at most one or two thousand catties.


They actually used such a shocking method for transportation? These fish barrels were unexpectedly crude, without any oxygenation or filtration. The only thing they did was change the water!


In order to change the water, they even used a carriage to carry water. And Wang Shouyi was actually planning to add another carriage!But Wang Shouzhe also knew that it was not Wang Shouyi's fault. Because this is a Xuanwu world, everyone is thinking about how to improve their cultivation realm and personal strength.


Of course, not all human elites do not study some natural sciences. It's just that even if those people have researched some results, they will also keep it to themselves and keep all kinds of knowledge strictly confidential, making it difficult to spread outside.


This is not their fault. Even the knowledge that Wang Shouzhe has researched will only be used secretly by the family, and it is impossible to spread it to other families.


In his previous life, Wang Shouzhe was a salted fish without ideals when working. He often went fishing with his friends on holidays. When he caught a lot of fish, he also bought an oxygen pump to try to feed the fish slowly. However, he found that the fish died quickly just by increasing oxygen, and after some research and learning, he understood some simple principles.


To feed the fish slowly, three conditions must be met for the water tank.


The first is the dissolved oxygen content in the water. The survival of fish requires oxygen, and the oxygen in the water is limited. The more fish in a water tank, the greater the oxygen consumption. This can be achieved by increasing oxygen.


Secondly, the cleanliness of the water quality. Fish feces and food residues will produce ammonia and nitrite, and breathing will produce nitrogen. These are all factors that cause fish death, which can be solved by changing water and filtering.


Thirdly, temperature. The higher the temperature, the greater the activity of the fish, and the more oxygen they need to consume. Toxic substances such as ammonia will also increase. Therefore, keeping the water temperature relatively low is also very effective.


Combining these three points, the two entered Wang Shouyi's study. After a little thought, Wang Shouzhe drew a simple sketch on paper, with a round wooden barrel for fish filtering on the top layer, and the filtered water dripping into the barrel like rain, using the simplest principle of drip oxygenation.


And using the simplest language possible, he popularized the principles of oxygen and toxic substances to Wang Shouyi.


Wang Shouyi has been working in the fish market for more than ten years, and soon understood Wang Shouzhe's principles. He suddenly realized: "Listening to my fourth brother's words, I suddenly understand a lot. The reason why the elders in the family said to change the water before was because the fish need to eat the live air in the water. If there is not enough live air, the water will become stagnant, and the fish will die. My fourth brother's idea is to use the drip irrigation method to increase the live air in the water. I never thought of that.""This is what I found in ancient books. Whether it works or not remains to be seen. Second brother, you need to conduct more experiments for comparison." Wang Shouzhe nodded secretly. "At least 'livelihood' is easier to understand than 'oxygen'."


"When fish eat 'livelihood', they exhale 'death air', and the feces produce toxic gas in the water. By filtering the fecal gas through cotton cloth, crushed charcoal, and gravel layers, the water becomes safe and the fish won't die. Why didn't I think of this before?"


Wang Shouyi grew more excited as he spoke. "And fourth brother's theory on temperature is also quite reasonable. The colder it is, the fewer fish die during transportation. In summer, more fish die. It's because fish are more active in hot weather and require more 'livelihood'…no wonder transporting them at night is better than during the day! If we add some ice to the water…"


The theories Wang Shouzhe taught were like opening a new world for Wang Shouyi. Many previously inexplicable things suddenly became clear.


"As long as you understand the theory, let the craftsmen make a few small devices and test them out." Wang Shouzhe looked at the sky. "It's getting late. I have other things to attend to, so I'll take my leave."


As the clan leader, Wang Shouzhe wasn't here to invent things. Besides, it's easier said than done. He might not be able to make those things himself.


As long as Wang Shouyi understood the principles, he was capable of taking on the rest of the work.


"Don't leave in a hurry, fourth brother." Wang Shouyi held onto him. "You rarely visit the fish market. Second brother hasn't properly treated you yet. Let's have lunch at 'Baiwei Xuan'. We supply all the live fish for that restaurant, and the dishes are exquisite. Second brother still has a few things he hasn't figured out. The siphon drainage system you mentioned? How does the principle of using a suction pump to increase 'livelihood' in a water tank work…?"


Got it!


Although Wang Shouzhe was a little overwhelmed by his brother's endless questions, he knew it was a good thing. Wang Shouyi had been running the fish market for many years. If he could immerse himself in this field, the business would only get better and better, which would be a huge contribution to the clan.


There were more than ten clans running fish markets in Changningwei, especially Liu's and Zhao's clans, which were larger than Wang's. The better their own fish market did, the more wealth they could create, and in fact, the more they squeezed their competitors' living space.Therefore, Wang Shouzhe spent more time teaching Wang Shouyi about "enlightenment education". Both the siphon effect and the manual pump require pipelines, but the application of pipelines in this world is quite rough, with only a few types such as bamboo pipes, pottery pipes, and copper pipes, which are barely enough.


It didn't matter that they couldn't make a manual pump for now. They simply used the principle of siphoning to suck the bottom water out and had the workers pour water into the filtration layer manually. This greatly increased the transportation capacity of a carriage and also significantly improved the survival rate of live fish.


Wang Shouyi was fascinated by the idea and even asked Wang Shouzhe about it non-stop during their meal at the "Baiwei Pavilion" in Changning Wei.


"Second brother, is the Baiwei Pavilion really one of the best restaurants in Changning Wei?" Wang Shouzhe tasted the dishes at the Baiwei Pavilion and found them to be only average, but the ingredients were of good quality.


Of course, the seasoning level was still better than that of the Wang Clan's cook, but there was still a big gap in taste compared to Earth.


"Fourth brother, we spent 32 copper coins and 73 jiaozis on this meal…" Wang Shouyi complained, "This is all the private money that I have worked hard to save. The dishes are so delicious, why aren't you satisfied?"


Wang Shouzhe rubbed his chin and guessed that the problem might be with the monosodium glutamate. In his previous life on Earth, monosodium glutamate and chicken essence were everywhere in the food industry, which had already raised his threshold for deliciousness in his soul memory.


If he could create monosodium glutamate, could it become an industry?


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